XLi Limited Edition: IMC Quietly Starts Booking in Pakistan

As if introducing new Toyota Hilux Revo and 2nd generation of Fortuner wasn’t enough, IMC (3S) dealerships have now discontinued the booking of Standard Toyota Corolla XLi and have started taking orders (On booking) for Toyota Corolla XLi LE (Limited Edition).

The price for this model has been increased to PKR 1.73 million, which is 91,000 rupees more than the previous XLi model.

At the same time, this new car does pack a few features in it, which were missing mostly in the XLi’s previous model.

The new features include:

  • Reverse Camera
  • Connected Infotainment System with 8 inches LCD touchscreen
  • Colour options [White, Black, 1D4 Silver, Grey Graphite]
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission


Furthermore, the delivery time for this car (If booked today) is for the month of November-December. The filer amount, however has been reported to remain the same (PKR: 30,000 for Filer and PKR 40,000 for the non-Filer).



More importantly, the biggest concern of any consumer at this stage will be the lack of this vehicle’s presence on the Indus-Motors website.


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  • Pappu

    I guess the XLI is on its way out. Inventory will probably be exhausted. Get ready for a new 1000-1300 cc vehicle.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    WOW so many interesting features WOW

  • Guest

    XLi was lacking a 5sp manual?

  • arai

    Such WOW! Very Fabulous

  • This is the product outcome when companies employ people with dinosaur thinking processes. There is no dearth of business opportunities in this country, but it is very lacking in future oriented minds in leadership positions; too many people who cant get past the thinking of yesterday in the age of tomorrow.

  • Khurram

    Are you stupid? We have an Xli and it has a 5 speed manual transmission. The writer seems to be a Honda fan, otherwise how could he ignore this simple fact.

  • Khurram

    I agree and can’t wait to see what they bring.

  • adnan syed

    I think they r replacing Xli with toyota vios/belta to save the brand image of corolla. To make it more competitive with civic nd vios give tough competition to honda city. As vios is all new as compared to almost decade old city.

  • Chacha Ramzan

    Maybe Xli Ki Jaga Vitz Laa Rahay Hoon IMC Walay????!!!!!

  • Abdullah

    Mubarak hoo XLI aka “coffin on wheels” ka apna janazah nikal ayaa..

  • Naeem


  • Guest again

    It will be crap, but I want to see something smaller, more along the size of EE90 or Indus 1999. Corolla recently got too big for us congested roads.

  • ToyoTota

    Yaris is coming…………….. Wait a bit…. It’s confirm…… Do not buy xli,…. Yaris auto. is coming with 1000cc best engine………………..Toyota Inside News….. Bookings will open soon….

  • Chachi

    Yaris…. Soon it’s coming

  • F.A.W

    FAW B-30 is much much better than Xli…… Bookings will soon open for B-30

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    sir careful.. yahan pe ek imc ka idiot employee mandra raha hai shuru hojaega apko bhi :p

  • Sarosh

    You all are wrong. They are planning on the facelift corolla 2017 so they are ending current models in a hurry. Xli will not end it has a different target market. Yes they should bring yaris and vios to kill swift and city and these vehicles will because Toyota provide best after sales but I think we have to wait for sometime for a smallytoyota car.

    Toyota deleaeship is everywhere in bahawalpur quetta abbotabad karachi gujrat gujranwala and many more places. Honda and suzuki lack such dealerships so I know we all want to see and economical Toyota but it seems it’s atleast two years away. For now folks you have to wait. The only thing coming out is a facelift corolla 2017 and trust me I’ve seen it in Turkey it looks amazing definitely it would be a much better buy then city and it would hurt the civic 2016 looks as well.

  • AbdulB1

    I think 91k for these features is too much. anyway daku motor company can do anything here.

  • Imran Baloch

    yaris are often seen on the road in saudia. very nice looking sedan

  • Guest again

    Depends on your definition of better.

    Corolla is crap, but it sure takes a lot of abuse. Will a FAW B30 be able to take an equal amount of abuse?