“You know you’re in Pakistan when” Motoring Edition

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When an 800cc car is covered with performance parts stickers, while running on CNG

When a biker will always overtake u from left, even if you have given an indicator to turn left.

When the speed limit is 60 but everyone drives on 100.

When you see an 80’s spec car still in production.

When traffic policeman always stop you in the middle of the road for the rule you’ve violated making a mess out of the traffic.

When the traffic moves on the red light.

When horn is more important then to have seat belts in your car.

When you can buy your driving license.

When prices of every product rise along the increase in fuel prices, but does not decrease as the fuel price decreases.

When its always the car’s driver fault between a Bike and car accident.

When everyone drives at their own speeds regardless of the lanes they are driving in.

Despite all the problems and reckless/chaotic traffic, you’re proud to be a Pakistani.

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  1. Muhammad Kamran Arain says

    Where you go to buy a used BMS 3 series only to find out that it is on CNG with a Toyota engine

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