The 10 best roads to drive in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country with natural beauty which is not interfered with by any stretch except few place where development has arrived, some really good driving roads can be had to drive around in the country. Karakoram Highway for example is the world’s highest paved road in the world and once Diamer Bhasha Dam is completed (if it ever does), it will be even higher.

Here are top 10 breathtaking roads to drive in Pakistan. From Karachi to Khyber Pass, these roads are the most scenic roads to drive on.

1. Makran Costal Highway

The Makran Coastal highway drives through Mordor as seen in the picture below.


2. Road to Khunjerab Pass
This road is probably known as Karakoram Highway or the Silk route, but the symmetry of entire Karakoram highway differs from this particular portion.

Khunjerab Pass

3. Naran to Babusar Road- Kaghan Valley

Babusar road

4. Quetta to Taftan Road-Balochistan


5. Sost Road- Gilgit Baltistan

sost road to china border

6. Kashmir Highway


7. Pir Sohawa Road- Islamabad

monal' way

8. Shigar Road- Gilgit Baltistan
This road connects Skardu city to the base of the mighty K-2.


9. Express way Murree


10. Karakoram Highway
Karakoram Highway also known as the silk route connects Pakistan to China and has enhanced trade between the two countries. Surprisingly, it was declared as the 8th wonder of the world by a US magazine back in 2007 is also world’s highest paved road.

Shaf Younus

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  • aliqadri

    @Poster: Good work; How about Road from mansehra to balakot ?

    from Kahuta to Rawalakot ?

  • Ammar

    What’s special about the Kahuta-Rawalakot road?

  • aliqadri

    Good hy Bro –

  • Ammar

    I went to Bagh from the same road last month. Honestly it was like any other road.

  • aliqadri

    May be the adjacent scenery made it look fascinating 🙂 .

  • Adnan

    Sir how u forgot the one and only road which has a treasure of Beauty, thrill and adventure

    Muree to Abotabad via Nathia gali Road was built by FWO

  • وجاہت علی

    pir sohawa road is best for bike riding i think!!!

  • Shahmir

    Time to update this ancient article: Badin to Mitthi one of the best roads to drive.

  • Rana Umar Khan

    Why no one mentioned Lhr to Islamabad Motorway.?