100,000 motorcycles expected to participate in Azadi March amidst traffic jams and blockades

azai march

Even though the district administration has warned the transport owners against renting their vehicles in Lahore and Islamabad. District Administration of Bahawalpur stopped and warned transporters that they are not allowed to rent out their commercial vehicles to any political party. Government has been taking any and all measures to fend off the PTI and PAT’s march which will ensue chaos in and around the capital city.

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Transportation providers from different cities are complaining for being forced by their district governments not to provide commercial vehicles. The same situation has also been observed by PTI’s chairman who knew these obstacles will be taken by government from government. Therefore, he appealed to all the participants of the Azadi March to join in on motorcycles as much as they can.

However; motorcycles are being captured and barred by police as media learned from many cities so far. On the other side PTI has claimed that more than 100,000 motorcycles are expected to arrive at D-Chowk, Islamabad on 14th August on account of Azadi March. We have also seen that roads are being blocked by putting containers. And traffic around Punjab is facing its worst jams due to the current predicament.

Fazal Gilani

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    It’s chaos everywhere!

  • Saad Salman Malik

    When will this end?!

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    Let’s see tonight at 8 PM Sharif going to address the nation, may be many things get turned into another phenomenon of political chaos. @saadsalmanmalik:disqus

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    This will only end after the resignation of the fake mandated PM.

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    there is no future for Pakistan .Nothing will happen here.It is better to leave.

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    A person with a jewish wife or ex wife who drives a 1.5 crore land cruiser and whose kids live in Uk will bring change to Pk???

  • non sense ! who are you to judge if she is jewish or not. She was a convert, may Allah curse you for lying. 1.5 crore land cruiser with money earned not stolen, Along with that he is a tax payer ( unlike others ) . its his kids’ choice that they are living with their mother. #typical #noora #mentality #jahalat.