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Riding a motorcycle is an adventurous and thrilling experience. However, neglecting the road safeties may lead you towards worse results. Riding a motorcycle is more than twenty times riskier as compared to driving a car. All the vehicles share the road every day whether it is a motorcycle, car or a bus. To make this experience safer, everyone on the road needs to carefully maneuver.

Improvisation is essential while you ride a motorcycle due to the two-wheel experience. In Pakistan, where huge cities like Karachi and Lahore undergo an alarming number of accidents on a daily basis are a result of not following the traffic rules and neglecting the safety of others on the road. To reduce the risks of accidents on the jam-packed roads of Pakistan, a certain number of safety tips shall be followed by everyone on the road.

With a large proportion of motorcycles accommodating the lower-middle class, the risk of accidents has increased even more due to the lack of education of safety rules. Whether you are riding the simplest type of motorcycle such as a 70cc or going for a thrilling experience of a heavy bike, safety comes first and the rules remain the same. A majority of the population of Pakistan ride motorcycles with the least interest towards their own safety which is not the case in the rest of the world.

What is an own safety while riding a motorcycle? Following the traffic rules, inspecting the motorcycle beforehand, riding at a good speed, wearing the right gear, and keeping 100% concentration on the road are all among the own safety of a rider. The most important safety tips that all riders should know before they move out for a routine matter inter-city ride or setting on a long-trip are mentioned below:

1. Always Check Before Setting Off

The most essential motorcycle safety tip is none other than inspecting it before you set on your trip. Many people, who buy a brand new motorcycle, keep riding it without any maintenance check. Always remember that inspection is essential whether you own a new or an old motorcycle for your own safety.

A walk-around the motorcycle will tell you a lot of things visually such as the tyre air pressure. Check if the horn, head-light, rear brake light, and directional signals are working properly. Inspect the chain and brakes (front and back) carefully to avoid a sudden failure. These basic inspection tips will keep you light-headed while riding the motorcycle due to self-satisfaction.

2. Wear Safe and Protective Clothes

A complete protection for the body is necessary while you ride a motorcycle. The loose fitting outfit might make you feel comfortable but may leave you in a danger of getting hurt badly if you slide out. As a matter of fact, one should wear the right riding gear before setting out on the two-wheel drive. People don’t bother much about what they wear in Pakistan but it can eventually turn out to be a huge compromise with own safety. The outfit must keep you intact rather than diverting your attention towards them. Sandals must never be worn while riding a motorcycle as it can expose your feet to a significant damage in case of an accident. An appropriate outfit is a key to a confident ride. One must also keep a close eye on the changing weather and improvise accordingly.

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3. Never Say No to Helmet

Wearing a helmet is the foremost own safety while riding a motorcycle. There is usually a reluctant behavior shown by people in this regard however, the law enforcement has recently imposed a fine of Rs.1000 on not wearing a helmet in a major city like Lahore. People should understand the importance of wearing a helmet and prefer their own safety over anything else. There are many modern light-weight helmets in the market you can purchase and ensure your safety on the road. No safety gear is pricier than your own life therefore always wear a helmet on a motorcycle.

4. Follow the “No Phone” Rule

Unlike anywhere else in the world, our public tends to listen to phone calls and send messages while riding a motorcycle. It doesn’t take too long to make a quick stop and ensure own as well as other’s safety on the road. Use of mobile phone while riding a motorcycle must be fined heavily by the law enforcement to create awareness in the public. One little act of carelessness can pose a serious threat to your life in no time.

5. Don’t Be Over Confident On the Road

It is important to ride a motorcycle according to your skills and capability. Some riders may find it easier to handle the motorcycle at high speeds while others are not completely comfortable. Therefore, it totally depends on your driving skills and experience to maneuver safely through dangerous roads. There is no need to match speed with anybody on the road and put you in danger.

6. Stay in the Road Safety Limits

Riding a motorcycle at a higher speed may entertain but can be tremendously risky too. Not all the roads across the country allow riding at the same speed. Every road has its own specific speed limit that must be followed by all riders to ensure safety. Especially when we are not familiar with the road, there is no need to speed up and increase the chances of danger. A sudden braking at high speed may also lead to an imbalance situation on the two-wheel ride. Moreover, any sort of stunts on the road such as wheeling or dragging your motorcycle with sharp turns won’t please anybody. Instead, it would put your life in danger with the heavy flow of traffic following you.

7. Avoid Bad Weather Conditions

Always look out for the forecast if you are moving to some distant place so avoid any circumstances you are not prepared for. Even when moving inside the city, try not to travel in rainy conditions as it may affect your health as well as put you in danger of slipping. Riding a motorcycle in bad weather conditions is a risky and challenging task that should be avoided to ensure own safety.

8. Drive Carefully on Unfamiliar Roads

When you live in a specific city, you are most probably well aware of the road conditions. With the day to day basis development and construction work being carried out, you need to stay prepared for any potholes or bumpy patchy areas that may cause a threat to your ride. Especially in small towns, where the quality of roads is not so good and demand a high amount of concentration and control over the motorcycle.

9. Follow Traffic Rules, Always!

The main cause of major accidents in Pakistan is the lack of following traffic signs and rules. It is easier to follow traffic rules to ensure everyone’s safety on the road rather than putting others as well as yourself under a danger. It is well said that “Better late than never”. Follow traffic rules strictly and educate others as well for the free and safe flow of traffic on the road.

10. Focus on Your Surroundings

Improvisation is very essential if you are riding a motorcycle anywhere in the city. The flow of traffic keeps changing every second and therefore you need to be smart in order to improvise the situation and adjust your speed accordingly. There are certain moments when the road is clear and you can speed up within speed limits but it should not stay the same at all times. You might not see a vehicle crossing or taking a U-turn in a blink of an eye if you aren’t entirely focused on your surroundings. Therefore keep a watch on each movement of every vehicle around you to stay safe.

11. Avoid Chatting with the Passenger

One thing that is very common among our people is to chat with the pillion passenger. It not only diverts your attention from the road but also put you in a danger to get hit or hit someone on the way. One should avoid any sorts of discussion while riding a motorcycle as it may also bring aggression in the ride.

12. Keep a Safe Distance and Use Turn Signals

Always use the turn signals while turning to let the traffic behind you have a clear idea of your next move. It is a very common practice not to use turn signals on motorcycles in Pakistan. People should learn traffic rules and ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Use turn signals even when changing your lane. Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you is essential for your own safety. There are certain potholes, a car may cross while keeping it in the centre and if you are driving too close to the car, you may find yourself in danger of sudden braking and eventually falling over.

Ensure your own safety on the road and keep others in a safe zone too. Follow traffic laws and let the traffic flow in a smooth fashion. Your safety is more important than anything else so never compromise on it with your actions. If you have any other suggestions prior to these, let us know in the comments section below.

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