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There have been only a couple of Pakistani motorcyclists who have traveled around the world and Pakistan on their motorcycles. Moin Khan arrived in Pakistan with a lot of media attention for riding from US to Pakistan. Pakwheels member lovebikes covered 4000 kms on his Suzuki GS150 within Pakistan but there have been many who are not known for their journeys.

Muhammad Iqbal Ghangla is one such name known to us very little until we met him at the recent Jhal Magsi Rally and got to know that traveling as long as 12,000 kms after traveling 17,000 kms in Pakistan on a Yamaha Tenere TX660 Touring Motorcycle is a doable task if you have the will and the compassion to promote Pakistan natural beauty overshadowed by the draught of terrorism.

Before Iqbal began touring Yamaha Tenere TX660, a Suzuki GS150 was his weapon of choice and put up a mileage of 78,000 kms in between 2007-2012.

Iqbal’s recent 12,000 kms tour wasn’t about sight seeing for oneself rather the tour was named ‘Welcome to Pakistan’ and it had had a basic moral to motivate tourists from all over Pakistan and the whole world and let them know that Pakistan is a naturally rich, beautiful and safe country to visit and explore.

Iqbal Ghangla 2

The tour began on the 5th of November 2012 from Multan going through Peshawar, Turkham Boarder, Sawat Valley, Chitral, Khunjraab Pass(Pak China Boarder), Chillas, Kashmir(Neelam Valley), Siyaalkot, Lahore, Bahawalpur, Shikaarpur, Ranikot, Hyderabad, Mirpur khaas, Khokraan Par, Mithi, Nagarparkar, Badeen,  Karachi, Gadaani, Shikaarpur, Quetta, Taaftaan Boarder, Quetta, Chamman Boarder, Ziyarat, D.G Khan, Vehari, Faisalabad, Mirpur AJK, Abottabad, Murree, Islamabad(4th December Ending Ceremony at PTDC Office Welcomed by MD Shahjahan Khitraan) back to Multan ending on 5th December 2012.

The story of Iqbal Ghangla doesn’t end with those thousands of kms put up on the odo, it continues as a moral obligation to show the beauty that God has given Pakistan in abundance and it will be selfish to keep such natural wonders away from other travelers of the world and therefore, the journey continues as long as the wheels spins.

People around the world spend all lifetimes on the road, in some cases, they brought up families as they move along but Pakistan remains the forbidden fruit to many due to security reasons.

We’ve often been to places such as Ranikot fort, after seeing which we are more than confident that, that single fort can run the economies of all the nearby areas easily if security wasn’t a problem. How? Movies!

Iqbal Ghangla 1

Shooting of Lord Of The Rings in New Zealand boosted economy and tourism and there are countless places in Pakistan which can be the perfect landscape for shooting of movies.

People like Iqbal Ghangla are doing their part for Pakistan, they are faces recognized by motorcyclists of around the world, who are constantly on the road and never miss an opportunity to show the lighter, brighter side of Pakistan.

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  1. Syed Mamoon Rashid says

    well done boy.

  2. Pirzada Shehryar Abbas Qasmi says

    He is a hero.

  3. Muhammad Iqbal Ghangla says

    thanx so much.pak weel , buhat khushi howi hai apne bare maen yes parh kar rally buhat buhat shukrya.

  4. Abbas Malik says

    meet him personally one of the greatest guy to have a chat.

  5. Shahbaz Akber Yousfani says

    I saw some bikes this wednesday and one was Harley Davidson at By Pass of Hyderabad along with 3 others but don't know their make. They were hell fast 🙂

  6. Kaiser Mahboob says

    Well done, and congrats for this positive effort for Pakistan. Yes, we should promote our beautiful landscape and encourage foreign film makers to come and show this beautiful part of the world through their films. Thumbs Up for Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Ghangla.

  7. Muhammad Adeel Bhatti says

    Well done… Best of luck dude….

  8. Adil Lahorei says

    Well its nice one and w must proud on him m the lucky one to be a part of this tour not far but a short hats of this legend.

  9. Adil Lahorei says

    Well its nice one and w must proud on him m the lucky one to be a part of this tour not far but a short hats of this legend.

  10. Huzaif Hayat says

    living a dream.

  11. Adnan Siddiq says

    very nice person.

  12. Inam Khokhar says

    I will be shipping my BMW R1100S and the R1150RT to try Pakistan cross country so far I've done cross Canada cross USA and put Over 100,000kms on my previous bikes and this time I think it's going to be something different and definitely a summer ride kept to the early mornings and late evenings inshallah and I would love to have some more riders join me find me on Facebook n PM me at Inam khokhar

  13. Emran Kashif says

    which bike is this.

  14. Emran Kashif says

    good bike

  15. Irfan Samuel says

    Hi Iqbal, Congratulaions on a successfull tour.Iqbal Gee Tusi GREAT OOO GEEE. Please post your next tour on PAkwheels, So we can join you. Thank you.

  16. Rana Muhammad Asif says

    wah jee wah

  17. Rashid Mahmood says

    Pakistan is proud to have sons like you, Iqbal……..BRAVO.

  18. Hanif Bhatti says

    I met him at Jhal Magsi Rally and he is a wonderful person. (Y)

  19. Harris Nisar says

    No Doubt Iqbal Ghangla remained forgotten the time before, but his efforts to show sum positive side of Pakistan is Worthy.

  20. Harris Nisar says

    No Doubt Iqbal Ghangla remained forgotten the time before, but his efforts to show sum positive side of Pakistan is Worthy.

  21. Hassan Ali Khan says

    Iv had the honour of meeting this guy personally and no wonder hes such a heart masha ALLAH.. Very much dedicated to his passion and having the dream to tour the whole world on his super yamaha temini.. I would request every1 to like and share his efforts through following his page.. Who knows one of us become a reason for his dream to come true Insha ALLAH… Muhammad Iqbal Ghangla well done 🙂

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