15 Windscreen Notes Left For Drivers Who Park Like Jerks

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You are driving around a busy street, trying to find an empty parking spot to park your car. You spot one space a few meters away and you hurriedly press the pedal to reach the spot, only to find out some jerk has parked in the next spot in a way that blocks the spot for you. You feel a sudden rage and for a moment you feel like vandalizing the jerk’s car either by keying in your initials on the hood (I have very versatile initials, so I usually think that) or by removing the air from the tires. But, you being the gentleman that you are, drink cold water and start singing “Let It Go” from the Frozen movie, because you do not want to stoop to the level of that imbecile.

This happens very often with many of us, yet we do not do anything about it, but in the west, people deal with jerks like these in a very different way. People leave notes on the windshields of parking jerks with advices and well wishes. Some of them are really hilarious. I wonder why people here in Pakistan do not practice this. I think we should and post photos here on PakWheels.

Let’s see some of these “well wishes” left on the windscreens of the people who park like a prick to get some inspirations:

Funny Parking Notes  (1)

Funny Parking Notes  (1)

Funny Parking Notes  (2)

Funny Parking Notes  (2)

Funny Parking Notes  (3)

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