2014 Toyota Corolla prices are out!

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UPDATE: News pictures added.

The biggest event of the year is just over the horizon for the automotive enthusiasts. While Honda has released an TV advertisement to show the country that they are very much present too, Toyota has just released the prices of the new Corolla.

Just recently, Toyota Eastern Motors published the price list of the new Toyota Corolla which are as follows:



Display at showrooms: 21st July 2014

Altis Launch date / Order Intake : 15th July 2014.

XLI-GLI Launch date / Order Intake : 2nd Aug 2014.

XLI 1.3: 1,624,000
GLI 1.3: 1,749,000
GLI AUTO 1.3: 1,824,000

ALTIS 1.6: 1,949,000

ALTIS 1.8: 2,024,000
ALTIS 1.8 AUTO: 2,149,000

ALTIS 1.8 GRANDE: 2,149,000
ALTIS 1.8 GRANDE AUTO: 2,299,000

So the XLi begins at a whopping 1.6 million rupees while the range topper, fully loaded Altis is for 2.3 million rupees. Is it worth it or you think you could find some better?

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

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  1. Sohaib Manzoor says

    An Automatic Xli ….. but manual windows lol :p

  2. Isi Raja says

    Picture say xli 1508k ?

  3. Sameer Ul Haq says

    That would be a really tough competition between civics and corollas

  4. Jahanzeb Ahmed says


  5. Jahanzeb Ahmed says

    where they published n look at da pic closely toyota 2014 is added manually

  6. Yasir Anwar says

    go to toyota indus website its real

  7. Irfan Khan says


  8. Mansoor Ahmad says

    Ramzan gift to Pakistan people

  9. Sohaib Manzoor says

    Read the xli blog! Xli rsp price is 1624000!
    Its booking will start on 2 august! Looking forward to it!

  10. Areeb Ahmed Mir says

    itne paise hi kharachne hain tou bahir se import na kera le banda koi behtar gari 😛

  11. Sohaib Manzoor says

    Mr Areeb i agree with you! There are many options that are kept void in toyota edition pakistan!

  12. Sohaib Manzoor says

    Cars will be available on showrooms on 22 july! This is real! Revealed by toyota indus!

  13. Shahid Mehmood says

    the boot is total beauty, smashed civic in boot

  14. Shahid Mehmood says

    Malik Noman agreed but still boot is better than current civic,

  15. Shahab Nasir says

    Areeb Ahmed Mir bhai aap import kara dain itne paison main zero meter gaari

  16. Sohaib Manzoor says

    Shadab bhai he mean to say is se kam paiso mai japanese koi bnda le le with full option! Power windows ki wajah se keh rahe areeb sahab!

  17. Areeb Ahmed Mir says

    Shahab Nasir zero meter nahi kahi mein ne, like Sohaib Manzoor clarified

  18. Asad Ali says

    real end looks like Camry 2011..

  19. Anonymous says

    dear shoaib manzoor read carefully XLI is not coming in AUTO transmission only GLI has AUTO option and u know GLI has power windows also

  20. AI Malik says

    Corolla can neva be compared to civic

  21. AI Malik says

    difference of corolla and civic is like corolla and mehran

  22. Sohaib Manzoor says

    Sir it is comming at the end of this year! I have seen the specs on toyota eastern website!

  23. Faiq Warraich says

    So no Corolla Diesel (2.0D)??

  24. Jehanzeb Naveed says

    ramzaan gift to ese kaha hai jese lafaafo me bhar k awaam ko muft de rai ho

  25. Jehanzeb Naveed says

    The exterior looks shit TBH . in this price i rather buy myself a BMW 5 series here .

  26. Tayyaba Bilal says

    what do u mean by this?An Automatic Xli ….. but manual windows lol , automatic functions with manual window? meanz gyer?

  27. Sh Hassan says

    I like it

  28. Imran Patni Malik says

    Toyota corolla is new model i thing so high price

  29. Imran Patni Malik says

    Toyota corolla is new model i think so high price

  30. Asim says

    I need toyota sales and marketing support I own 2004 toyota model se saloon auto and want to change and sale it and buy new shape kdly cntc me @ 0307-2230206. Asim Khan

  31. Jamali says

    1.3 has a old 4 speed super ECT transmission + old engine. Do you think you want old stuff under the new body?

  32. Zeshan Amin says

    Dashing look,Amazing interior a good competitor

  33. Imran says

    amazing, I wish I could buy one for my family 🙁 Can someone donate me some money?

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