Pakistani Con-Artists Cook up Another Scam/Fraud on Motorway Stops and Filling Stations

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Pakistan sometimes seems like the fraud central, there’s a fraudulent activity going on in every type of business or work. Petrol pump frauds are one of the most popular, but there’s a new type of fraud which I have actually experienced, not one but two times. Others too have been subjected to this fraud which moves me to say that this fraud is quite prevalent in our country, especially on motorway stops.

I first came across this event on a motorway stop (or bhera) and thought that MAYBE the person genuinely needed help. But others told the same story and when I came across the event filling station in Lahore, I became sure that this is a new trick our con-artists have learned to mint money from the public. The fraud goes as follows:

You are at a motorway stop / filling station, assume BHERA. A small hatchback like a Santro or Alto pulls up to you, or even parks to one side. There’s a full family inside the car; husband, wife and two small kids. The husband approaches you and says something like, “Bhai mera batwa kahin gum gaya hay, petrol k pese nahi hain, agay jana hai, phans gaya hun, please madad kero (Brother I lost my wallet, I need money for petrol so I can continue my journey)”. His statement can also be like his wife is not feeling well, or kids are hungry. Basically he will say anything to hit your heart emotionally and make you guilty for not helping.

You look at his car, you see his family. Now a part of you get cautious about a scam and the other part is getting emotionally blackmailed into giving the money. At times the wife and a kid also accompany the person. They will demand in excess of 2000 rupees .

The first time (for me), the person came alone. I was at bhera. He said a similar thing, and I was about to give him some money until my father saw it and stopped me from doing so. He said it was a scam which is very prevalent now. On my refusal, the man got angry, his tone got rude and higher, as if he was doing us a favor by taking the money and we actually owed it to him. He left after ranting and screaming. Still I felt guilty inside for not helping the man and his family.

I came home, and due to my curious nature, I Googled the issue. To my amazement, many others had experienced the same happening in the fraud section of PakWheels. I was glad I didn’t get scammed. The next time this happened at a Lahore filling station. I was ready for it. I politely refused to give any money and drove away.

And one occasion, I simply told him, “ok give me your cellphone or any other item as collateral and once you reach your home, call me and give me my money back and get your phone.” On this he got furious and started shouting and saying things like “Mujhe faqeer sumjha hua? (You think I am a beggar?).” Then just take the deal man!

Many of you might argue it is the intention that counts and I agree with your point of view. But if you know that the money is going to a con-artist, why not help a real deserving person of which there are many in Pakistan; IDPs for instance. There may be a chance that the person is really a needy person, but I would say that, that would be one in a million. If a person really is in need of money, I would say surrendering any item of his for the time being to get money is not a bad deal. After all, he is in this trouble (if it is real) and since frauds are so high, we should also get some support.

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  1. Xuhaib Afzal says

    I also have faced such incidents many time.

  2. Arif Zeeshan says

    bro this is nothing, i face this issue here in dubai once..A guy came to me at Petrol Pump and asked me for help…

  3. Ahmad Aziz says

    similar thing happened with my family at bhera and they got driven away in emotions

  4. Zeeshan Arshad says

    Samilar thing happened to me, two guys on bike telling same story that they need money for petrol. I had petrol in can and i gave them.
    But will be careful next time
    Thanks for letting us know

  5. Engr Muhammad Awais Rajput says

    I personally faced one such guy. He tells such stories at the bus stop every 2,3 days. As I traveled daily for my studies and then for the job, I observed him many times. He is so shameless that when any one realized him that they are seeing him second or third time, he continued the story and kept ignoring.

  6. Hammad Ahmad Khan says

    I have seen two african foreigners in islamabad near f10 year who asks for help on daily basis, on one ocassion i gave him money and when i saw the same person again asking me again with the same old story i threatened to hand him over to police and he ran away

  7. Amir Iftikhar Warraich says

    Once I ran empty of fuel on G.T road somewhere between Kharian and Jhelum and stopped at the petrol pump. I told the manager that I needed to get fuel to reach Islamabad, but forgot my wallet and out of money, he could keep my cell phone (newer Nokia model) and I would pay him in two days on my way back to Lahore. He said fine but did not take my cell and gave my Rs. 2000 of petrol. My stay in Islamabad got stretched to ca. 4-5 days and I stopped at the petrol pump on my way back to repay the money. The manager got a little surprised when I apologized for the delay because he thought I had forgot the event. Lesson is: never take for granted a persons kindness/generosity and a true person in need will always find other means than begging for money!

  8. Luqman Ahmad says

    True ..

  9. Hadi Hassan says

    Its new type fraud on Motorway, I experienced such kinda story many times in lahore

  10. Nasir D Iftikar says


  11. احمد بلال مغل says

    We faced this issue once approx 10 years ago, back in the days when "Lahore to Fasalabad Highway (after Shekhupura) was a "One Way" (Single) Road. We had a mehran (1990 model i think) back then.

    The person was suited booted in white clothes, had a pretty good Corolla 2.0D, gave us the signal to stop. We did, and same story happened. He asked for money. I suspected a Scam, but my father looked at me (for approval) whether or not we should give the money.

    Since he was asking "Allah k naam pe", we did what we could and gave him i think, Rs.300 (Rs.300 was like 1000 back in those days).

    The thing is, if someone is asking for help on the name of ALLAH, you should give him that and leave the rest of the matter to ALLAH. In the end, you have no right to judge whether or not a person is "REALLY" needy or is fradulent. If he is, then that matter will be handled by ALLAH. You fulfil your part of the responsibility, and move on.

    Lastly, we DID see him later a couple of times, at the exact spot, on our trip to Mananwala (which was every 2-3 weeks) to our Grandfather's house. He was wearing same clothes, same black sun-glasses, same car, and yes he did give us a signal to stop. However, we did not. Reason for not doing so, would be obvious.

  12. Mohammad Ali Sajjad says

    similar thing is happened with me at chakri filling station moterway

  13. Abdul Akbar says

    after all my experiences i ve learned, a stranger asking for money is 99.9 times out of 100 is a professional if he can ask you for money he can ask anyone. mangnay wala wakai me mangnay wala hota hey. so stop wasting time in deciding that person asking u for money is real beggar or not bcoz beggar is a beggar.

  14. Jahanzeb Khan says

    Mujtba sahab not every time is a scam… tum apni biyat ko daikhoo who are you to decide if he is a fraud or scam!!! Rules made by Allah .. we are not following them and just telling scam shit.. that guy dont have money thats why he is doing this for money… rich people have have alot of money to buy imported Alkohal or renting a whore.. aur kisi nay agar ghar walo ki khatir mang bhi liyee tau SCAM HO GAYA!! FRAUD HO GAYA!! these kinda posts and mashwaray are causing insecurities … and we dont care for any one….!!! kabhi tum aasiay phas jaoo aur tum ko scam samjhay just imagine for a second….

  15. Saeed Ayub says

    scam …… my thousand rupees …. ; (

  16. Usman Afzal says

    Actually the point is that money is not getting towards needy but fraudulent persons.May be that thug is earning more that us.
    Well if you think he is doing for family that why he is doing fraud…This way you are justifying robbers, stealer and corrupt.
    I also helped persons like this but asking for cell phone or something valuable is a good way to protect us from fraud…

  17. Usman Afzal says

    such a emotionally religions statement…
    Kabhi pakistan meian kisi faqeer nay gurunanak ky naam pe ya baghwan ky naam pe manga hay???
    If you help needy you will feel peace in your heart and satisfaction will be sky high. Find someone poor near you or in relative and help them or go to some hospital and look for some needy and buy them medicine…you will feel the difference..

  18. Usman Afzal says

    and one more thing….aj kal ky technology ky door meian agr paisay khatam ho jayian aur debit card meian bhi paisay na hon to banda easy paisa mangwa leta hay na ky bheekh…

    Allah hamyian apni pinah miean rakhay aur kabhi is tarah ky imthan meian ny dalay.

  19. احمد بلال مغل says

    Usman Afzal First of all, YOU are not in the place to decide who is really needy and who isn't. Second, stop judging people from their appearances.

    I stand by my original statement. If someone is "ASKING" for help/money, in the name of ALLAH (which these professional beggars usually do), you should fulfill YOUR part of the responsibility and give them if/what you can … And move on.

  20. Usman Afzal says

    There is difference between fulfilling one's part properly or being ignorant….
    Giving money to professionals

  21. احمد بلال مغل says

    Usman Afzal Which part of "ITS NOT FOR YOU TO DECIDE WHO IS NEEDY AND WHO IS NOT" do you not fail to comprehend?

    Maybe you should go back all the way and read what i said earlier. Let me lay it down again. "IF they ask you in the name of ALLAH ….". Do note i didn't ask you to go to them specifically to help them. I am emphasis the fact that YOU are not in the place to judge who is needy or not, and that you should just give what you can, because "you are being asked for in the name of ALLAH".

    If the asker misuses that right (i.e. ALLAH k naam pe) then its between him and ALLAH and let them worry about that issue. If ALLAH finds him guilty, he'd solve it himself. "YOU" are not the one, unless you consider yourself to be "holier-than-thou" follower.

    Apologies for any offensive or harsh sentences.

  22. Ahmad Mahmood Pirzada says

    @jahanzeb: ek to her cheez mei Islam, Allah, Rasool le atey hain log. ajeeb!

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