Pakistan’s first simulator based car driver training school in Peshawar uses a Suzuki FX

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FX Car is best known for its efficient fuel consumption and as a daily workhorse and thus, in Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi it is commonly used as a taxi. But Peshawar Traffic Police has found a new purpose for the car. Being put in the Peshawar Police Traffic Driving School, where the 1982 model of Suzuki fx car is no longer running on roads rather, it is engaged in helping learners in a high-tech manners.

The old workhorse’s time for running about here and there is up, it is attached now modified and installed with stimulation technology at the first ever computerized traffic police official driving school which was establish on December 12, 2008.

It was initially proposed by SSP Traffic Muhammad Jaffer Khan, who established it through his own resources seeking betterment in driving abilities of the public. Muhammad Jaffer khan was focused to give his best as an SSP traffic police and aimed to provide a school for driving where people can come for driver training with lower fees than the private driving training centers. The idea sparked away and the staff got professional training from Motorway Police Academy Shekhupura. The staff after receiving due training is now ready to give their best and boost up ethical driving which were required to take proper control on flow of unorganized traffic in the city.

With the passing of time, the traffic police Peshawar did not leave a single stone unturned and renovated its driving center according to aligned with latest technology. Traffic police sub-inspector, Ejaz Khan told us that, “We have a computerized training system of global standards, and it’s called Driving FX Simulator and it costs almost 2.3 Lac PKR.”


The advanced traffic driver training center became very useful for public, as they are benefiting from the school through not only learning the right driving techniques but, the school is also helping people to get driving licenses directly after completion of successful training.

Car driving students are also showing keen interest in the traffic driving school center at Peshawar, Cantt and many of them successfully passed out after acquiring their driving license with complete training. The computerized driving training school has certified around about 4000 students since its establishment.

The concept of Driving F X Simulator is getting fame and a new branch of the driver training school has been established in Phase 5, Principal road, Hayat Abad, Peshawar as well. And where all necessary equipments, with required technologies have been provided to learn driving in a proper imaginary road sense.

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Ejaz khan who is running the stimulator driving school at Peshawar from its start till now feels proud to be a part of this first high tech driving school, also being a pioneer, their aim is to establish such training centers around the country which maximizes the use of technology.

How do you feel when you sit in a car and can drive it in different stimulations of winter, summer, snowfall and accident scenarios? The computerized FX stimulator car will teach you how to deal with the expected and unexpected issues of driving a car.

If you’d ask me who would make a driver simulator in an actual car, it would most probably be some car racing game fans but instead, it is the Traffic Police Peshawar.

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  1. Abdul Mannan says

    Well that is perfect.. but i think few modes in the simulation should be added.
    1- School Time
    2- Before Iftaar
    3- Ambulance Chase
    4- Bike racing
    5- Rickshaw Experts :-p

  2. Muhammad Umair says

    yeah the rush hours

  3. Engr Muhammad Awais Rajput says

    A really good effort by Traffic Police Peshawar. This should be adopted all over the country.

  4. Babar Omar says

    Bravo!! Well done Peshawar Police. This news would have made headlines around the world if this tehcnology had been introduced,but sadly,it's not out in the media yet. Good job Pakwheels to for highlighting such a valiant effort.

  5. Atif Khan says

    lol @stimulator..

  6. Fazal Gilani says

    @baber Omar I did this feature story for express tribune as well, published in last newspaper' sunday magazine Here is a link

  7. Haseeb Aslam says

    جلنے لگے ہماری ترقی سے 🙂

  8. zeekhan says

    This should not be called a simulator but rather it can be named as an early windows 95 desktop game …due to my attraction towards this simulator i unfortunately took admission in Peshawar driving school ..i was allowed only once in this room for not more than 5 min during my complete course.same was the case with 99 percent students…

    I will advice MR Sub inspector Ejaz khan not to feel proud on this so called Simulator .you don’t even have sitting arrangement for students when they wait for their turn for driving a car on Hayatabad roads.Poor students sits on the foot path under tree shadow in hottest weather.

  9. Dawood Dawood says

    Address: Office No. 8, 1st Floor, Chamen Arcade, Wapda Town, Lahore.Landmarks: Chaman Arcade, Wapda Town Housing SocietyCity: Lahore
    Phone +92-42-35181109Fax +92-42-35186465Mobile 0322-6718431Mobile 0331-333-121-9

  10. Muhammad Arshad says

    plz brothers if any body knows the address of this driving school. plz share with me address and phone number of this driving school or sms me on my mobile number 03459065793. i need it alot.

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