2016 Suzuki Baleno Becomes A Huge Success In India With 70,000 Orders And A Waiting Period Of 6 Months!


It is a common notion in Pakistan that Pak Suzuki is afraid to introduce new vehicles because they might fail. At one time, far into the past, we would’ve agreed however today, with all the imported junk along with the good cars on the road, times and market dynamics have changed. People want new cars today and once we had the Baleno that we don’t have anymore but our neighbors recently got it and the numbers, as reported by IAB show their level of excitement is quite high.

Since its launch on 26th October 2015, it has received 70,000 bookings and its just been three months. The waiting period even if you book yours today is around 6 months. Though Maruti Suzuki is working towards expanding production at their plants so that the waiting period does not cross 6 months and best of all, Suzuki Baleno for export countries will also be made in India so your dreams of buying one here in Pakistan are dead. Pak Suzuki did lobby with the government to open trade with India but that didn’t go through and they have to look towards Indonesia Suzuki for CKD parts to assemble here.

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The demand wasn’t even affected by Maruti Suzuki jacking up Suzuki Baleno prices by 5,000 to 12,000 Indian Rupees and Maruti Suzuki will also be introducing the 2016 Suzuki Baleno RS at the Auto Expo 2016 in Delhi.

Baber K. Khan

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  • Imran Baloch

    down with suzuki. why dont they sell such stuff here in Pakistan

  • Bil

    Baleno. .once a fat ass, always a fat ass

  • Anonymous

    Because Mehran generates revenue! which baleno wont…..(:

  • Guest

    Because India, with all its problems and struggles, still has nationalist governments which force the investors to promote localization, transfer of technology and as a result, creation of indigenous technology which is at par with the world. But in Pakistan Suzuki knows they can do something to avoid localization, transfer of technology and creation of indigenous technology.

  • Abdullah

    It looks are similar to that of Honda Vezel…….is it a car or Cross over?????

  • Sanjay Natarajan

    It is a car, not a crossover. It looks ugly to me but don’t know why the Indian masses are going gaga over the car!

  • Muhammad Yasir

    just F*** OFF suzuki , we dont need u no more !

  • Doesn’t look bad at all,, I would like it here in Pak but we have Wagon R, hurrayyyyyy !

  • Brajmohan Lahkar

    you’re aware Baleno is manufactured in India right? its even exported to Japan