2017 Honda City Facelift Launched in India; And its a Sight to Behold

The new Honda City (2017 face-lift) has been launched in India, earlier today. The new car has been a host to a number of physical changes and now features quite an accolade of amenities across its 11 variants, both petrol and diesel. Admittedly, since Honda City’s arrival in 2014 in India, the car quickly claimed and managed to retain the top spot in its category of low-to-mid level sedans. However, the launch of this early face-lift was accelerated when Suzuki Ciaz was introduced in the Indian automotive market, as Ciaz managed to usurp the dominance of Honda City in a span of just short few weeks, Honda Cars India decided to make an early move to maintain its market penetration. Indian automotive gurus are predicting that this new City face-lift will be challenging a host of other sedans in the C-category and might edge ahead of its competition with its variants and the standard features on-board.

Image Courtesy: CarAndBike.com

Following are the pictures of the car’s launch event courtesy of CarAndBike.com:











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  1. awesome car.......SHAME ON ATLAS HONDA.......

  2. "Ab tera kya ho ga kaliya atlas?"

  3. The new Honda City takes clues from Honda Grace Hybrid & borrowing some muscle from the Honda Civic

    Looks Improved !

    Update: No New Shape PKDM City Coming in 2017, Confirmed.

    So if your looking to buy it dont delay


  4. I envy Indian Auto market. So much cheap cars.
    I wish we had cars available in affordable prices. (not talking about Mehran, Bolan peepas)

  5. Expect the car with half the features and in twice the price in about quadruple the time to arrive in Pakistan. Shaba Atlas Honda.

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