2017 Hyundai IONIQ: This Is Hyundai’s Supposed Prius Killer


Everyone wants a piece of the market that Toyota Prius currently serves. But not everyone is Toyota Prius however, we have seen Hyundai going on a roll with some amazing cars that even though lacks the technology and reliability often associated with the Japanese powerhouse, it is steadily getting there. The 2017 Hyundai IONIQ is one step in that direction.

Let’s get to the things that matter. The IONIQ is said to deliver around 53 MPG in the US; that translates to 22.53 KMPL. In comparison, the Prius gives 56 MPG (23.81 KMPL). This is made possible with a combination of few things. Firstly, the IONIQ has a 1.6-liter Atkinson-cycle engine that operates at a thermal efficiency of 40 percent as claimed by Hyundai, the Kappa engine produce 104 horsepower, and another 43 HP is made by the electric. That power goes through a six-speed dual clutch transmission that is designed to be as efficient as a gearbox can be in a hybrid drivetrain.

Toyota Prius has gained a lot of ground in Pakistan through used car imports as you can buy two in the price of the new one available direct from Indus Motors. There’s still some time for the Hyundai IONIQ to arrive in the market and even longer before it comes to Pakistan as a used car import.

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Baber K. Khan

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