Spotting Unsafe Drivers, Bikers And Pedestrians By Fazal Wahab

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One of our long time member and blogger Fazal Wahab started a thread on PakWheels forum about unsafe road users. Fazal has been an advocate of safe driving for a long time and tries to throw the light on the importance of proper road safety measures and responsible road behavior through his posts and blog contributions time to time. Once again, in an effort to help promote safer driving behavior among the road users, he created a thread that has attracted much interest from our readers.

Click here for Unsafe drivers, bikers & pedestrians spotting thread by Fazal Wahab

The purpose of the thread was to show the negligence of all sorts of road users. Whether you are a driver of a car or some heavy vehicle, a bike rider or a pillion rider, or even a pedestrian who crosses the road without any caution, if you are caught doing that on a camera, you should be put on display to make you realize you are at wrong here. It started from a website called TWIT (Texting While In Traffic). This thread basically is a Pakistani version of TWIT.


We as a nation need a lot of education and information to be a responsible motorist. Only a week of so ago, one of our bloggers wrote about the need for increasing the road awareness in road users. He encountered few bikers on his way to the home that were coming from wrong way after attending the Road Safety Workshop organized by a major Pakistani motorcycle producer. You can read his thread below.

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The photos posted in the thread will amaze you. You will find all sorts of strange and most of the time illegal activities going on’ from carrying a bike on the roof a car to girls hanging out of the sunroof of a car. Some posts are hilarious; some are downright irresponsible and idiotic. Go through the thread for all the photos and videos.

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  1. Someone says

    Even in so called civilized countries people will NOT follow what is good for them let alone obey the laws.

    It’s the Fear of pain that makes them follow laws.

    (after long time following the law becomes a habit for them and it does not feel awkward to follow the law like it does in Pakistsn)

    So, if we want people to follow laws and think about road safety then they need to feel the pain when they break the laws.

    I would NOT forget to wear seatbelt when I am fined Rs. 5000. I will NOT put someone in the Truck when I am fined Rs. 10,000. you get the point.

    If the system makes it easy for us to do all that then we’ll keep doing it. I am not sure education will help here. Only pain can.

    So, let’s make a pressure group that makes our rulers pay attention on road safety. The traffic police NEEDS to stop self destructive AWAAM.

    After several years of Danda and lots of fines we will become similar to other nations where people follow road safety (provided system remains active in apprehending offenders. )

  2. Sajawal Hashmat says

    Just read ” someone ” comments on road safety and comparison of Pakis vs Others I think like most of people he might missed one crucial aspect THAT IS INSURANCE.
    I countries where these white collar Criminals rules and everyone is literally pushed to get insurance like Health, Auto etc. the same Insurance Mafia Men made it sure that LAWS remained stricted and hard so less accidents may occur so there profits kept soaring, they made govt. to kept on legislation.
    Although when accident occurs and there is an injury same insurance comes up with so many excuses and try not to lose a penny but in some cases after court decisions they had to pay.

    So when in Pakistan the Health Insurance & Auto etc. get hold you will see Laws will be more Harsh and illogical,
    1. Like you may need an auto authorized certified safety agent Certificate after some Milage to keep your car on road atleast.
    2. Older cars will have heavy taxes so Only new cars may be found on road which are less risk to Insurance guys.
    3. Seat Belts and Air Bags in each car which will make the POOR LOOKING Paki Made New Cars hell lot of more expensive.

    So if you think while driving a Local Made car or a JAP damaged imported turned NEW upto 3 years old cars SAFE you are heavily mistaken.
    Imported Japs cars are sold to Pak as they are UNFIT as per Japs. And Local Made like Toyota Suzuki and even Honda are far less below in quality then there counter models made and run across the globe.

    So forget the safety thing enjoy life as you all are already living on the edge.

  3. Sanjay Natarajan says

    You are saying that higher fine and stricter laws can bring road-safety? Yeah, I agree with that but there is always an exception.

    Suppose if a traffic cop catches a car driver without wearing a seat belt and here I illustrate what will happen next.

    Assume CD – Car Driver; TC – Traffic cop!

    TC: Don’t you know you should wear the seatbelt?

    CD: Sorry saab! I will follow here after!!

    TC: But now you have violated the rule and you should pay for this, do you know the fine is Rs.5000!

    CD: Really sorry saab, please leave me this time.

    TC: Well, then give me 200 and never do this again!

    CD: Thank you, here you go!


    1) Rules FLY HIGH in the sky.

    2) CD flies on the road without seatbelt

    3) Honesty flies off from the TC and the CD!

    4) 2 – Hundred rupees notes fly from the CD to TC

    Am I right??

  4. Guest says

    You are a little right, but these days you got to pay the full money of fine and sometimes even more. This is because it is a big hassle to submit the fine. And people do not have the time to go through it.

    Gone are the days when policeman could be bought in 5% of the challan’s actual cost.

  5. Love says

    Danda is seldom useful. More danda will only cause people to go and blow up everything.

    Even in advanced countries I have seen there is no danda. In fact if somebody makes a mistakes the policeman looks away. But if somebody becomes habitual only then they will get one time very big punishment.

    Right now a pistol without number and with 4 free bullets costs only 100 per hour. And small grenade costs around 300. It was cheaper 2 years ago. Since bomb leaves no trace, mobile snatchers have started using it, even though it is expensive than pistol rent.

    Is paying 10,000 for seat belt cheaper or simply eliminating the policeman in 300 cheaper?

    What about the cars which have no seatbelt from the factory?

    Who will give pain to VIPs? Who will correct the behavior of military who point the gun to you and tell you to get lot or they will shoot you? In big cities they do this and in smaller places they just use their rocket launcher to clear their way. Does this even count as traffic violation or is it a war crime?

    When I am at the traffic light I have to stop or face 2000 fine (recently it is this rate). But the bicycle, motorcycle, donkey cart, military and VIP do not need to stop. The law is for me when I am going to suffer. But when I am going to benefit (when the others stop on their turn, I get clean and calm passage on my turn) the law is not there. Where is the danda then?

    There is a reason this place is failure.

  6. Lazy Sapper says

    These are just funny images. People everywhere does this stuff. Even western performs more deadly things on road than this. May be you people have not seen those arabs doing stunts on roads. Fazal wahab is just ignorant rant maker.

  7. Guest says

    Westerners and arabs performing some dangerous acts and/or not caring about human safety is not a justification for others to want to do it.

    Fazal Wahab is a Pakistani from root and I must say all Pakistanis should feel pride that generally, Pakistanis are decent law-observing people who care about politeness, regard for others and most importantly, value of human life. Who would understand it better than a nation which has always been suffering from the effects of wars in neighboring countries?

    I must say you should change your perspective. Fazal Wahab is trying to improve the improvement-worthy points not only in Pakistan but in the west too. Since western societies have a lot to improve too. But the way you wrote shows that you have slave mentality, what you are so impressed about?

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