2017 Suzuki Swift – This is IT!

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Suzuki Swift is a hatchback car that is quite famous not only overseas but here in Pakistan as well. It has been observed that Pak Suzuki has not offered any noteworthy options to its customers in the category of hatchback cars however, Swift is always considered as an exception. Suzuki global had been working for quite some time to bring the next generation of the Swift to the market. Overseas, the current Swift arrived back in the year 2010 and was looking for a fresh face in the form of a fourth generation and today, its officially revealed in the land of rising sun; Japan. Swift is a sort of bread and butter for Suzuki brand and it can be judged from the fact that, Suzuki has been able to sell more than 5.3 million units of this car worldwide since 2004.

The all new Swift seems to have more of evolutionary changes, rather revolutionary and to some, the new car might not look different from the previous generation. But the new Swift is underpinned by Suzuki’s new platform known as HEARTECT, which is also in use by the new Baleno hatchback, which is improved, rigid and lightweight in comparison to the previous generation Swift.

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As per Suzuki, by adopting ultra-high tensile strength steel plate in a wide range such as upper body, it achieves both weight reduction and high rigidity and extraordinary fuel efficient running.


On the exterior, the new Swift gets a new front face with a new grille design [Audi/ Hyundai Elantra looking] and angular headlights, which make it look aggressive and sporty. Although you might notice a little bit of Jaguar F-Type at first glance. On the rear end, there are not a whole lot of changes but it has received a new shaped spoiler, newly designed LED taillights as well as a new hatch door design as per Suzuki. This might look odd to many but the door handles for the rear doors are no more on the door at conventional location, rather now on the edge of the door at the C-pillar contact. Many crossovers have the door handle there so I think it will grow on us later in the day.

The new Swift has been made available in 5 different trims in Japan, with three transmission options and 2 engine flavors, depending on the trim. As far as the engine is concerned, there will be a 1000cc three cylinder turbo engine [K10C] with power figures of 100.9 hp and 150 N.m of [email protected], while a 1200cc [K12C] DualJet naturally aspirated engine will result in 89hp and 120 N.m of torque. In Japan, top-of-the-line variant RSt will be equipped with the 3 cylinder turbo engine and will sit higher as far as price is concerned as compared to other trim levels. The 1.2L engine is available with both 5 speed manual as well as CVT. Suzuki has given the turbo model, an exclusive 6 speed automatic transmission and it’s also available with paddle shifters. There will be no manual option for the 1.0L turbo engine. Front wheel drive is standard on 1.2L Swift but customers can choose a 4 wheel drive option while the turbo model is only available with front wheel drive.

The Swift will also be available with Suzuki’s mild hybrid [SHVS] system on 1.2L engine. This not only improves the fuel economy but performance as well. Basically it’s a form of regenerative braking energy, where there is a generator, which produces energy while braking and it’s stored in on-board special battery. The energy is used while the car is in motion and is transferred to engine with the help of a starter motor when an extra torque is required. Suzuki predicts a combined fuel economy of 27.4km per liter for this model as per Japanese fuel economy rating JC08. This model will also be equipped with Idle Start/Stop feature.

The new Swift will have 4 wheel disc brakes as standard, while there will be MacPherson strut at front and Torsion beam suspension in the rear. Swift will be equipped with Rack and Pinion steering assembly with minimum turning radius of 4.8 meters, which makes Swift easy to navigate even in narrow roads and streets. The new Swift will be fitted with 185/55, 16″ alloys [except base model which has 15″ steel] wheels. ABS with electronic brake-force distribution will be a standard feature.

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Let’s jump inside and you will be greeted with new interior in the form of a newer dashboard, which looks little bit similar to the newly released Suzuki Vitara. There is a new cluster with MID LCD to display vital vehicle information. The new air vents and a newer central console with climate control and entertainment unit, are also noticeable. There will be new 7″ display head-unit with apple car-play, android auto compatibility. Single zone automatic climate control and new gear level design is there. Key-less entry as well as push start/stop button have also been made available. On safety front Swift never disappointed even on the last generation and got EURO NCAP top safety ratings. Apart from 7 airbags, the new Swift is equipped with an active safety package which is available as option while it’s a standard feature in top of the line Turbo Swift. This includes a collision mitigation system which operates with help of camera and laser sensor mounted in rear view mirror facing forward, lane departure as well as high beam assist, which dips down the headlight automatically detecting oncoming traffic.

For the first time, adaptive cruise control is also made available for the new Swift, which makes it a lot safer than before. The new Swift is 10mm smaller in length than the outgoing model but the rear legroom is increased by 20mm.  Moreover, the cargo capacity has been increased by around 55 liters over previous generation and now stands at 265 liters.

Suzuki didn’t release full details on specifications but the new Swift will be for sale with effect from 4th January 2017 in Japan, followed by other markets like India and Europe later in 2017. No details have been released on the price as of now. In Pakistan, we can assume that later in the year 2017, Pak-Suzuki might replace the current generation Swift with the new one. Let’s hope to see the new face soon.

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  1. Ahson Tariq says

    Having owned a PKDM Swift for 5 and half years and driven over 120,000 kms in it including a 4,500km + cross country tour, I can vouch for the pure driving joy this car provides to its owner. However, having been a Suzuki customer for a long time and having observed it’s management’s mindset, I can quite confidently state that we “might” see this model being introduced here in Pakistan by the year 2021/22….. or maybe 2023 !! 🙂

  2. Wasif says

    2012 main Suzuki Swift new launch ho gyi thi Japan , India, Thailand etc. aur ab 2017 main ek aur new shape aa gyi hai .aur hum PAKISTANI wahi usi shape per bethay hai…HUM BOHAT PEECHAY HAI…. PROUD TO BE A PAKISTAN.

  3. farooq says

    Dont worry guys china is coming, china will beat the shit out of……………

  4. Kashif Akbar says

    Its PakSuzuki ‘s dishonesty to sell junk at the cost of latest models to the People of Pakistan. PS management dont care of floods of imported JDM EVERY vans selling here like hot cakes , but they bother to keep offering dabba called Bolan. very very unprofessional and cheap approach is seen from PS in recent 5 years. FOOL executives decide & offer us Kizashi, Vitara as new offerings which will FLOP for vitara same as it did for Kizashi. let’s pray there are options, and people will hate to buy this brand over here in Pakistan.

  5. Salman Ahmed says

    2017 ho ya 2010 suzuki ki garia sari duniya main khatara ha

  6. Salman Ahmed says

    Chinese garia Suzuki gario se bhi gai guzari ha .kisi Chinese se poochae ke woh Chinese gari Lenae pasand karta ha ya nahi

  7. Salman Ahmed says

    Aap apna vouch apnae pas rakhae .aapki Suzuki waisae Pakistan se mulk badar ho Jae gi inshallah aur aapki Suzuki main Nakuri bhi

  8. Asif says

    Dear Fazal and all Pakwheelers,

    In my communication with a senior PAMA offical a little while back I would like to inform the following:-

    1. Unfortunately, Paksuzuki will not be upgrading or replacing and we wont be getting the 4th gen Swift – the 2nd Gen Swift (introduced in Japan in 2004) will continue to be sold in Pakistan for significantly more time.
    [[Paksuzuki is continuing to place parts order with local vendors and working on further localizing components too]]

    2. There is s possibility of new colors and minor cosmetic changes though.

    3. I know it is sad and swift worldwide has improved immensely. Only Celerio will possibly be introduced in 2017. Even Alto 660cc is not confirmed and if it does come may take 2-3 more years. Again this is not confirmed.

    4. Paksuzuki management and parts vendors are also strongly against model replacements.

  9. Dr A.L says

    we should not be bothered about any new models by suzuki etc , we have abundant options like aqua, vitz, passo as solid cars, we have a lot of models in 660cc class in Pakistan , we have Chinese companies in the roar , we have city , we have corolla , we have vezel , we have a lot.. now leave suzuki and think a head

  10. Hussain says

    Pak Suzuki has no plan to upgrade or change Swift they are happy with its sale and business

  11. Asif says

    Bro you are incorrect. New (3rd Gen) Swift Launched in Japan in late 2010 and worldwide in early 2011.

    The Swift Pakistan is getting in 2016 and 2017 is a variant of the Swift introduced in Japan in late 2004 – and that too without even a single airbags and other safety features. Soon after launch JDM Swift’s got VVT in M13A (which is still missing in Pakistani Swift) and later option on CVT transmission as well.

  12. Asif says

    Worst variant in the world offered by Suzuki are in Pakistan. Mehran, Bolan, Ravi, Cultus, swift (2nd gen) are only offered in Pakistan only by this pathetic anti-consumer anti-competition company.

  13. Asif says

    Problem is in terms of a new small zero meter vehicle Paksuzuki is only option.
    They are abusing their monopoly. Japanese cars are a good alternative but they do have issues with spare parts, warranty, etc.

    The way towards true industrial growth is not importing used vehicles but a competitive local industry that offers variety/options to people and offers models in line with international market. Enforcement of safety standards is also highly critical and being ignored by all government in Pakistan be it PML-N, PPP, or Military, etc..

    Once we start developing quality modern vehicles with safety features and upgrade and replace on time, then Pakistan can also focus on exporting which will create a lot of jobs and bring in much needed financial capital in the country.

    In a nutshell, government has no vision or sincerity whatsoever and is playing into the hands of Japanese firm who are exploiting the absence of regulations and standards in the country.

  14. Tahir Usman says

    Damn good car

  15. Umar Mian says

    Get a life. He is just anticipating a car he owns. It doesn’t mean he work for suzuki. Alot of people I know owns swift and I heard good reviews from all of them. And they don’t work in suzuki. And do you even have any idea how many people works in suzuki Pakistan? If suZuki leaves then how many people going to be jobless? What kind of fanatic you are syeing InshaAllah on projection of people going jobless? What if I saying InshaAllah aapki bhi nokri chali jaye ghi?

  16. mgm99 says

    Man !!! I would love to see the Shit beaten out of Suzuki by anyone in the world esp Chinese automakers. I accuse our government for not taking care of Pakistani Consumer’s interest and let these goons get away with selling scrap in the market. They should be made to return money for every FX and mehran and khyber and other shitty stuff they sold ever.

    I hope I have not been any harsh !!!

  17. Guest786 says

    Front is a cheap copy of Ford cars, also ground clearance looks horrible. Not impressed at all.

  18. Ferrari says

    Paksuzuki has no plans to replace the Swift.
    People need to stop speculating and spreading rumors.

    Don’t have unrealistic expectations from this exploitative company that dumps obsolete models in Pakistan. See their Historical performance before making claims.

  19. Shurjil Butt says

    Don’t underestimate the power of idiots in big groups bro… Ye mein nahi kehta apna Einstein keh gaya hai ..

  20. Akram says

    As if we are waiting for your expert advise and know how..

  21. Akram says

    ?? can’t believe u r actually thanking heavens about the entry of Chinese car companies into the market… Best of luck with that!

  22. Akshay says

    We have fantastic Suzuki cars in india be it vitara Brazza, ciaz, swift, dzire, baleno, scross, ertiga or any other small hatch

  23. Junaid says

    I hate PakSuzuki, its management, its work force and all that is related to it.

  24. wasif says

    yea still its our fault we grow late and manufacturing is slow. they launch early .. hum 15 saal ek shape per chalte hai . anyhow. let they do what they want to do 🙂 :):)

  25. Mansoor Qazi says

    Mr. Fazal this is a good review for 2017 Suzuki Swift!! good to know that they are introducing hybrid system in their vehicles. turbo on 1.0 liter engine also sounds good. Suzuki Japan is following Toyota and Honda in the upcoming technology. Hopefully Pakistan Suzuki will realize that swift is an urban car and urbanites will love to own this car. For some reasons they are shy to introduce newer models.
    It’s okay if they keep selling Mehran/cultus to rural areas but I foresee Pak Suzuki going down the graph when it comes to urban areas. Vitara is not we need. It’s even less than 0.05% of the Pakistan’s population who can afford it. The ones who can afford it, have many other leading brands to choose from like BMW X1, Audi Q2, Honda Vezel, Toyota HRV and the list goes on.
    Suzuki can only survive if they introduce cars within 1.6 million PKR from 1.0 liter to 1.4 liter(fuel efficient) sedan/hatchback(with all the latest features). They have to keep the balance between profiting and keeping customers happy with the Real Value for Money.
    Two years back when I had to buy a car which is fuel efficient, powerful , looks good and is in 1.6 million budget, Toyota Aqua was my choice. Having 800 kms in a tank of 32 liters without compromising power is what we need. And that is the reason most people prefer it over city or swift category cars.

  26. Waqar says


  27. nishantsirohi123 says

    well there are some “china only” cars made by mjor auto makers available , i think they can make a good option, example being chevrolet sail

  28. Ahmed says

    Zubani hate say kuch nai hota..we have to boycott paksuzuki.. Chinese brands lylo is say to

  29. Asif says

    The reason they are not launching new models is no mystery. It’s called exploitation.

    – They don’t want to invest in new technology or transfer modern technology to local vendors.
    – The government has no quality and safety standards regulations for cars (YES even in 2016 !!! ) Hence they can sell vehicles from 1980s era in Pakistan even now in 2016.
    – Paksuzuki is not here for benefit of Pakistan but sends its profits back to its parent in Japan…if in a market like Pakistan without replacing models they can make money by selling same car for 40 years they will do that.
    – Government of Pakistan has always favored them over the decades. They are handed out huge contracts like Punjab taxi scheme without even considering any other company and policies are tilted in their favor as well.

    Two main reasons: (1) Exploitative nature of Paksuzuki and (2) Corrupt incompetent governments (be it PPP, PML or Military regimes all were least bothered about focus on the engineering/ manufacturing sector)

  30. Guest says

    Ok if you were not waiting then have you gone and invested into it?

  31. Guest786 says

    No you were not. That’s why I didn’t walk in to your house and spoke to your mom about it.

    Instead I stated here on public forum. Peace!

  32. khizer khan says

    There are plenty of factors to weigh-up when purchasing a new car, such as performance, fuel economy, styling, technology, and how it feels to drive, but who cares about above mentioned properties in a car even in 2016 while pakistan’s average earner can hardly afford a bloody mehran Alas! why don’t you people understand if that crap made cars that has no quality ,safety features and standard are rejected where all that stock going to be sold ??Answer is nowhere as nobody on this earth wants to buy those ugly looking basic cars made out of crap ,try not to buy them for some time I hope that might earn some respect for you as a consumer and set better consumer standards .During the automobil crisis in the UK demand for new vehicles were falling at rates not seen since the Great Depression, dealers were offering massive discounts on official prices in order to sell off excess stock.Some popular models were being offered for almost 50 per cent less than their list price, with discounts worth several thousand pounds available even GM’s Opel offered buy one get one free bargain,then why it is imposible in pakistan ??

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