2017 Toyota Corolla Unveiled With Specs and Price List

For all those Corolla diehard fans, its official now. The unveiling of your favorite car took place recently and there is so much in-store for you to get your hands on the new model as soon as possible. Toyota hasn’t left any stone upturned to amaze its fans and here is the major scope that our experts gathered for your eyes only.

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Evaluating Of The New Toyota Corolla

As the brand has included some hi-tech formulation in the new series, the pricing also got a bit more than what was previously quoted on many news reports. We have included the previous and current price range for you to have a complete on-price pack for each of your choice variant:

Variant                               Previous Price                                       New Price
XLI                                           1,729,000                                                     1,759,000
GLI                                           1,859,000                                                     1,889,000
GLI Automatic                       1,934,000                                                     1,964,000
1.6 Altis                                    1,994,000                                                     2,149,000
1.8 Altis Manual                     2,079,000                                                    2,224,000
1.8 Altis CVT                           2,204,000                                                    2,349,000
1.8 Altis Grande (M/T)         2,239,000                                                    2,399,000
1.8 Altis Grande CVT             2,389,000                                                    2,549,000

Tyre Size before the facelift was 195 / 55 R15 and as of now you will get 205 / 55 R16  – However, if you must know these are the highly durable tyres for better speed grip on the road.  The above is an extract from the official Toyota Website.

Preceding Glory Highlights

Toyota has held its preceding glory with the accumulation of some of the exclusive features in the Toyota Corolla GLI and Altis models of 2017. Some of the variations that you will come across in the new model are:

  • 16 Inch New Alloy
  • IS OFIX seat anchors
  • Exterior uplifts
  • Sleek headliners and LED tail lights
  • New 9″ infotainment screen
  • Dual SRS Airbags
  • Cruise control
  • Sports drive mode and paddle shifters
  • New Side Skirts
  • Smart Entry (In Altis Grande variants)
  • Push Start button (In Altis Grande variants)
  • Vehicle stability control (In Altis Grande variants)



There is more in –depth review on its way for the new variants and their specs, so stay tuned PakWheelers!



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