2018 Civic ‘Type R’ Is Here – Unpacks 316 Horses

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Civic is Honda’s largest selling marquee worldwide and this latest 10th generation Civic is a result of an extensive and comprehensive design in the history of Honda manufacturing, which includes new chassis, powertrain, exterior as well as the all new interior. The 10th generation Civic is a global model for Honda and the company has spread the 10th generation Civic fever via multiple variants. First a conventional 4 door sedan, later a 2 door coupe (for US market only), and more recently a hatchback version was revealed while a “Si” version of Civic, which is again pertinent to North American market will soon arrive.

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But the more potent and most awaited trim of this car, The Civic Type R has been officially revealed. Honda has removed the covers off its prototype in Geneva. In essence, the new Type R is the performance version of 10th generation Civic hatchback. Although on the exterior, interior and under the skin it carries a lot of clues from the regular Civic X hatchback, but scrutinize its details and you’ll realize there is more to it. On the exterior, a huge wing on its tail end and centrally mounted three tail pipes will differentiate it from the rest of crowd. There are Type R -super aggressive- specific side skirts, front and rear bumpers which make it different than the regular Civic hatchback. At the front, you will find LED headlights – similar to Civic X’s sedan version.

As per Honda, the “R” is 38% more in torsional rigidity than the regular hatchback while it has 45% bending rigidity than previous Type R hatchback. This will result in more agility and reduced body roll while producing fewer vibrations and cabin noise, which will result in much-improved cornering stability. Use of high strength steel at strategic locations and an all aluminum hood reduces its overall weight.

The Type R also gets a major improvement in its suspension. The car will -reportedly- be equipped with an adaptive damping system both at the front and rear encompassing hydraulic bushing as well in this new mechanism. There will be a multi-link rear suspension, while dual axis strut suspension at the front end of this car. Steering response is improved by using adaptive dual pinion electric power steering with limited slip differential on the front. The car will also come equipped with dynamic chassis settings as ‘Comfort’,‘Sport’ or for extreme driving a ‘R+’ mode has also been made available. The driving modes adjust steering inputs, damper settings as well as vehicle stability control and throttle response. The driver can switch between different setting by the push of a button placed right next to gear shift lever. The vehicle will be equipped with 245/30 20′ aluminum alloy wheels while featuring 13.8′ front and 12′ rear Brembo brakes.


Let move over to its engine and performance. The Type R is FF layout which means Front Engine and Front-wheel Drive. There were lots of rumors before its launch regarding both its drive train and power outputs. The Type R will be powered by the same engine as its previous generation with very limited upgrades as far as power outputs are concerned. The engine is a 2.0L turbocharged motor and produces 316hp @ 6500RPM while torque figures stand at 400Nm between 2500 to 4500 RPM. It was expected that the power figures will be around 340 or 350hp before its release, which I might add would have been a positive upgrade from the outgoing model, which produces 306bhp. Sadly, the car has been offered with a single type of transmission – a 6 speed manual with rev matching capability. Honda didn’t release on road performance numbers as of now, so we will see that once the company releases those stats.


When you jump inside, the interior is shouting all Type R. Red stitched leather steering wheels, red seats, red trim pieces and red full digital driver information interface as the cluster is standard. A 7-inch touch screen infotainment system with Honda navigation, apple car play/ android auto is being offered as standard with this car. There is more good news, you will find 12 speakers – a 540W premium audio system in this car. And like its sibling, the Type R also gets the electronic parking brake and Automatic Brake Hold functions.

To make it look exclusive, there will be an aluminum plate mounted near the gear lever which will show the production number. Add to the fact that Type R will be a limited production unit, this souvenir will help in signifying this car. More importantly, the plate shows 4 zeros, so safe to say we can assume that this number will be in thousands and not millions. Overall there is no doubt the Type R will be a real hot hatch but will it prove its mantle? That, readers, will be subjected to the mercy of time.

The engine for Type R will be produced exclusively at Honda America Manufacturing Plant in Ohio and will be exported to the UK for assembly. Type R will be made in the UK Only and will be produced at Honda’s factory in Swindon, UK. It will be exported to select markets including the United States for the first time. As mentioned earlier, Type R will be offered in one trim and featured packed.

This car will also be exported to Japan as well, and hopefully, we might see some imported Honda Civic X Type-R’s on Pakistani street in years to come. Sadly there has been no announcement on its price but for US market, a price in the mid $30,000 is expected. The car will be made available for sale this summer in Europe, which will be followed by its eventual availability in the United States.

All-new Honda Civic Type R races into view at Geneva
All-new Honda Civic Type R races into view at Geneva

All-new Honda Civic Type R races into view at Geneva

All-new Honda Civic Type R races into view at Geneva

All-new Honda Civic Type R races into view at Geneva

All-new Honda Civic Type R races into view at Geneva

All-new Honda Civic Type R races into view at Geneva

All-new Honda Civic Type R races into view at Geneva

All-new Honda Civic Type R races into view at Geneva

All-new Honda Civic Type R races into view at Geneva





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