All-new 2019 Volkswagen Touareg revealed

Volkswagen has revealed the all-new 2019 Touareg, third generation at the Beijing Motor Show. The brands latest flagship SUV was debuted a month after a teaser was released and is now loaded with new gadgets and gizmos.

The new 2019 Volkswagen Touareg may be one of the few vehicles from Volkswagen that looks more like an Audi car with the reliability of Volkswagen. Volkswagen has completely gone in another direction with the main focus on the interior, but not leaving behind the exterior as well.0d79aab662205d86fcf1b4b846056c85

The exterior of the car has almost completely been revamped inheriting its styling from the Audi lineup. On the front, you now get matrix-type LED headlights integrated into the wide grille which defines its presence up front. The body is now covered with sharp creases which give it a more modern look with a bigger appearance. The sloping rear end looks completely borrowed from the Audi Q7 with almost completely matching rear tail lights.  The newer model is now wider and longer than before expanding its boot space while keeping the weight down a staggering 100kg than the outgoing model by extensively using aluminum 48% and 52% high tensile steel.


The fun part comes inside the car with the all-new gigantic media screen which may be a standard option. VW calls the 12-inch instrument display combined with the 15-inch infotainment system The Innovision Cockpit system. It does not mean that the heating and air movement controls have been shifted to the screen. Anyone who has dealt with the touch-based climate controls knows the how much infuriating this type of setup can be. The new infotainment system allows for a more user customizable screen, keeping your most important apps at your fingertips. The screen also boasts a split screen functionality.

VW Touareg

Some of the other tech features the car now comes standard with are LED matrix-type headlamps, head-up display and an active all-wheel steering. Suspension is an air suspension, but sadly won’t be standard across all variants. One nifty little feature that has been added is that the cars ride height changes according to the selected driving mode. The modes include normal, comfort, a 25mm raised Off-road and the final 70mm raised setting. Above 120kmph the car also drops its height by up to 25mm for better stability at higher speeds. You also get a loading mode, when you want to want to load a heavier item and the loading deck of the car is too high for you it will lower the car’s height by 40mm for easier loading and unloading. Trailer assist helps you with the reversing of trailers for easier parking. Other interesting features include a night-vision camera which shows black and white with additional red or green with the risk they pose, a lane-keep assist, a front facing cross-traffic assist system and four-wheel steering.

VW Touareg

The all-new 2019 Touareg will initially launch with two different V6 diesel engines, putting out 228 or 282 horsepower. A 335-hp gas V6 will follow, along with a 415-hp diesel V8. The new 2019 Touareg will go on sale later this year.

Let’s discuss the possibility of it launching here in Pakistan. A little less than a year ago the member of the board’s Management of German Automaker Volkswagen Dr. Joseph Baumert had talks with the government of Pakistan for setting up and a manufacturing plant in Pakistan for its Amrok and T6 vehicles. After that there has been silence as to whether Volkswagen will start manufacturing or assembling in Pakistan or not.

In the recent years Crossover vehicles have gained massive popularity here in Pakistan after the heavy import of Honda Vezel’s. There were other crossovers being imported and sold here, but the gained popularity with the Honda Vezel. Hyundai and Kia are also launching the Tucson and Sportage which fall in the category of mid-size SUV or crossover and FAW is also rumored to be launching the FAW R7 so almost all new entrants are focusing on the crossover segment and if VW is to setup a plant here the 2019 Volkswagen Touareg may be the way to go considering the increasing popularity of this segment. We can’t say if Volkswagen will come to Pakistan and if it does which cars will they launch. For now, all we can do it wait and see.

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  1. No doubt that it looks like an Audi but not exactly like it. I like it but how its functionality works it will run in market successfully or not just wait. But overall acceptable.

  2. Touareg is model for very specific markets and does not being offered everywhere where VW operates. Like this new is not being offered even in US beside the fact that SUV are great on-demand. Reason two other SUV instead and more to come from Local US production. Touareg production is also exclusive to certain locations only and it's not produced every where where VW operates so if VW starts in Pakistan it will be import only and with a huge price tag.

    I don't see it coming to PK market because it's not offered even in well established markets as well. Its rhe same case as VW GTI.. or the Arteon the receently released sportsback.

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