3 things to remember when buying new tires for the first time

Buying tires for the very first time is a hectic task, and usually, people don’t know what things one should consider while buying new tires. As always for the ease of our viewers and for those who are thinking of buying new tires for their cars, we are writing this article so that they can easily pick the right tire.

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A tire as any other part of the vehicle is an important part, so it should be taken care of without any negligence. However, there comes a time when there is no other choice but to replace them with the new ones. Below, are the tips which one should keep in mind while buying new tires.

  • Make sure your car needs a new pair of tires: It is observed that people due to lack of knowledge regarding tires change their stock tires, which can be used for few further months, with new tires thus spending money for useless purposes. Always inspect your tires thoroughly before buying new ones, check their tread, sidewalls and uneven wear and tear etc. to get an actual picture of tires’ health. Check manufacturing date. For expert opinion get your tire checked from car mechanic you trust.tire-tread
  • Check owner’s manual: One of the most important things while buying new tires is to thoroughly read the owner’s manual which the car manufacturing company has provided you, check the recommendation for tire size and then go and buy new ones. For first-timers, this is the essential thing to do before opting to buy new tires. The same information can also be found on inside the door panel of the car.Find your tire size in your vehicle owner’s manual or on your
  • Always buy branded tires from renowned tire companies such as General tyres.

    15" Euro Star Tyre by General Tyres

    15″ Euro Star Tyre by General Tyres

That is it from our side, share what you have in mind in the comments section below.

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My name is M. Ali Laghari and I love to read and write about Cars.

  • androcles

    “Always buy branded tires from renowned tire companies such as General tyres.”
    joke of the day

  • Alpha Bravo

    Check and ask which tyres are best for your vehicle

  • Khurram

    Of-course, to a rich guy like you pleasure rather than need is an objective of the day but, for a common man General tyre works very well, roughing it through 55 to 60 K at a very cheap rate starting at just 3,000/- PKR for a zero meter tyre. And Mr. brand conscious everybody has a choice and one must respect that.

  • Rizwan Saeed

    Bro, using a general tire above one year, will depreciate the car suspension & comfort, because these become hard, & will not depreciate any more;;, which will cost you above any brand, be careful,,,,, I have used 10 years General tires, & 10 years other than general tyres,,,,,,,,,, the quality VS Price comparison,,,, everybody knows…….. so CHILLL.

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    bhai kal hi aik new cultus vxr ka tyre burst hova tha aur wo divider per lgi hovi thi. wahan na koi cat-eye the na kuch aur us main general ka hi tyre tha.

  • FuriousNinja

    Considering the extra costs you ll pay for everything else after using GT for some time, you ll regret this statement of yours. Are you the same guy who defends Mehran? You seriously have some problem with brands or anything of good quality.