How Service Stations Are Ruining Your Car’s Paint

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Everyone likes a clean car and service stations are best option for it. But these stations are ruining the paint of your car without knowing it.  It is the paint job of a car which differentiates between an extremely caring owner and the one who doesn’t care much about their car. To further illustrate the importance of paint, it suffices to say that the resale value of your vehicle depends on it. In short, it is extremely important to take immense care of your vehicle’s paint.

Wash At House: 

The traditional way of keeping your car clean and fresh is to wash it. Either you can wash the car at home or use a car wash service. In Pakistan, the car wash service is performed manually by the people working at the car wash stations. People take their cars for a car wash without thinking twice about the effects of it on paint. Did you know, such a service can completely ruin the paint of your car?

The reasons why a car wash can destroy the paint of your car are explained below:

Acidic car wash soaps at Service Stations: 

The soaps these car wash stations use contain a very high amount of hydrofluoric acid. Hydrofluoric acid can destroy the paint of your car. Moreover, this acid poses health risks. The hydrofluoric acid is used in car wash soaps to remove tough stains. However, don’t forget that this acid is suitable for use on underbody for mud removal, etc.

Dirty and used cloth: 

The cloth used by car wash stations to rub and later wipe off excess water is often used and of inferior quality. Due to excess use, this cloth has dust particles on it. When they wipe your car, these dust particles rub against your car’s body and cause scratches on it. This cloth can also cause swirls on your car’s body.

High-pressure water of Service Stations:

Cars are washed with high-pressure water. There is nothing wrong with it given that only the underbody of your car is washed with such water. However, high-pressure water must not be used to wash the rest of your car. The reason is simple – it’s not safe for your car’s paint. It can rip the paint and break the seams of the vinyl coating. Regular use of such high-pressure water can reduce the lifespan of the outer paint coating of your car.

So What Should You Do? The Solution

The solution is rather simple – follow our recommendations:

  • Use a recommended and branded car wash shampoo.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to wash your car. If you are not willing to use a microfiber cloth, you can use a soft sponge instead.
  • Use a magnet microfiber cloth for wiping your car’s body. A magnet cloth absorbs the water and dries the body in a single wipe.

The above-mentioned solutions may be expensive but nothing is worth more than your car’s paint. If you are not willing to wash the car yourself and must take it to a wash station then take the car shampoo, rubbing cloth and magnet cloth with you. To avoid high-pressure water you can ask the service station guy to use normal pressure water to wash the upper body of your car.

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