Thinking of buying United Bravo? Think again!

United Bravo was launched last year in September and since then it has been the most talked-about 800cc hatchback in the country. People are debating its pros and cons keeping in view the features it is offering to its customers. Well, the car has been shipped with many features such as rear parking camera, and power windows etc. And as we all know, the rear parking camera is not available in locally produced hatchbacks such as Mehran, Wagon R or Cultus; even locally manufactured sedans such as Honda City, Toyota Corolla XLi don’t have this option in them.

On the contrary, as mentioned above, Bravo has power windows (all four doors), and if compared to Mehran, well, everyone knows, you have to close the windows manually. Even the 1000cc Wagon R VXR doesn’t come equipped with power window option and the other variant VXL has power window option in only front doors.

The one important thing, which makes the car great is its build quality.

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So, in this blog, I will be focusing on the build quality of Bravo. When the car was unveiled in an event last year, a lot of people showed concerns after seeing the built quality of it and bashed the manufacturers. However, at that time, the local manufacturer United Motors argued that its a display CBU unit, the company will filter out all the problems when it will start assembling the car locally in Pakistan.

See the first impression video of at Bravo’s launching ceremony.

Well, the automaker on 26th November 2018 did launch the locally manufactured Bravo and we all thought that all the problems with its build quality have been resolved, as the car is now being produced locally. But, on the contrary, the build quality of the car is not up to the mark, it has the same quality issues which we saw at its unveiling ceremony. Yes, it is true that the car has many features, however, in my humble opinion, they are only gimmicks because if the build and paint qualities are not at top level, what will one do with the features?

Right now the price of the car is PKR 850,000, however, there are rumors in the local car market that the company might surge its price by up to PKR 50,000. See the video and compare it with the recently taken pictures of United Bravo and seriously think, will you buy the car with such quality issues or not?

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My name is M. Ali Laghari and I love to read and write about Cars.

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  1. I am pretty sure a new Mehran or even wagon R will have more issues than this. I am not defending Bravo, yes they should be bashed for not improving quality however i think it has more to do with the overall mindset of Pakistani work force "is sa kya hota ha" itna thora bohat chalta ha"
    Even if one buys local electronics, you would see lack of quality control. Its not that companies dont have QC however its the overall mindset. Bravo is no exception specially when its being assembled by United who first set foot with Chondas. Being an owner of United Chonda for over 2 years, i can personally vouch that they have no QC however so does other companies including Honda which charges alot more for being so called Jaapani. So singling out bravo alone is unjustified.

  2. Yeah no doubt about pakwheels beig paid by big 3. Well no one could guess if the images posted are from old units that bravo displayed immediately after launch or these are latest? Everyone knows how media is used in making public opinion and billions are spent on making opinions right or wrong.
    In my opinion there could be faults in one odd unit. Even cars like civic costing 3 million are not 100% faults free and here we are talking about .8 million Rs car which is a new entrant too. I think pakwheels should come up with a latest video review including owner's comments. If the issues that are seen in the posted pictures are in every car then there is a thing to worry. I just can't believe what you are telling or showing me unless i personally see the car. But i request everyone that we should encourage competition be it FAW or United otherwise these big 3 and their paid supporters will continue to loot us and the time is not very far when we will end up buying Mehran in price of 2 million.

  3. Comparing it to a Mehran still this car seems much better. I never owned a mehran but i once had a chance to sit in a brand new 2016 mehran and i was shocked to see its build quality. The body panels especially at the boot seemed like the car was accident and repaired. The rubber seal of the front wind screen inside was totally out of shape. Still our people were buying it and it was serving the purpose so I think Bravo might not be better but could do same.

    These kind of articles just play with the mind set of people. Now they are behaving as we had a top notch quality for that much price before. True we should raise voice against the bad quality of Bravo but still if that can serve the same purpose as Mehran for that much price then I think its still good to go.

  4. In the past 3 days, I've seen at least one Bravo on the road each day and first impressions, the car looks modern but a bit tiny and unrefined.
    HOWEVER, I also happened to drive a Mehran today after 10 odd years and My God what the hell is wrong with us? I absolutely fail to understand why it's still being sold AND BOUGHT. My old 2007 2 door Mira seemed downright luxurious compared to it, and i bought that for just 5 lacs a couple of years ago.
    So, sorry Pakwheels, no amount of status quo peddling will convince us to not give the newcomers a chance.

  5. Lifafa aya hay, aya hay, lifafa aya hay!
    Baray dinoy kay baad, Pakwheels kay journalists kay hath bhi lifafa aya hay!
    On inho nay bhi apni izzat ka kabara kerwaya hay!

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