Do you know which type of battery is best for you car?

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Winters might be a blessing for us to avoid the scorching heat of summers, but, on the other hand, winter takes a great toll on our vehicle. Even the batteries of your car are more prone to damage in winters. Batteries are the powerhouse of our vehicle and are essential in powering up our cars. Batteries are needed to run wipers, play music, turn on the light etc. batteries recharge themselves when the engine run but this doesn’t mean it would last forever and you have to replace them. Therefore, there is a need that one should know about different type of batteries.

Types of Batteries:

The description regarding the different types of batteries are as follows and so one needed to properly check and determine the type of battery needed for their vehicle.

Silver calcium battery:

  • This battery has a calcium alloy that is present on a different charged plate.
  • This reduces the fluid loss thus the rate of discharge slows down.
  • The bubbles which move through the fluid are important since they are responsible for mixing different densities of the acid.
  • But if the battery gets overcharged, it gets damaged.

Ignition batteries:

  • These batteries are also known as SLI (Starting, lightning, and ignition) batteries.
  • Just as their name indicates, these batteries not only helpful in starting the car but also providing the power to turn on the radio, light etc.
  • These batteries provide power in short bursts because these batteries take time to charge and discharge. That’s why these batteries are also known as batteries with shallow cycles.

Deep cycle batteries:

  • These type of batteries are able to provide power for a longer period of time.
  • These types of batteries are ideal for small recreational vehicles, marine vehicles, and golf carts.
  • Wind and solar power also stored using these batteries.
  • The charge capacity of these batteries is increased due to the thicker plates in them.
  • These batteries cannot be used in cars because they have high discharging power and which is why they run out
  • These batteries are expensive as well.
  • The battery of your vehicle won’t be able to recharge itself if you are not driving your vehicle for a long time.

Wet cell batteries:

  • These batteries have a liquid which makes its electrolyte.
  • The liquid is the combination of water, sulphuric acid, and lead.
  • These batteries are popular because they are cheap.
  • Suspended plates are used in these batteries. These plates are sealed in a separator case. These plates within the case are insulated from each other as negative plates.
  • These flooded or wet cell batteries are available in both maintenances free and serviceable. However, there is a bit different in them for example in case of serviceable batteries, you need to keep a check on the acid level in battery and whenever the level drops, you need to top it up, while in case of maintenance batteries, there is no need for this.
  • These batteries come in the sealed unit and the case in which they come has a valve which helps in the regulation of gases.

Valve regulated lead acid batteries:

  • Just as the name indicates, these batteries have valves.
  • These valves are pressurized and present on the battery casing.
  • These batteries are one of the examples of the maintenance free batteries.
  • They are designed in a way that no water is needed to be added in the battery and it needs less maintenance.
  • These batteries cannot be serviced rather they are to be replaced because they are sealed. The gas in the sealed container is used to make water and thus these batteries do not spill and the fluid loss is avoided.

Absorption glass mat (AGM) batteries:

  • As compared to the sealed batteries, these batteries with the help of short bursts deliver a high rate of power.
  • This is due to the fast reaction between the electrolyte and thin fiberglass surface mat.
  • They deliver a higher rate of power in short bursts compared to other sealed batteries thanks to a fast reaction between the electrolyte and the thin fiberglass surface mat.

Lithium ion batteries:

  • These batteries are light and provide a better fuel efficient drive.
  • These batteries are expensive that’s why mostly used in high-performance vehicles and electric cars and are also incompatible with the majority of the vehicles.
  • Lithium-ion batteries have a short lifespan of about 3 years when in use.

Gel cell batteries – (called so because of their silica-based electrolyte):

  • For deep cycle applications like (golf and marine vehicles), these batteries are best.
  • These batteries are less effective in extreme cold or hot temperatures. That’s why this battery might not be best for a starter battery but still is a very good battery.

Battery Applications:

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