4 Things You Must Consider Before Engine Overhauling

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Engine Overhauling can be a tough decision to make. But at times, engine overhauling is the only option you will be left with. Engine Overhauling is a quite costly procedure but it is still economical when compared to the price of new car. With reference to one of my previous articles Here’s What You Need to Know About Engine Overhauling”, I would like to discuss few aspects of an overhauled engine.

The result depends on the Mechanic:

When it comes to engine overhauling of modern cars, 80% of the after-haul result depends on the competence of the mechanic. If your mechanic is an amateur, the result of engine overhaul will likely not be reliable at any cost. Getting your engine overhauled from an untrained mechanic will surely surface issues with assembling and integration of different engine components.

Engine Parts:

Once the factory stocked parts are replaced by after-market parts, the engine performance and quality do not remain the same. The after-market parts will wear off quite earlier as compared to the factory stocked parts. Moreover, for imported cars: engine parts available in Bilal Gunj Lahore are mostly secondhand. So of course, there would be a difference of tolerance and performance after your engine is overhauled.

After-hauling Costs:

Rebuilt Engine usually does not work ideally as factory stocked engines do. Even if you get your engine overhauled from the most professional mechanic in town, you may still end up facing problems in its assembling, integration, and compatibility of parts. Running after mechanics and paying regular bills at the workshop can be very annoying especially if you have a day job. As it turns out overhauling cannot just turn out to be a monetary detriment but it may also cost you lots of hours at workshops.

No Warranty:

Parts used for overhauling engines in Pakistan are generally purchased from Scrap Market i.e. Bilal Gunj Lahore. Therefore, even after spending thousands of bucks on your engine, you will only be given a check warranty and nothing else. However, dealerships may offer you a warranty for a few thousand miles but with the additional cost that may be equal to the cost of the new engine (from the scrap market).
Have you ever got your engine swapped or rebuilt? What issues did you come across after overhauling? Share your experience in the comments below.


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