4 Tips on Maintaining Cars in Karachi

Have you ever had a talk with your parents about shifting to another area, probably everyone would have. People living in areas far from the sea always say that maintenance cost is very high in the Clifton and Defence areas of Karachi because these areas are very near to the sea. Ever wondered why?

It is true that maintenance cost is very high in areas near sea as the salty air reduces the life of the metal when comes in contact. From protecting the metal from rusting, magnesium is used in products so as to avoid getting rust on it.

But what do you do when it comes to cars? It is very difficult and truly expensive maintaining cars in Karachi compared to maintaining cars in Lahore or cars in Peshawar.

It is a question of many that why cars in Karachi rust faster. The answer is simple, water leads to rusting and in areas near the sea, the moisture in the air contains water and salt that triggers rusting even faster. There is not much you can do to prevent your car from rusting, however, there are some minor measures you can take to slow down the process of rusting.

Times when your car is not being used pull a cover over it. Make it a habit to cover your car daily at night because at night the misty air covers the whole car and gradually decreases the protective layer from the paint that protects the vehicle from rusting.

  1. Don’t wash your car daily with water, especially the lower part of the car.
  2. Avoid parking your car on grass, dirt or poorly drained surfaces as they are the best way to make a car rust. If you have no other option, there are many rust proof sprays for vehicles which can be used, but even these sprays have large gaps in protecting the car.
  3. Repair paint chips while they’re still small. Failing to do so is like inviting rust to ruin your vehicle. With time that particular area will start getting weak and will start chipping off.
  4. Try getting your car waxed every three weeks if you’re living in areas very close to the sea such as Defence Phase 8, Clifton Block 2 and 5 etc. The wax keeps the salt and water to start the rusting process.

Purchasing a car is obviously a major decision of your life but rusting can just ruin all your dreams of keeping your car up to date. I know a friend who used to live in Sea View Apartments, Karachi. People of Karachi must be well aware of these apartments as they are popular because of the high maintenance cost because they are just on the sea. He had a 1995 model Nissan Patrol in white color, as he was abroad for a couple of years he had his car parked under cover in his garage. After coming back after years, the white color of the jeep had turned brownish, showing that the beast SUV has been attacked by rust. A major bill was made at the time of repairing it.

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Talking about my own personal experience, I used to own Suzuki Baleno around 7 years ago and the reason why I eventually decided to sell off my car was it started rusting like anything. My driver never listened and washed the car daily, without realizing he was inviting rust to make a sweet home in our car. The Baleno was sold making a loss of some thousands.

One more thing I would like to add here is that if you are living in a city which does not have a sea and you see ads saying cars for sale in Karachi then avoid them as cars from Karachi tend to rust faster as compared to cars in Peshawar or cars in Islamabad.

So to my all readers out there, keeping your car up to date from inside with the craziest sound system and leather seats doesn’t show that you love your car but it is how you keep your car from outside, preventing it from rust.


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