Over 400 million cars will be powered by hydrogen by 2050

Due to a number of factors – limited fueling infrastructure being the top one – we still don’t see a lot of hydrogen-powered cars around us. The Hydrogen Council, however, is very confident about hydrogen as a fuel in the future. The council is confident that by 2030, 10-15 million hydrogen-powered cars will be on the road with about 500,000 trucks. The number of hydrogen-powered vehicles is predicted to grow to no less than 400 million with about 15-20 million trucks by 2050.

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The council comprises of 18 core members belonging to different industries. The core members related to the automobile industry include Audi, Daimler, Hyundai, BMW, and more. The automakers are seconding the initiative by teaming up with specialty gas companies including Air Liquide and Royal Dutch Shell. The Hydrogen Council initiated a study that would be able to quantify the need of hydrogen as a fuel in the future and would predict the proportion in which the hydrogen-powered automobiles and others will be divided in the future.

According to the study, hydrogen will account for one-fifth of the total energy generated by 2050. This fuel consumption will be spread across multiple industries instead of just transportation. At this stage, hydrogen would be able to contribute 20 percent towards the global climate target. The world leaders shook hand on limiting the global temperature increases to 2-degree Celsius above pre-industrial level in the Paris agreement.

Currently, many believe that electric vehicles will be the answer to all of it, the study in question says otherwise. The study says that there will need to be 80 million zero-emission and 80 million electric vehicles by 2030. The study explains that relying on a single technology to handle the decarbonization targets in the transportation sector has a very little chance of success.

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