5 Things to Know About Suzuki Celerio

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Pak-Suzuki has managed to worm its way to Pakistani audience with different media campaigns – launch events regarding Suzuki Vitara; leaked rumors and hints about Suzuki Ciaz. The company has in fact managed to shift the attention away from Celerio, which according to many industry experts, could possibly become the next big thing for Pak-Suzuki. According to rumors, following are a few things that you need to know in order to get a perspective of the picture.

  • This car will probably be placed above Suzuki WagonR and below Suzuki Swift, which will enable Pak-Suzuki to offer 5 products with a controlled margin to cater different requirements of consumers.
  • Celerio is expected to feature Suzuki’s fuel efficient K-Series engine.
  • Celerio is expected to equip AMT transmission. The AMT technology, coming originally from the renowned Formula One cars transmission tech, allows drivers to change manual gears without depressing or releasing the clutch pedal manually. This technology has been named as EZ drive by Maruti Suzuki. It ensures comfort of use and promises a significant reduction in fuel consumption, as compared to the conventional Automatic transmission. The concept of this technology is simple. A manual transmission controlled by a system of electrical devices, which choose the gear themselves or let the driver choose the gear manually and engage, disengage in their own way. It ensures the ease of drive of an automatic and delivers superb fuel economy of a manual. It is very much sure that the AMT offered in the Celerio is not going to be super car stuff but it is going to be the very first car in its class with AMT technology in the local market.
  • Predictions are being made that this car is going to be priced at PKR 1.2-1.37 million.
  • Last but not the least is the launch date. I’ll admit that past predictions of this car’s launch in 2016 have been proven wrong, but considering the progress of CPEC and economic conditions and interest of foreign automakers to invest in the country has resulted in the shakedown of the local auto-industry. We have already seen the launch of Toyota Revo, Fortuner and Suzuki Vitara. Suffice to say, this shakedown points to some authenticity of all these rumors circling around. Auto Industry gurus predict that this car will be launched somewhere in the mid of current fiscal year.


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  1. Salman Ahmed says

    Celerio ki halat mehran se koi bethar nahi ho gi .sirf yeh karae gae price Kheanch Khan has kar 12 lakh lain jae gae .allah karae Renault akar in ki monopoly toar deye

  2. MySchizoBuddy says

    Renalt has no brand presence outside of Europe. Renalt in a million years cannot hurt suzuki in pakistan

  3. Salman Ahmed says

    Janab Renault Asia main bhi ha aur America main bhi .jhoot booltae hua kutch sharam hi kar Lia karae.
    Renault Argentina
    Renault España
    Renault do Brasil
    Renault India Private Limited
    Renault Mexico
    Renault Russia

  4. Omar Farooq says

    Get a life, you’ve been spamming every forum lol

  5. Salman Ahmed says

    Only facts sir . Suzuki per aik bhi dhang ka article pakwheels waloe he nahi likha . Secondly merae itna qasoor bhi nahi ha .forums walae bugs ziada ho Gaya ha . To time Idhar hi phir guzarna ha

  6. Asif says

    Some info for you guys:-
    1. Booking to commence in March 2017. (23 March launch likely)
    2. No Automatic Transmission or AMT news so far. Only manual launching initially.
    3. No special features. Car doesn’t have rear wiper and washer as well.

    Please see paksuzuki track record. They bring obsolete cars and those too with far lesser features.

  7. Asif says

    Renault-Nissan jointly launching together and they will be using Ghandhara Industries assembly plant. Datsun brand likely to be introduced by Renault-Nissan in Pakistan.

    Launch not expected before late 2017. If government succumbs to unfair influence from Paksuzuki via the Japanese Embassy and gives Paksuzuki “new assembler” benefits they may change their plans.

  8. Asif says

    Also engine will be similar to Wagon R. You can forget about Suzuki K-Next which some people are speculating.

  9. China Power says

    China is coming with 50+ car models and 10+ manufacturing plants in Pakistan…. see the game in 2019

  10. Salman Ahmed says

    Japanese embassy kutch nahi khilati pilati .kickbags denae main ya to khud pak suzuki walae number one ha ya phir Chinese companies number one ha .tab hi to cpec ke Lia pehlae ppp Mari ja rahi thi aur ab pmln .

  11. Asif says

    Japanese Embassy is heavily involved in lobbying for interests of the big 3 Japanese assemblers in Pakistan. At the request of Paksuzuki, the Japanese Ambassador has even gone up to Finance Minister and PM level to promote interests to discuss modification of Auto Policy 2016-21 and reduce incentives for new assemblers. (u can search for news articles confirming this). PAMA is also used to influence government policies.

    They may not directly bribe but there are other ways such as release of funds for government projects, foreign tours, etc that can be used as tools to influence. Embassies worldwide lobby for their country’s interests abroad. It is nothing new. These countries are not like Pakistan, they actually look after their national interests abroad.

    Over the years, many assemblers have shown interest to invest in Pakistan including European, Chinese and American companies in the end however lack of government support has kept them away. Entry of non-Japanese assemblers means lesser profit repatriation back to Japan so they always try their best to maintain monopoly.

    Even in Pakistan Customs tariff regulations, import duties are higher on cars of “non-asian” makes rather than “asian” makes. This clause of putting higher duties on non-asian makes favors the Japanese a lot.

    It is one thing to complain about used car policy which makes some sense, however it is completely unfair that Japanese Lobby is also against new assembler incentives and introduction of safety features and model replacements. A huge fuss was created by Paksuzuki when the government was considering mandatory replacements of all models by 10 years during the previous government.

  12. Shurjil Butt says

    AMT in a Paki car and that too suzuki …

    Khushi se mar na jatay agar aitbar hota ..

  13. Usman says

    Bhai sb he is talking about mentality of people of Pakistan regarding Suzuki. Renault cannot take place of Suzuki thats it. Just have a look at all other manufacturers which came to compete with Suzuki and went bust.

  14. Salman Ahmed says

    Better I guess to buy suzuki ignis from Japan if somebody is bend on buying suzuki 🙂

  15. Waqas says

    Absoulutely agree i’m living in France Renault car like i already said is one of the worst brand in the world, hope they can’t come to Pakistan.
    And outside Europe there are some Renault but only low-cost or the Renault car from dacia branch.

  16. Guest says

    Renault has had pathetic record of reliability. If you are old, Renaults and Peugeots were commonplace in Pakistan in 60s and 70s. Of course most people in those time bought Beetle (Foxy), or those who’d like 4-doors bought a Morris Minor. And yet those who had more money bought American cars. But French cars were bottom of the list.

    Suzuki cars are Japanese and they are (at least those which are manufactured in Pakistan) absolutely crappy, featureless etc. etc. but they are also far more reliable than your typical European (excl. German) stuff. So much so that most Renaults manufactured today are just a Nissan inside.

  17. Guest says

    Foreign tours alongside those “comfort women” Japan is famous for. Big part of their history.

  18. fed up says

    Renault is hurting a lot with only even one brand KWID in india, and the same brand is going to launch in Pakistan, only one-year require to hurt Suzuki in Pakistan. yes, people will forget Suzuki for two million years may be.

  19. fed up says

    It is not the mentality of pakistani people regarding suzuki cars but they were not having the options to buy other brands in small car segement.They were/ are forced to buy the scrape of suzuki with their hard earned money. Let the other cars to come around 2017/2018 and you will see the real mentality of pakistani people, suzuki will be the example to remmeber for car companies not to repeat such bulshit.

  20. fed up says

    Shame to Japanese Ambassador. But we pakistani should unite against the Pak suzuki mafia by not buying suzuki scrap.

  21. fed up says

    We should keep highligting such issues and educate people , this is what we can do in our capicity.

  22. fed up says

    Wow !!!!!!!!!! crappy and feature less and still reliable than European cars??????????.What a expert opinion , only possible by suzuki trolls only. Listen , you or others on pak wheel forums can not defend Pak suzuki any more.

  23. fed up says

    Renault Dacia /Kwid is quality and low budget, affordable cars and popular also. Just let me know honestly , does any suzuki brand like Mehran /Wagon R/ cultus can compete with this best budget cars.?even the body wise suzuki is big kutchra .It also looks you are not living in france, cant say such comments. why not just google?

  24. fed up says

    What a non sense article ,and all is based on expectation /prediction ,nothing is sure and author of this blog telling to know 5 things about suzuki celerio ?. On mind make up agenda to sell another crap @ PKR 1.2-1.37 million.

  25. MBK says

    Mid of the fiscal year is already their unless ‘fiscal’ was added inadvertently.

  26. MBK says

    I’m in Scotland and see Renaults and Fiats all around in small cars. Why so if such a crap? Mind you I can count the Suzukis visible here.

  27. nishantsirohi123 says

    I don’t know their history, but what i Know about Renault is that they have an excellent race track record and the 1.5 diesel that is used in various state of tunes in India from small cars to big SUVs is the most reliable engine in the country, there are reports by users of crossing 1.5 lakh km with engine and with only regular service done, and no repairs.
    UNless you are one of those, who go by the opinion of your jeeju and local mechanic , for any brand other than SUzuki , “Aji dabba hei”
    Simply cuz jeejaji hasnt driven any car, and the mechanic doesnt want to invest to know the new tech.

  28. nishantsirohi123 says

    They are not present in USA, but have a solid presence in Europe, Asia and South America.
    Unless you do not consider anything outside USA as relevant.
    Their alliance with Nissan, combined with budget brand Dacia means they have advantage in terms of reach and manufacturing facilities.
    The KWID is a better quality vehcile anyday than mehran, because of the product development conducted 30 years later.

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