14 Budget Cars Which Can be Bought Under 5 Lac

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1: Suzuki Mehran

Originally introduced in 1989 with the name tag of Suzuki Alto, Mehran has been a constant ever since in the Pakistani automotive market. Regardless of its old design, the used car market for Suzuki Mehran is on all times high. No matter what model you buy, Suzuki Mehran guarantees you the security of quick selling (if needed to) and dirt cheap maintenance. Many of you might recall that our dear Mehran a.k.a Mehru, had received a facelift in 2012, so finding an EFi model in 5 lac is difficult. However, you can easily a find carb Mehran in this price range.

You can check out the listing of Suzuki Mehran here!

2: Suzuki Alto

Pak-Suzuki introduced Suzuki Alto in 2000, with its 970cc (Known as 1000cc) 3-cylinder (carburetor) engine, this car was one of the first nascent attempts to introduce a hatchback in Pakistani market. This car was retired in 2012, as the company decided to introduce a new car -WagonR- in its place. Sadly, the car never received any upgrade in terms of engine, so finding a good Suzuki Alto in this budget is not a big deal.

You can check out the listing of Suzuki Alto here!

3: Suzuki Cultus

Introduced in 2000, this car is a re-morphed form of Suzuki Margalla. Built on the same assembly unit with minor cosmetic changes, lack of rear-wing, a 1000cc engine attached to the front and voila, Suzuki Cultus was born. It has been approximately 16.5 years since this car has been in the production phase. Although the car received an engine upgrade in 2012, so you won’t be able to find a good (post) 2012 model of this car in 5 lac. However, the carburetor engine (Pre 2012) models is a fair game. And you can easily find a Suzuki Cultus in 5 Lac budget.

You can check out the listing of Suzuki Cultus here!

4: Suzuki Margalla

Recognized as one of the first locally built sedans, Suzuki Margalla was one of the obvious choices to buy for any consumer because of its localization. Originally offered in 1990 as an imported sedan, the local production began in 1992 and was later ceased in 1998. You can still find a good nick in this price range.

You can check out the listing of Suzuki Margalla here!

5: Suzuki Baleno

Known as Cultus Esteem, globally, Suzuki Baleno was launched in Pakistan in 1998 as a replacement for Suzuki Margalla. In many ways this car provided an increased number of features over its predecessor. Power steering, wider tyres, tachometer and an EFi engine was offered as standard in this new car. There were four models of this car GL, GXi, Gli and GliP (also known as Gli Plus). Additionally, the car also received a minor cosmetic face-lift in 2002 featuring crystal headlamps and revised grille. The car was later replace with Suzuki Liana in 2007. It is possible to find a well-maintained Suzuki Baleno in this price range.

You can check out the listing of Suzuki Baleno here!

6: Suzuki Liana

At the time of its launch in Pakistan (back in 2007), this car was pulled out from every other market. Hence, once again Pakistan remained the only country to produce this car after 2007. Suzuki Liana was reported to have technical issues, which at that were difficult to resolve. However, later it was found out that these issue were occurring due to wrong calibration of engine ECU. Further evidence in this case is present in the case of Suzuki Swift, both Liana and Swift have more or less the same engine and no such case has been reported for Swift.  It is possible to find a well-maintained Suzuki Liana in this price range.

You can check out the listing of Suzuki Liana here!

7: Suzuki Khyber

Originally introduced in 1989 with the name tag of Suzuki Swift, the car was later locally manufactured by Pak Suzuki and was renamed as Khyber. It was a family hatchback which gained popularity in the country. The production of Suzuki Khyber came to a halt in the year 2000, after which, Pak Suzuki introduced Suzuki Alto. There are lots of restorations and well taken care-off Khybers available in the market, which can be bought under PKR 5 Lac easily.

You can check out the listing of Suzuki Khyber here!

8: Datihatsu Cuore

This car was introduced in Pakistan, as a result of a joint venture between IMC and Daihatsu Motor Corp. Recognized as the Daihastsu Mira L501, globally this car was sold under the ‘Cuore’ badge in Pakistan. Interestingly, Cuore was the first (under 800cc) to be offered between a manual or automatic transmission. The car gained popularity in the 2004-05, when bank financing was at its peak. It is possible to find a well-maintained Daihatsu Cuore in this price range.

You can check out the listing of Daihatsu Cuore here!

9: Honda City

Honda City made its entry in Pakistan with a bang. Its launch campaign had everything, from glamour to showing off. Honda City was among the first fully powered (locally manufactured) cars in Pakistan. Even to this day, it has a huge fan-following in Pakistan. The car due to its immense popularity is one of the best entry-level sedans in Pakistan. Sadly, however in this price range, finding a 2001-02 model will be a good deal. All the later models are likely to cost higher.

You can check out the listing of Honda City here!

10: Honda Civic

Honda Civic was notorious for its selective consumers, which was later changed by 2007. Nonetheless, in this budget it is possible to buy to a well-maintained fifth generation of this car.

You can check out the listing of Honda Civic here!

11: Hyundai Santro

In 2000, Hyundai Santro was introduced by Deewan Farooque Motors to enter in the Pakistani market. It was an appealing package and was probably the first car with the tall-boy design to be introduced in Pakistan. It is possible to find a well-maintained Hyundai Santro in this price range.

You can check out the listing of Hyundai Santro here!

12: Pajero Mini

Commonly known as ‘Pakistan’s first Kei Car’, Pajero Mini is an imported CBU. It had an option of a 660cc naturally aspirated or a turbo-charged engine. Small, compact and efficient, these were some of the key words which were associated with it. A well-maintained Pajero Mini can be easily bought at this price range.

You can check out the listing of Pajero Mini here!

13: Kia Spectra

Advertised and sold by Deewan Farooque Motors, Kia Spectra was Deewan Group’s attempt to enter into Pakistani sedan market. The customer base numbered in few and response from public was deteriorated further by company’s late deliveries of these cars. It is possible to find a well-maintained Kia Spectra in this price range.

You can check out the listing of Kia Spectra here!

14: Chevorlet Joy

Known as M100, Chevorlet Joy’s reign in Pakistan was very short lived. However, the car was fully loaded and provided an excellent value for money. Chevrolet Joy failed to perform in Pakistan’s resale-value-oriented market. A well-maintained Chevorlet Joy can be easily found below the price tag of PKR 5 Lac.

You can check out the listing of Chevorlet Joy here!

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  1. Abid Saeed says

    In current market, Spectra and Chevy are totally out of market cars – no spares are available, no support…koi kyu le ye cars ab..

  2. Guest says

    The article has multiple factual inaccuracies.

    1. Mehran has received “multiple” facelifts through out its life since 1988. What the writer wants to say about 2012 is that the engine receive a new fuel metering system which was EFI.

    2. Alto RA410 did not have a 3-cyl engine. It had the 4-cylinder F10A which also came in Potohar. Though Potohar had the breaker point distributor whereas Alto had the CDI, tappet cover and manifolds were also different. In fact the 4-cyl F10A is similar to the 3-cyl F8B of Mehran, Bolan and Ravi, bore, stroke, piston, conrod, gudgeon etc. are same.

    3. Another factual inaccuracy is that the article states Alto RA410 was retired in 2012 to make way for Wagon-R A1J300. In fact, it was PW Blog that first informed Pakistani public that Suzuki (of Japan) is shifting all production of Alto to India, PW Blog also reported in a some articles that PakSuzuki is lobbying for an exception from the govt of Pakistan to allow them to import spare parts from India. However, they could not get that exception and thus had to discontinue Alto. After that they scrambled to cover the demand in the market and finally selected the Wagon-R Indonesian model.
    Another reason of discontinuind of Alto was that they could not get its engine to meet Euro II requirements. Although the government implemented the law that by 2012, all new cars being manufactured in Pakistan should be Euro II compliant.

    4. Cultus: The author should pay attention to the fact that Cultus was upgraded to Efi, the engine was changed from 3-cyl G10A to 4-cyl G10B in 2008. Consequently an “i” was added to the trim levels and VXR became VXRi, VXL became VXLi. In 2010, VXLi was dropped a few months before the launch of Swift. In 2012, when Alto was discontinued, Cultus was upgraded with a catalytic converter (same 4-cyl engine), VXR trim level was dropped and Cultus was names Cultus Euro II. Cultus Euro II was dropped in Feb 2016 to make way for Cultus Limited Edition.

    5. Baleno: The author ignored the fact that Baleno 1998-2002 was not sold in great numbers, however Baleno facelift 2002-2006 was sold in greater numbers however along with the facelift, the trim level naming scheme was changed to JXR and JXL. There was a Baleno Sport and Baleno Gti as well.

    6. Liana: The article ignored the fact that Liana was prone to rusting and as such, few Lianas are available in good condition.

    7. Cuore: It had the ED-10 engine, which was 847 cc, not under 800 cc. Under 800 was the Suzuki F8B which was 796 cc.

    8. Pajero Mini: Suzuki FX was Pakistan’s first kei car, Mehran as well belongs to kei category, Suzuki Carry van 2-stroke commonly known as “chamber” also belongs to kei category, as well as Bolan and Ravi. In the 1993 yellow cab scheme, Alto 3rd gen, Mitsubishi Colt, and sme other vehicles were imported which also belonged to kei class.
    Pajero Mini is prone to rusting in the wheel arch area. Its turbo gave problems and engine rebuild is expensive. Gear ratios are short which means tiresome driving and whining engine.
    It wasn’t fuel efficient at all because of AWD.

    9. Joy: It had narrow seats and short gear ratios. One of the reasons it did not gain much popularity.

  3. Zohaib says

    The article shows how little REAL information does a PW blogger have. With no sarcasm and more facts I ll tell you what of above models you can get in 500,000. As for as Alto, coure and Caltus is concerned, there is no chance you can get these in good condition in this budget, haan if you are interested in some thing like very very pathetic condition car, you can find that and can keep that as a show peace outside your home as it will need money for every single tour.

    Joy, spectra, Pajero Mini, khyber, baleno, margalla, they are already kachra and they would be not in any case a Budget cars to keep.
    left with Old Civic, City, Liana and Santro, chances are you wont be able to get a good deal in that amount, however if your chachu’s son is a mechanic, you might find 1. But you might have to wait for a couple of years to get a lucrative deal.

  4. Wahaj Mirza says

    What do you suggest then? A list of Cars under 5 lacs from your point would be more appreciated than this blog.

  5. Waqar Ahmed Khan says

    Since its last funding, Pakwheels has asked the bloggers to stay in the limelight by flooding the social media with the articles, whatever they are 🙁

  6. Salman ahmed says

    Just buy suzuki ciaz .end of story

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