5 Things You Should Take Care Of Before Selling Your Car

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We all talk about the things you must check before buying a used car. But let’s talk about things you should do before selling car in pakistan. If you are selling it on the basis of ‘as it is’ and have mentioned it in the ad as well, then no point doing anything to it. But if you are selling your car claiming it’s a reliable piece of machinery and won’t let the new owner down, then you must do and check certain aspects of your car before getting rid of it. It is not only good business but, in some cases, its ethics and concerns the safety of new owners as well.

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Besides, considering the used car market it slightly slow nowadays, only those who present their vehicle in the best way and have something substantial to offer will be able to sell their car the quickest. One of our regular bloggers, Usman Ansari, wrote about how hard it can be to sell a car like Suzuki that is considered to be a ‘market car.’ So if you are thinking of getting a new car and are looking to sell your current 2004 Honda Civic, I would advise you to do some basic checkups and repairs. If you expect others to be honest with you, it’s only logical to be fair with others as well. Here are a few of the points I thought are necessary to do and check:

General Cleaning

The shinier your car looks, the more chances are there that you will attract a potential buyer. Make sure you get your car thoroughly cleaned from inside and outside before putting it up for sale or handing it over to the new buyer. No one likes to find a dead rat in their newly bought car. Also, it will make your car more presentable. The new buyer is not gonna cuss you for handing a stinking dirty car.

interior cleaning

Check Cooling System

I personally have experience with a car that had the issue with its cooling system. So I cannot insist on the importance of an efficient and working cooling system more enough. The car I had bought didn’t have antifreeze in it, and when the temperature fell to minus, water froze inside the system, and long story short, I ended up with a fried up belt and cursed the seller a bunch of time. So, it’s only ethical if you fix the cooling system for any leaks and use some coolant as well before selling it. If there is anything wrong with its system and you don’t want to spend money on fixing it, do mention it to the potential buyer.

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coolant leak

Working Brake System

It’s paramount for the safety of everyone involved in the car deal that you fix any issue with the brake system of the car as soon as possible. Don’t just get rid of your car if you feel the system needs urgent fixing, and you are not bothered about it. The brake system of a car is the ultimate line of defense against an immediately fatal accident. If you have started to notice bizarre behavior from the brake pedal, don’t just leave it for the new buyer to get it fixed. You should get it checked by a professional and rectify the problem before handing it over.


Change Oils if They are Overdue

Don’t sell your car with mud and gunk running in the engine in the name of motor oil. A buyer will prefer to buy a car with all oils, or, at least, engine oil, changed and replaced, then the car with old engine oil. It also shows the degree of interest you take in maintaining your car. If you are not bothered with scheduled maintenance like oil changes, the potential buyer will think that you have not kept the rest of the car with care as well. Changed oil also serves as an incentive for the purchaser to prefer your car over others.


Tools Like Wheel Jack, Spanner, and Spare Tyre

Always sell your car will necessary tools like its wheel jack, wheel spanner, and a working spare tires. Think it like this, you have bought your used Toyota Corolla and happily going on the motorway to show it to your extended family when suddenly tire flattens, and you find out there is not jack or spanner, or the nuts of the punctured wheels are slipped, or even jack has slipped. It will ruin your day for sure. So please make sure such rudimentary things are present and working in your car before the new buyer takes it with him.


These are five things I think are very important to do or check before giving your car a new home. If you are looking forward to selling your current car, make it presentable and safe for the new buyer.

Let us know in the comments section below if you believe there are other points a seller should check before selling his or her vehicle.


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  1. Muazzam Ali Kazmi says

    It’s time to grow up and be professional, please. Replace “I think” with “we think.”

  2. Guest says

    This article is good in the sense that it promotes ethical behavior on the part of seller, compared to the usual advice that the buyer should have full responsibility of checking everything out.

    While most people are nice, sellers usually have many reasons not to do the things you have mentioned above. Most of all it is that no matter how good the condition of the car, you do not recover the money spent on it. Most buyers also cannot appreciate the effort and money the owner has invested in the car.

    It helps to keep the car dirty, this way thieves pay less attention to it. An expensive car with lots of grit and grime will look less appealing to an onlooker compared to an inexpensive car which is gleaning all around.

    The world is full of good people. During my dealings, I have come across good sellers who honestly told what type of work the car had pending.

  3. Guest again says

    There are a few things in the article which could do with some improvement.

    The choice of words: “Working brake system”. No car in the world could get sold with a defunct brake system. It feels like the author wanted to say the brake system should be “optimally working”.

    On the other hand the choice of words in “The brake system of a car is the ultimate line of defense against an immediate fatal accident.” is a bit exaggerating and misleading. Many immediate fatal accidents happen when a stationary car is hit by a moving car. In this case, no matter how good the brake system of the stationary car is, it is completely irrelevant.

  4. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says


  5. Amjad Ali Ikram says

    Aref very good analysis and community awareness initiatives by you. Profound regards,
    Amjad Ali Ikram,
    MS (Engg), PMP (USA),CCM (USA)

  6. Amjad Ali Ikram says

    I have Vitz 2013 model and I need your valuable input or advice on how to decode and use navigation system. It’s brand is Panasonic Strada CN S 310 WD.
    Kind regards,
    Amjad Ali Ikram

  7. Aqib Khan says

    Useless article

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