Lamborghini Catches Fire, And Why I Avoid Giving Cars To Valets In Pakistan

I try best to avoid valets wherever I go. Not that I own a flash car but there are multiple reasons for me, especially in Pakistan where its owners’ risk, little to no driver training, and no designated parking spots for the valet. This Lamborghini Aventador owner though, had a rude awakening when a valet took the expensive Italian supercar for a joyride, only for it to combust into flames.

Call it a design flaw, because when you rev an Aventador to the moon and back, a lot of hot gases come out that are sent out of the car when it’s driven fast through the air-flow. But the design flaw here is that when you’re revving it while standing still, they often get locked up inside and trigger a fire, that is how a lot of Aventadors caught fire.

The guy must have insurance, and the valet should be looking for another job now, however, we’re often reported of dings, scratches and sometimes, full blown car totals in Pakistan done by the valet. This one (and possibly the last) time, I called my car back after finishing off from a movie. It was going to get late, and I didn’t want my car parked in Saddar area so gave it to the Valet. When the car came, I settled down in quite a cool car giving a hint that somebody’s been sleeping with the air-con on.

At Owner’s Risk

It absolves the valet from all sins committed against your car. It’s like a ‘Get out of jail free card’. Plenty of stories are available that tell all sorts of damages done to people’s cars, and all they can do is just stand, protest, and eventually give up because; a) Gareeb hu saab (We’re poor), b) the valet official would just point at the board ‘Parking At Your Own Risk’, and sometimes c) (an extremely professional voice) We will investigate the incident and get back to you; and in that case, you go back to point a.

So how about Getting Your Car Insured Through PakWheels

No Driver Training

Getting a driving license doesn’t require you to pass a driving test or anything. It’s akin to going to pay your utility bills for the month so we can safely assume that valets in Pakistan, though many may have driver’s licenses like we all do, but don’t have proper driver training. So Ustaad’s should be given at least a brief orientation on how to not handle a customer’s car. Simple Do’s and Don’ts’ that they have to follow religiously.

Designated Parking Area

See this is just fantastic. On the rush timings of Port Grand, Karachi, the lane to the drop off point stretches a long way to the back. They have a dedicated parking area but on a rush day, they are so full that a lot of cars are parked on the road with their windows all the way down, indicators turned on. It is a risky business, anyone passing can grab something out of the car and even steal ICE units, and the valet service wouldn’t even notice, I think.

But there are rare shopping malls in Karachi that have parking areas, you have to choke the entire road just to park your car. Even Movenpick hotel in Karachi doesn’t have a Parking area (not that we know of), so you have no choice but to give your car to them. But wherever I can, I make sure to park on my own.

I don’t have to wait when I come back to it after the event and also not worry about dings or scratches from the tight parking spots valets do.

Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.

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