India’s First Compact SUV ‘Mahindra KUV100’ Makes Its Debut

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At the time when Pakistan’s auto policy has started a tug of war between the Japanese and European car makers, and the dream of Pakistan’s very own automobile seems to be shattering, India has achieved new milestones when it comes to localized car production. Considering the popularity of SUV vehicles all around the world, the Indian car manufacturer Mahindra and Mahindra has introduced India’s first Compact SUV named KUV100 (Kool Utility Vehicle 1 Double Oh).

The SUV has been designed in Mahindra Research Valley in Chennai and is assembled in a factory in Chakan, Maharashtra. This is Mahindra’s third vehicle in sub 4 meters category after the TUV300 and Quanto.

The KUV100 comes with two 1200 CC engines from Mahindra’s own mFalcon series engines. The petrol engine is called mFalcon G80 and is rated at 82 horsepower, and 114 Nm of torque whereas the turbocharged diesel engine is named mFalcon D75 and is rated at 77 horsepower and 190 N.m of torque. Both engines are mated to 5-speed manual gearbox.

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The new SUV will be available in 7 different variants (K2, K2+, K4, K4+, K6, K6+ and K8) and seven different colors including Fiery Orange, Flamboyant Red, Dazzling Silver, Aquamarine, Pearl White, Designer Grey and Midnight Black. All cars will come equipped with EBD and ABS as well as safety airbags, optional.

Mahindra believes the car gives class-leading fuel economy. The diesel is estimated to give 25.32 km/l whereas petrol engine is estimated to give 18.15 km/l.

KUV100 is priced from INR 4.42 lacs (approx 7 lacs PKR) to INR 6.76 lacs (approx 10.5 lacs PKR) depending on the variant. You can control the entertainment system and check relevant alerts of KUV100 with Mahindra-developed application Blue Sense from your smartphone as well.

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The KUV100 doesn’t have a direct competitor as far as India’s car makers are concern, but Maruti Suzuki Wagon R and Maruti Suzuki Ignis, Ford Figo and Hyundai Grand i10 are its closest rivals. Mahindra’s executive director Pawan Kumar Goenka believes Mahindra has introduced a new definition of SUV class of vehicle with their new KUV100.

Pictures’ Source: Car Blog India

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  1. Muazzam Ali Kazmi says

    Poor Indians’ poor SUV.

  2. Muhammad Yasir says

    i really like the exterior design.
    if only we had better relations with india … this could be imported and sold at better prices here than most of the SUVs and big cars sold at FILTHY CRIMINAL and HEINOUSLY hiked rates !

  3. Muhammad Yasir says

    at least they made it … wat did pakistan do ?!

  4. Muazzam Ali Kazmi says

    They don’t have other problems like “terrorism,” Kashmir, etc., and the world is not conspiring against them. That’s how they did.

  5. vroomgirls says

    Test drove it. Not bad at all in fact pretty impressive.

  6. vroomgirls says

    Was that sarcasm??? Or is it that you genuinely think ALL of us are starving to death and cant afford this car?

  7. cbing says

    How to call Pakistanis who are still driving Mehran then? Grow up, kid!

  8. Muhammad Yasir says

    you are so lucky to have so many options in India !

  9. Muhammad Yasir says

    don’t mind him , he’s just another dumbass kid

    now how about you ship a few of those SUVs over to Pakistan for honest rates ?

  10. Muhammad Yasir says

    well said !

  11. Muhammad Yasir says

    yeah well , thats the order of the universe… one has GOT to drag themselves through all this shit storm and stuff ! EVERY ONE IS BEING CONSPIRED AGAINST !

    no one succeeds by sitting on their shameless hynies ! look at North Korea , poor blokes are isolated BUT still going strong !
    oh just look over at beloved neighbours Iran … sanctioned in ALL the ways but STILL standing up to global tyrants ! they have it worse than Pakistan ! but still offer a MUCH better standard of living to THEIR citizens than pakistan EVER will… shame on the govt and the people who put them in power !

  12. vroomgirls says

    I wouldn’t say SO MANY options…Like we still don’t have Citroen or Peugeot but yes the choices now are certainly more than ever. Although a bit of work is still definitely needed in the Indian Auto industry to be comparable to the European standards. Mahindra has done a really good job but still I want them to venture more into the hatchback segment. I want Mahindra to make the Kapil dev or the Wasim Akram version of cars. Like super all round and not just focus on diesel SUVs. Although with the KUV around, I think my prayers might have been answered but a cool hatchback would be excellent!
    But my primary complain is that my dream car, the Volkswagen Beatle is still too expensive for me. 🙁

  13. vroomgirls says

    You know that would be great for our market. However sadly, that is decision to be taken by the people in the corridors of power. But even if the Indo-Pak relations (hopefully) improve, I don’t think transporting cars would ever be viable. Like although Indo-Nepal relations have been more or less friendly and steady, transporting a car from India to Nepal has never been really successful owing to the duty tax and car tax and whatnot that a person has to pay at the border.
    Nevertheless, I watch Pakistani dramas and I don’t really mind the cars what you people have got. (For example the one Fawad Khan drives in one of the serials). Like the Hilux or Corolla. But having said that having native car companies could always prove to be useful.

  14. vroomgirls says

    What car do you drive or wish to own some day??

  15. sandeep078 says

    But what so good in Pakistan that everyone is conspiring against it?

  16. Muhammad Yasir says

    hey , dont be that guy now … come on

  17. Muazzam Ali Kazmi says

    The Mehran is not ours. It’s ’80s Japanese shit.

  18. Sanjay Natarajan says

    But that will still fetch you too much import taxes that you end up paying double the price of Mehran even if we ship it there.
    How about you visit India for a tour and drive a KUV100 while going back?

  19. Muhammad Yasir says

    lol , can’t afford mehran either …

    P.S wouldnt the indian authorities and THEN the subsequent pakistani authorities take offense in taking a vehicle out of india and into pakistan by road ??

  20. cbing says

    Exactly my point. Show me a Pakistani car. I am not a Pakistani hater or anything. But you just can’t just throw stones, when you live in a glass house.

  21. cbing says

    When the whole world conspiracy against you didn’t stop you from building sophisticated nuclear weapons, it will not stop you from developing and building a car. Even you can agree with that. It’s not a conspiracy, but just an excuse from being questioned.

  22. Friend says

    Dear Muazzam Ali Kazmi. India has far greater problems than Pakistan. They have huge population and large geographical area. Ever so often, there are hindu muslim riots. Some of the world’s legendary smugglers, dacoits and gangs belong to India. What this means is reduction in tax collected (that is what the smuggling is for, evading taxes), lawlessness, poor writ of government, etc. etc.
    There are very many separatist movements in India, such as kashmir, chatisgarh, asam, tamil tigers, etc. etc.
    Take example of only one separatist area of India: India has deployed 700,000+ troops in kashmir. Pakistan hasn’t deployed even one. If you see, kashmir is disputed area as per UN resolution, the Indian occupied Kashmir is very problematic for India because they want to live with Pakistan, therefore they have insurgencies, civil disobedience, strikes, crack downs, search operations and military presence of 700,000+ for which the whole of India contributes through their taxes. But in Kashmir territory under Pakistani control, there is no insurgency, it is completely peaceful except for border patrol on LoC ceasefire line, because those people want to live with Pakistan therefore no insurgency, no strikes, no civil disobedience, no military crack down and good law and order.

    Additionally, India has uncomfortable relationship with only other big power nearby, which is China. India has a very large coastline and patrols the entire Indian ocean. While Pakistan has a relatively small coastline to protect.
    Every year, India accuses only ISI of over 1000 incidents. Definitely those things happen regardless of whether ISI or whoever performs them. Maybe there are a few thousand more incidents individually attributed to agencies belonging to other countries.
    The rate of crime is through the roof. The family values are quickly deteriorating and rape (specially of women) is commonplace. The entire society pays the economic value of increased rate of crime in terms of lost opportunities and extra expenditure on law enforcement and justice measures.

    Despite all this, India is making progress. One of the reasons is that military can never think of disturbing the civilian government no matter how pathetic its performance may be (pretty much this is the only difference between India and pakistan governance). All the time there are insurgencies, corruption, smuggling, large scale dacoits, some terrorist attacks on garrisons, attack on parliament, sectarian violences in which extremist hindus go ahead and burn muslims, christians, sikh, buddhists alive. Various other internal and external problems and threats to national security in India. Every decade there is a large armed rebellion in India which takes a whole decade to crush, sometimes it is Khalisa tehreek (70s) sometimes it is Kashmiri insurgency (90s).

    Depite all these publicly known facts, how can you say that India does not have any problems and that Pakistan has greater problems? If you go to India from Pakistan and see for yourself the condition … the suffocation will be nightmarish and you will run back.

  23. cbing's reply says

    Hi cbing, nuclear weapons need not be commercially viable, but a passenger car needs to be.
    Had communication (=transportation) been given equal importance to national security, the entire landscape of the country would have been different. other countries which were formed around 40s-60s, you can compare them with Pakistan. Only those countries have prospered in terms of economy, well-being, happiness, justice, human development and other human values, the ones who made good transportation a national goal. Cue Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudia, Dubai, China, Singapore, Turkey and India.

  24. cbing says

    As a Tamil I am saying this, there is no protests for separation nationhood here in south. The Tamil Tigers protests is in Sri Lanka and not in India.

  25. freedom-from-religion says

    I have a lot of time today, so I think I’ll reply to your giant rant just for the gigs.

    > There are very many separatist movements in India, such as kashmir, chatisgarh, asam, tamil tigers, etc. etc.

    First of all, do you even know what tamil tigers are? Dude, you are wrong by an entire country. You mistook Sri Lanka for India. And what about Assam? I’m all ears. Chhattisgarh has a few problems with maoists, but nothing serious. The state was formed in 2000 and has since been one of the fastest developing states in India, which means the insurgency is a nuisance at best. 15% of the total steel produced in the country is from Chhattisgarh, for example. India, by the way, is the world’s 3rd largest steel producer (90 million tonne per year).

    Now about Kashmir. Yes, this is one state that has a lot of problems, especially the ‘Kashmir’ part of J&K. But when you compare its current state to the turbulent years of 80s and 90s when insurgencies from Pakistan was at its maximum, things are rather peaceful out here. More than a million tourists are arriving in Indian Kashmir every year since 2011. And the problems of Kashmir are well contained within the state anyway.

    > the Indian occupied Kashmir is very problematic for India because they want to live with Pakistan

    Wrong. There was a survey conducted on both sides of Kashmir by UK’s Chatham house, sponsored by Libyan leader Gaddaffi’s son, which was released in 2010. According to it, 43% of people in Indian Kashmir wanted independence. BUT, only 2% wanted to join Pakistan. What’s even more interesting is the fact that, 44% in Azad Kashmir also wanted independence from Pakistan and 1% even wanted to join India! I can’t link it here because of comment moderation. Look it up.

    > The rate of crime is through the roof.

    Wrong again. Yes, the rate of reporting crimes is steadily increasing, which is a sign of maturing law and order system. For example, if you look at the stats alone, Kerala will be India’s state with the highest crime rate. But the ground realities are exactly the opposite. In fact, Kerala commands the highest HDI in India.

    Also, according to global peace index, India’s rank is 143 while Pakistan’s is 154. Remember, India is 5 times in size yet more peaceful than Pakistan.

    > Every decade there is a large armed rebellion in India.

    Facts just doesn’t add up. There were only 2 major armed rebellions in India, Khalistan and Kashmir. Both were confined to their respective states. Also, I think you are failing to understand the size and scale of India. For example, when Khalistan movement was going on in Punjab, the entire southern India was booming. Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad skyrocketed. The GDP of Chennai Metropolitan area alone, for example, was close to US$210 billion in 2014, while that of entire Pakistan was close to US$240 billion, just for comparisons sake.

    > If you go to India from Pakistan and see for yourself the condition … the suffocation will be nightmarish and you will run back.

    First of all, have you ever even been to India? Also, every statistics available begs to differ with your strange views. Human Development Index of respective countries: India: 130, Bangladesh: 142, Pakistan: 147. Now stop embarrassing yourself, if you are making big claims, try to back it up with credible sources.

  26. Brajmohan Lahkar says

    there is one offered by force motors and its a full fledged SUV in price of a hatchback, I think that will qualify as a poor mans SUV in India. LOL

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