Thinking Of Importing A Car On Your Own In Pakistan? Here Are Few Ways That Help!

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I always hear questions from people asking if it is possible importing a car on your own. Well, the short answer is yes. But is it easy, the short answer is no.

The thing is, you need someone in Japan first to buy a car from an auction or a car dealer or whatever, and then ship it to you. You can do that remotely, but that is a really painstaking procedure. You are required to pay the authorities in Japan heavy fees and then again, ask them to ship the vehicle to you. You are required to deposit more than PKR 100,000 as a fee and give your passport.

Also there are auction websites where you can make an account, and deposit a certain amount of money in an escrow account. You bid on car you like, and if you win the auction, the auctioneer will send you BL of that car. The auction sites has an intermediary party that will take the money from you of that car. Some auction sites provide you service where they dispatch you the vehicle. Or forward you the details of agents who provide shipping services.

Or the simplest way is to ask the importers to buy and then ship the vehicles to you in Pakistan. There are people/agents in Japan who charge you a certain fee and buy the car for you. You can select the car online through auction website and ask your agent to buy it for you. They usually charge in Yen, and the amount roughly translates to around PKR 25000.

You will select the car, they will buy it for you and then ship it to you. Then comes the step of clearing it from the port. Again, you can go through the hassle of getting it cleared from the port or just ask the agents to clear it for you. It is a very tedious procedure to get it cleared from the port yourself, and you might end up spending a lot of time there arguing with the port authorities and there is a high chance you might end up spending way more than you were expecting.

There are agents who charge you according to the car and get your vehicle cleared from the port. Their charges usually depend on the engine capacity of your vehicle. So yes, you can import a car on your own but there is a lot of hassle. You are better off asking a professional to help you import sort of a car you are looking for.

2014 Honda Fit Hybrid
2014 Honda Fit Hybrid


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  1. saud says

    is it possible to import new model of honda city from india?

  2. Usman says

    Bhai import hi karna hai to Japan se grace hybrid karni chahiye. India se gari aa bhi gai to parts ka masla banega!

  3. saud says

    vo to baat sahi ha apki.. lekin ye possible ha kya?? honda city ka new model?

  4. Usman says

    I don’t think so but only a related person can tell

  5. Abc says

    Not possible. Actually workarounds are there but too much hassle.
    Cars manufactured in India do not have that awesome build quality. Your dreams would shatter.

  6. Humza Aamir says

    Since it is such an important topic, the article could use some sub-headings to clearly show the different options. Otherwise, good info.

  7. Hunza says

    I find the topic an interesting one, nonetheless, the contents of the article lack the usefulness. I reckon the article under review serves as a propaganda campaign for pumping out foreign exchange out of Pakistan. Foreign exchange is a commodity that is hard to earn and this article suggests how easy it is to throw it away out of window.

    It would have made a lot of sense if, as a matter of comparability, the landing cost of the vehicles are compared with the indigenously manufactured vehicles. There should have been mentioned about the duty and taxes that are levied on the imported vehicles from overseas, for instance, Japan. Likewise, there should have been a mentioned about a pre-CIF and post-CIF losses on account of damages sustained to the imported vehicles during transit. How much money is to be thrown on its repair. And needless to mention how and from where to import the genuine spare parts.

    To encourage Raja G (the writer of this article) for showing off his writing skills — my hate is down: Well done mate !

  8. Guest says

    Yes, it is all about the conspiracy. No, Conspiracy with a capital C.

  9. Ijlal Mujtaba says

    agr Pakistan mein rehtay ho to ya to mehran lelo ya phir marr jao. bus

  10. Muhammad Yasir says

    sad and pretty INFURIATING truth !

    plus the mehran is an overpriced piece of crap !

  11. junaid javed says

    what does foreign exchange means here ? like i am paying in paki rupees to dealer in japan ? can you elaborate ?

  12. junaid javed says

    hahahhaha so kia karain

  13. junaid javed says

    the article would be more useful if process should be given with screen shots + you are just telling to do this and that the question is how to do like how to get an agent in karachi to get car cleared ? and whts the legal process of getting it cleared ? if legal process is frustrating and time consuming then how to get an agent

  14. Ferjad says

    There are few questions everyone wants to know.
    1, do we need passport to clear the car from customs?
    2, what kind of problems do we face at Port.
    I’m sure there are ppl at Port who get you cleared them cheaper.
    Anyways getting cards online is easy. They will sit for you at auctions. If you win the bid they even handle everything from ďe registration to taking the car to port and sending it to you. Paying cif everything. I would prefer getting at my own but all of what I need to know is do I need to have a passport with a stay of 3 months in some country for the clearance. Really don’t know what shit e go through here.

  15. Ferjad says

    For that you’ll take the car dubai then import it from dubai so would cost you double

  16. Ferjad says

    India k ilawa kaheen say ba jaye gi

  17. Qaiser says

    Junaid don’t worry anymore .. call at 03009275852

  18. Qaiser says

    Guys .. if any one is interested to purchase used Japanese cars without hassle, freely call at 03009275852.

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