Watch The Indian Version Of Pimp My Ride Putting Lambo Doors On A Baleno

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The Indian Version of Pimp My RideIn every man’s life, there comes a time when he knows he has effed up. And this is the precise moment when it dawned upon Aman how horribly everything has gone wrong. How he thought would be the best day of his life, turned out to be the saddest day of his life. But it’s okay…at least, he now owns a red and silver Suzuki Maruti Baleno. Although I am not sure if it helps or making it worse.

Following is the video of India’s first car modification auto show. An Indian Pimp My Ride, if you will. We must thank our friends at AE, who posted the video. The premise of the video is same as it was of American car modification show. And two things are exactly the same in both shows, modifications that don’t make any sense and awful acting.

I like it how the owner first says he likes Lamborghinis, and then the shop boss tells the owner how they will fit the Lamborghini doors and then suddenly he is telling to the camera that they have a big surprise in store for the owner in the form of those doors. And the fact that the guy spraying the car is not wearing any mask. I guess he too likes to live dangerously. Those stickers must have added, like a tonne of horsepower.

It’s all fun and games until you end up with a silver and red Baleno with Lambo door. Watch the video below.

Indian Version of Pimp My Ride Puts Lambo Doors on a Crappy Suzuki Sedan from Aiza Raees on Vimeo.

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  1. wasted youth says

    @Jawad Waqi: Man it’s not a new thing here in South Asia and especially in Sub-Continent. I have seen a lots of old junk in Pakistan being pimped. Honda Civic 1995 is on top to be pimped in Pakistan. I have also seen Suzuki Mehran with lambo doors let alone sedans. So, it’s not unique but usual.

  2. aliqadri says

    good attempt – but looks like car owner isn’t happy at all

  3. Sanjay Natarajan says

    the car looks absolutely crappy! why on earth one would modify an ugly looking car to look more uglier than before??

  4. Shurjil Butt says

    RIP Lambo doors,
    RIP auto pimping and
    RIP Pakwheels for going so low that the had to show us this crap !

    I know one thing for sure that any TV show that is being copied head to toe by Indians can not be more than horse shit anyways..

  5. cbing says

    Can you please show me anything interesting or crap made in Pakistan?
    PS: Not the water car, its too old.

  6. Guest says

    A Baleno with suicide doors has sometimes been spotted around Malir and National highway area around 2 years ago. So it is nothing new.
    Despite the obvious problems of developing country, a lot of interesting (football for world cup, basmati rice, high-performing Pakistani expatriates, Pakistani diplomacy, UNO peacekeeping forces, etc.) and not-interesting is made in Pakistan, consumed by locals and exported too. Learn to have pride if you are Pakistani and learn respect and politeness if you are not.

  7. Peace Keeper says

    I wasted my 10 mins to see this crap video

  8. Farhan says

    And this is a customized Baleno is Rawalpindi

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