5 ways to tech-up your old car

These days, the new cars come loaded with various features as standard. But, that does not mean the people who own old used cars can’t enjoy the things people with the new cars do. You can buy a whole bunch of aftermarket stuff and tech-up your old jalopy. In this blog, we will be talking about five gadgets that can help bring your car from the 1990s to 2018.

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Most modern cars these days come equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, whether it be a base model Ford Fiesta or an upscale Toyota Land Cruiser. Sadly, the local car manufacturers haven’t yet deemed this feature to be a necessity. You can easily find pressure monitoring systems on PakWheels.com as just one of your possible solutions. It measures both the temperature and the pressure of all four tires, individually. The monitoring display can either be plugged into a 12v socket or can be charged through solar power. It gives you readouts on the pressure of your tires in real time so you can easily detect when something goes wrong.


Backup Camera

Throughout the world, a backup or reversing camera has pretty much become a standard feature in all new vehicles sold. In the United States, you can’t even sell a new car that doesn’t come with a backup camera as standard. But in Pakistan, reversing cams are available in only high-end models. Thankfully, installing a backup camera is pretty easy on most vehicles, and it’s even something you could attempt to install yourself if you have some mechanical tinkering experience. There are various reversing camera solutions on PakWheels.com store, so do check them out.

Bluetooth Speaker

Tunes are the only thing that can take the dread out of your daily monotonous journeys, and it doesn’t matter if your car’s speaker system sucks or not because you can easily get a portable Bluetooth speaker and fit it somewhere permanent in your car. They come in all shapes and sizes with Bluetooth, so you don’t have to fumble around with wires and nor do you fiddle about hooking it up to the wiring of your car, which is not only difficult but dangerous as well. But if you don’t want the hassle to recharge your Bluetooth speakers, you can always try various alternatives like a Bluetooth radio transmitter or even a Bluetooth supporting head units.

Dash Cam

A dash cam or a DVR can be an exceptional tool to figure out the reason any accident occurred. Not only they can save you if you happen to get in an accident, but let’s say you left your car parked on the street and someone did a hit and ran on your car. You can easily review the dash cam footage to identify and catch the culprit. PakWheels.com store has a bunch of different DVRs so do check them out.

Heads-up Display

The heads-up display is a feature you find on high-end luxury vehicles such as BMWs or Corvette etc. But you can easily buy an off the shelf heads-up display unit that can not only display your cars current speed, gear and rev range, but some models are configured to show navigation display on the windscreen. Advance units can show technical information as well, including various temperatures and pressures of your engine. Heads-up display allows you to keep your attention on the road without constantly having to divert your gaze to look at your instruments.

This is not it; there are various little things you can add to your car to make it not only look better but feel better as well. From regular car care to new seat covers, to better sound systems, and car security; there is so much more you can find on PakWheels.com store for your car.