United Autos to launch the all-new hatchback ‘Bravo’ [Photo Update]

United Autos has applied to Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO) for copyright of a vehicle’s design.

PakWheels.com reported last year in November and broke the story that local bike manufacturing company United Autos would bring new 800cc and 1000cc vehicles in the country. And for this, the company even built its own manufacturing plant in Lahore.

According to the reports, the hatchback was an 800cc Mehran look alike. It was revealed to us that the company had imported two units of J-TT. And now it seems that the company might launch completely new hatchback, not a Mehran clone or it might introduce not one but two hatchbacks for local consumers, as United Autos has applied to Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan for the copyright of car namely ‘United Bravo’.

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After the story surfaced, we contacted United officials, and they told us that indeed they have applied for copyright and its all-new vehicle for Pakistani consumers.

It is equipped with all the features which the locally produced hatchbacks lack, the United official further added. It is not yet confirmed whether the company will launch two new hatchbacks or will launch only one of the two mentioned above. Furthermore, it was confirmed last year by the company that it would launch its new vehicles in first half of 2018.

United Bravo Update

As mentioned above United Autos is all geared up to launch new vehicles into the country. One of the vehicles which the company is bringing is BRAVO hatchback. The Bravo is a renamed Dahe Motor DH350. Here is the picture of the car which the company will launch soon. It looks like few of the initial units the company ordered have arrived in Pakistan.


From the looks of it, DH350 kind of looks like Volkswagen Scirocco from the front profile.

The engine is a 800cc 3-cylinder unit.

dahe linup

There is no doubt in the fact that we need more options in our market. But do we need cars that can turn out to be worse than what we already have in Pakistan?

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Notable Replies

  1. Useless if they can't bring a vehicle better than mehran under 500k.

  2. you will never get a car under 500k in pakistan. your structure does not support it.

  3. oh just stop being a negative nancy, shut up if you can't say good things

    IF India can have a car worth 2 lacs then why no Pakistan with a car under 500k ? it's just people like you whose mindset keeps the country on the backfoot and people like you because of whom India will be at the forefront of development. Their people don't think, they cleverly work towards their goals and make it a reality.

    While people like you can just rant in pathetic fashion

  4. Yup also tired of this mindset thing where people start assuming rocket high prices of the car before it even launches...almost each of the thing that mehran recquires to produce is being produced locally so yes it can be launched under 500k easily

  5. Thats just wishful thinking.
    India can have cars that cheap because their market supports high level of localisation, in easy words their market size acts as an incentive to localise and since manufacturing costs are lower than rest of the world it automatically translate into a cheaper product, they can also sell cheap because they sell in huge numbers as compared to Pakistan which means they can keep margin low on single product but it translates into higher total return.
    Pakistans yearly car sales are less than monthly car sales in india, the market simply isnt attractive enough to produce advanced stuff like engines, suspension etc locally because they dont see the net return on investment
    as attractive as some other place in the region may offer for the company!

    Its simple economics.

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  • Zuhaib Khan

    Not a Scirocco but more in between VW Up and Polo to me.

  • Naru-hudo

    what will be the price range of these cars?

  • Moazzan Amjad

    I want to buy this car.
    Please reply me.
    Where is your showroom located ?