63 years of F1 evolution told in just 60 seconds

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It is almost impossible for the average race goer to keep a track of the changes that have took place in F1. Even the gurus of Formula One have a trouble to know what has changed but they know, that Formula One has gone through an evolution over the 63 years of its existence.

How can we know, or see the changes, the progression year by year? This video, made by Ruf Blacklock, is actually multi-dimensional, even though it just consists of animated line drawings. You see the quick-acting revolutions (rear-engined layout, wings, ground effects, high noses), and you see the longer spells where the cars slowly refine over a stretch of years.

Evolution of the F1 Car from Ruf Blacklock on Vimeo.

This infographic is also made by video creator to help you further understand the evolution of the Formula One car.

Click on it to view it in full size.

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