7 Add-ons to Accessorize Your Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran is the budget car of Pakistan. The Suzuki Mehran VXR costs around 750,000 PKR. At this price, the car comes with nothing much. A lot of people who buy a Mehran, usually purchase add-ons to improve the feel and aesthetics of this vehicle. If you own a Suzuki Mehran or have purchased one recently, here are a few add-ons/accessories you might need:

  1. Seat Covers: The first thing you will want to do is to get seat covers. These protect the original seat covers, your car comes with. You can either get them custom made (custom stitched) or purchase ready-made seat covers. It’s recommended to go for seat covers that are custom stitched, in order to have them neatly fit to match the size and shape of your car’s seats. Though, be prepared, it might take a day for them to get stitched.Mehran Seat Cover
  2. Car Floor Mats: These are the next thing to get for your Suzuki Mehran. You can either purchase car floor mats that are made up of plastic or carpet. Carpet floor mats give the car’s interior a better look. A variety of car floor mats can be purchased form PakWheels.com Auto Store at best prices, anyone in the market has to offer.Car Floor Mats
  3. Car Air Freshener is an accessory you will need too. This is one of the most bought items when it comes to car accessories. A car air freshener will make the car have a pleasant smell. For Mehran owners, this is a must have item, especially because the car begins to smell of petrol when you fill the tank.

    Car air freshener

    Car air freshener

  4. Exhaust Tips: These are commonly bought by Mehran owners. Though they do not improve the sound or performance of the car, they just give the car’s exhaust, a cooler look. These tips are made up of stainless steel, which gives the exhaust tip a good shine.Exhaust tips
  5. Sound System: This is a must have accessory. A Suzuki Mehran does not come with a sound system. Stereo systems come with USB ports and AUX ports, this makes it easy to listen to songs while driving. All you need to do is to download your playlist and connect your USB or Phone to the car’s Stereo and play.Car sound system
  6. Central Locking System: The central locking system and security are important accessories for a Suzuki Mehran. This car comes with no security feature at all, except the standard door locks. In fact, the door locks can easily be unlocked or broken. If you have purchased a New Suzuki Mehran, you will need to buy central locking motors for each door and a central locking system. Fixing a central locking system for your car will cost between 2,500-3,000 PKR depending on the make of central locking system.Car security
  7. Alloy Rims: The alloy rims should also be purchased to give Mehran a better look. A Mehran comes with a 12 inches rim. A set of 4 Alloy rims for a Mehran will cost between 12,000-15,000 PKR.Alloy wheels Mehran

These are just a few Suzuki Mehran car accessories that I have mentioned. Other car accessories worth buying include tyre pressure gauge, jump starter kit, Phone car-mount and a USB car charger for your phone.  You can find all kinds of car accessories at the PakWheels.com Auto store.

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  • Guest

    Whats so specific about Mehran here? you can put such accessories on any car right?

  • Another guest

    The article is locally relevant as Mehran is the most common car around, but:

    1. These accessories are relevant for pretty much any car, since there are many cars in Pakistan which come without central locking etc.

    2. With Mehran, another popular accessory is the arm rest between the driver’s and passenger’s seat. Another on is a small fan on the dash or between the driver’s and passenger’s seat, which helps circulate the air from the A/C, as the blower is a bit weak. Some people put RPM meter too.

    3. Practical accessories are padlock for the steering column and TPMS.

  • Guest’s guest

    You missed quite a few accessories dear:
    1. Key chain
    2. TypeR sticker
    3. Matching door mirrors
    4. Matching door handles
    5. Raheel Shareef picture on the rear windscreen
    but don’t worry you can always come back with another article, next in line:
    “5 things we missed in the Suzuki Mehran Accessories article”

  • Grewal

    When You Buy new Mehran first thing to do is that to close floor bed holes by rubber washers other wise the water will come inside during rain or washing the car that creates odor and rust at your floor.

  • 5. Raheel Shareef picture on the rear windscreen


  • ali

    BTW Mehran does come with Sound System now, Having Aux , USB and FM,

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    patrol b dulwa lo .. :-p

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Che Guevara’s picture mostly 😀

  • mohsin wahhab

    Totaly shitty article

  • Muhammad Aamer

    Funniest ever article. Andhi Ghori Laal Lagam.

  • Alpha Bravo

    It’s among good articles about Mehran read so far.

  • Sultan Kiani

    Only VEE AIX AAR model I think, the base model is WITHOUT any Audio, not even the basic FM Radio + USB player

  • Sultan Kiani

    OMG! You made my day and “Best Trolling Master” awards is all yours! 😉

  • Sultan Kiani

    میرے خیال میں ناپاک سوزوکی والے 2 لیٹر پٹرول تو ڈال ہی دیتے ہیں۔ بھی اب 30 کلومیٹر میں اگر آپ کو پمپ نہ ملے تو یہ آپ کی نالائقی ہے نا!

  • Sultan Kiani

    But you forgot one thing; after adding these 7 add-ons, your car is 7 times more likely to be STOLEN. (Don’t worry our thieves can easily break 2 hazaar ka alarm)

  • Hassaan Khan

    Write about things they haven’t change since 1990 , specially the brakes .

  • Aqib Khan

    What a useless article.

  • Newbie

    andhi ghori nh, bhoori(old) ghori laal lagaam.