9th Classic Car Rally 2018 to be concluded today

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The 9th annual Classic Car Rally 2018, which kicked off on Saturday 17th November 2018, will conclude today 24-11-2018 as it will visit Torkham border/ Khyber Pass; its final point.

It is important to note here that the rally was organized by Classic Car Club Pakistan and more than 30 drivers with their vintage/classic cars are participating in this colorful rally.

The rally started from Quaid-e-Azam Mausoleum Karachi, and after departing from Mausoleum, the rally drove their way through the streets of Karachi, and visited Institute of hearing-impaired children and gave them souvenirs. After that, the rally made its way to Sukkur.

On 19th November, the rally participants explored Bahawalpur and visited its iconic cultural heritage sites such as Derawar Fort Cholistan and also visited Dar ul Atfal. PakWheels.com greeted this caravan in Lahore and escorted it to Bhera service area motorway for lunch. Moving onwards, on 21st November, the caravan arrived at Islamabad and stayed there for the night.

On the next day, after exploring the Faisal Mosque, the rally made their way to Peshawar. After reaching in Peshawar on 23rd, the rally participated in Peshawar Car show. And today, the caravan will be visiting Fort Bala Hissar Peshawar and Michni-post Torkham border. At sharp 4:30 pm the participants will start to head back to their respective cities.

See the pictures below:

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