Beware! Overspeeding will land you in trouble

Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) has started to issue e-challans in Lahore for overspeeding.

According to the details, the speed radar cameras have been installed in five main points of the city to monitor the movement of the vehicle. If the car or the bike violates the assigned speed, it will get e-challan issued in no time. Not only the authority has started to issue e-challans over overspeeding but has also started to issue the challan over lane violation.

As of today, the speed limit on Canal road will be 50-70 kilometers, moreover, on Jail road, Mall road, and the Main Boulevard, the vehicle would not be allowed to cross 60-kilometer speed barrier, anyone found in violation will be dealt with according to the law. The authorities have been advertising the harmful effects of overspeeding throughout the city and now it is time for the action, said the authority.

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Earlier, the PSCA started to issue e-challan over the signal and one-way violations. Furthermore, on the order of Lahore High Court (LHC), the city traffic police is vigilantly going after people who don’t wear a helmet while riding a bike.

An official of the authority, while speaking with the media, said that these actions are being taken keeping in view the safety and security of the people. We urge people to follow the traffic rules and regulations as they are made to keep them safe and sound, he further added.

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Moving onwards, Police Traffic Reforms Committee has proposed to reduce the age for the issuance of driving license from 18 to 16 and also to link all the data related to e-challan to Excise and Taxation Department. The recommendations will be sent to the government for approval.

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Notable Replies

  1. I was also wondering that these cameras are installed over 6 months and so far they are only doing the e-challans for “Violation of White Line at Signals”.

    But before these idiots start this working, they should first clearly mention on each road that what is the max. speed allowed and its tolerance.

    I still remember I got challan early in the morning going with my family. It was in 2012 at ~08:15 am. They pulled me over and said your speed is found on camera as 69km/h while the limit is 65 only.

    I told him it was 70 when I crossed the last under pass. And he said “the 70 speed was for that area specially”. This area has 65 limit.

    Stupid idiot arrogant silly laws which are for an average citizen like us.

    You drove the car with 100 speed in 60 limit zone with Black NCP SUV and I bet no one will dare to stop.

  2. Yes, There should be clear markings after a specific interval reminding people of the speed limit.

  3. humari qoum isi hai , k pehly traffic k asool ko follow nai krygi , aur jab baad main apni galtiyon ki wajha se zaida chalan khyegi to ehtijaj ka jhanda lehra k road pe aa jyegi .
    First of all ... , i m more interested in lane change challans ,and secondly it will not last longer :frowning: .. i just wish it last longer and challans should be atleast 5000 or above .

  4. and road speed limit should be clearly mentioned on the "Right Side of Road" so that it become visible for every driver. And it should be every after one km (just like in UAE) for everyone's convenience.

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