A Jeep Grand Cherokee with two faces

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What will they be calling Jeep Grand Cherokee at the 2012 SEMA? Two face, Jeep two face.

This Jeep Grand Cherokee is named Half & Half and is one of two dozen Mopar cars and crossovers which are destined to be exhibited during the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas beginning at the end of the October, 2012.

Half & Half is part of a study initiated by the Jeep’s parent company. ‘Chrysler Group’, to demonstrate the before and after effects of a Mopar-style makeover on the same vehicle, which in this case, is a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo finished in a ‘Deep Cherry Pearl Coat’ paint.

Jeep completely split the vehicle into two halves and put a zipper graphic on the center to signify the two faces of the Jeep. One part was completely pimped out by Mopar, Chrysler performance division while the the other remained stock.

The added bling on the left (driver’s) side looks everything gaudy but performance oriented and it isn’t no surprise that the right side looks better.

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  1. Rashid Saeed says


  2. Meerza R Khan says

    Sorry to Monocoque Frame, Sorry to Jeep Cherokee,
    Irrespective of the rest all goodness a Jeep isn't a Jeep with out a Chassis, replacing the remound Wrangler when my family grew I went first for a Toyota Surf & now for a Toyota Parado.
    Bye bye to the good old solid days of Dodge Coronets, Chargers, Challangers, CJ's, Scramblers, Wranglers & Liberties. Adioos to Chrysler Dodge our childhood & youth muscle flushed amidst economies.

  3. Zain Ul Abedin says

    wats so good in it?

    no executives willbnuy this 4×4.

  4. Muhammed Ahmed Shoaib says

    Joker edition!

  5. ذیشان نذیر شیخ says

    ooh My God Great work.

  6. Sheikh MunDa says


  7. Khan Zubair Ahmad says

    Love it….

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