Aerosols Can Explode: Are You Carrying A Portable Bomb In Your Vehicle?


It is a common practice among our people to keep a deodorant or an air-freshener can in their cars all the time. You get to your destination, you feel you need to freshen up, you get your deodorant from the glovebox and shower yourself in it or perhaps you smoke in your car and want to freshen up the air before your father sits in the car. Well, it’s all dandy and fine but have you read the instructions behind that can?aerosol-can-warning

It clearly states in the warning instructions that you are not supposed to expose the can to extreme heats. And considering how hot and humid it can get in the cars parked outside in the direct sun, you can only imagine how high the temperature inside the car can get. Hence, keeping something that can turn into an instant bomb inside the car is a definite no!

It is not just the deodorant or air-freshener. Basically all the aerosol cans are very dangerous to keep in the cabin, and especially when it’s hot. Cans of hairspray, spray paint cans, lubricants, detergent agents and basically almost everything in pressurized cans, can be a serious hazard if kept in cars when temperatures can get dangerously high. These pressurized containers are often temperature sensitive and classified as either flammable or combustible.

Most aerosol cans come with warning behind them that states the temperature warnings. In Pakistan, temperatures can get as high as 50° Celsius in some cities. And cars with all windows wound up, parked in direct sunlight can turn into an oven. Don’t store aerosol cans in places where there is no ventilation or where the temperatures cannot be controlled. You or your passengers can be seriously injured or fatally wounded if you are in close proximity to these materials when they blow.

It is not just about the way you drive, or the road conditions, or even the condition your car is in, but the safety of you and your passengers depends on small things like this as well. Aerosol can explosion can cause serious injuries and it is better to stay safe than sorry!

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