Airbag Defect in Toyotas Pressurizes Company to Recall 2.27 Million Cars

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Automakers recalling their vehicles for manufacturing or design defects is something we often hear about (not in Pakistan, though). Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, has been dented with its safety reputation in recent years. A few days ago, the company announced that it is going to recall over 2.27 million vehicles from around the world. The main reason behind this big recall was a defect in its airbag system.

In the past two months, the world’s largest automaker has already recalled about 9 millions cars. It was revealed that 20 models including the Corolla sedan, Noah minivan, Yaris subcompact have been recalled so far by the company.

The airbag issues with Toyota’s vehicles could cause fires as they use explosive materials to inflate immediately. 650,000 cars being recalled are from Japan, while the remaining 1.62 million come from other regions. Toyota officials relate this to last year’s recall due to some glitch in their vehicles.

Toyota explains that the cars could have been assembled improperly while equipping them with airbag inflators for front seat passengers. This could cause airbags to deploy abnormally in accidents. However, the spokesperson told that no serious injuries have been reported due to these defects so far but the company has received a complaint from a Japanese customer who says that his front passenger seat burned after airbag deployment.

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  1. Saad Ijaz Raja says

    well i suppose toyota indus works on the principal of not fitting such "additional" features (which includes almost all safety features) which may warrant a recall altogether. good going toyota. besides, crash testing is for pussies right:D

  2. Omer J Pal says

    well said.

  3. Ahmed Omair says

    Neither consumers nor company care about such things. Let the buyer suffer is a corporate culture here. Things which may cause troubles like airbags, start stop switch climate control etc. are not installed. All they care that suspension should be good enough to last at least for 2 years on these Pakistani roads.

  4. Khuram Javaid says

    @Pakwheels, did you guys talk to Toyota Indus on this? Maybe get their point of view?

  5. Haris Khan says

    since the implementation of the "Euro-2" law in Pakistan, all manufacturers now adhere to that….govt should implement such passenger saftey rules like making airbags mandatory and than we will see how PS, IMC or AH gets away with it….

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