Toyota Corolla 2014 – Picture Gallery

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The Indus Motor Company Limited is just round the corner with the all new Toyota Corolla 2014. After years of monotonous and simple designs, Toyota has gone the extra mile this time with a very aggressive look.  Comparing the new model to previous models of the Corolla in Pakistan, PakWheels published an infographic recently which showed how the Corolla has changed over the years. Word around is that the 2014 Corolla is going to give the Honda Civic a really tough time.

We’re super excited to see the new Corolla 2014 on our roads and we can only hope to get a good selection of features this time. While we wait for the official launch, here’s a picture gallery for the 2014 Corolla.


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  1. Umar Rajput says

    a crap that cost u around 1.8 million (starting price) , far more worst than SUZUKI

  2. Sohaib Dhillon says

    nice car

  3. Naveed Khan says


  4. Waqar Ahmed says

    wat would be the price for GLI ?

  5. Imran Nabi says

    superb car

  6. Muhammad Umair says

    Awesome interior..

  7. Majid Ali says

    o bhai g yeh paki corolla nahi hai

  8. Hasnain Rehman says

    i dont thnk so thts paki corolla thts a eurOPean version

  9. Abdul Aziz says

    price in pakistan ??

  10. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    I don't think this is the Pakistani version as well, Indus Motor won't often this much even in Altis what the global corolla models offers in basic version

  11. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    Look at the steering wheel of the pictures in this article ( what a treat to hold while driving, look at those beautiful controls) and then look at your own posted article from the IMC event for their agents, even the Altis Steering ( i can guess its the Altis because they won't offer Navigation in the Gli version) is a shitty piece of plastic crap ….

  12. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    In dubai, i rented the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 which comes around in the same price bracket as the Corolla Up Model and it beats the corlla to shit on every given thing from Interior design to built quality and the drive. I wish we had more options for our money in Pakistan … Kiya and Hyundai have some excellent options in this price range and far better quality

  13. Ahsan Khakwani says

    i salute u sir.. hahaha

  14. Muhammad Zoheb Bilal says

    it's a European Version and Indus motor's design is bit different

  15. Naveed Lodhi says

    Nice car let see price of Altis auto Sr
    is it 1.8 or 1.6

  16. Rana Mehmood says

    Price starting from 18,50,000

  17. Ali Ahmed says

    i just want to know that when will corolla launch in pakistan

  18. Syed Umair Ali says

    I seriously doubt this is the Pakistani model, look at the rear view mirror, it has a auto-dim button in the centre, it has push-start, climate control, and also from the look of it.. it seems it has tweeters! I hope we do get this version but knowing Toyota Pakistan I highly doubt it. I hope I am proven wrong!

  19. Muhammad Farhan says

    I wonder when Paki cars (Pakistan made cars) will come with a multimedia steering! 🙂

  20. Muhammad Farhan says

    It's the fault of those with the black money who don't even bother to look for quality while spending Rs.2 million on shitty cars like these!

  21. Muhammad Farhan says

    Chevrolet Cruze…. my my what a marvellous car that is!! (Y)

  22. Muhammad Farhan says

    And not to miss the multimedia steering wheel!

  23. Naveed Ali says

    Yeh interior ho hi na jaye… TOYOTA offer worst material in Pakistan

  24. Muhammad Mushtaq Warraich says


  25. Azhar Ali Shah says


  26. Shuja Ur Rehman says

    side design sux. looks as though it has its ass up. a lot of overhang beyond the front wheels.

  27. Maisam Raza Naqvi says

    Sohaib Malhotra we dont have nissan and wolks wagon in pakistan. seems okay still. atleast they are assembling in this tough condition and higher production cost.

  28. Abdul Maalik Pirzada says

    No! i have seen this one at toyota dealership it was covered but the interior of the present corolla is better than this one

  29. Ròma Shahid says

    This model is getting old in Dubai.

  30. Farhan Zaffar says


  31. says

    Car interior design is same for all Toyota cars around the world except few model. Have a look on toyota GT86 interior with same dashboard design as found in pictures above.

  32. Anonymous says

    Nice Cool Design, Way better than SHITTY BULLSHIT Civic. Compare this Corolla with Civic, Civic is surely a junk.

  33. Saad Sarwar Husain says

    Sohaib Malhotra nissan altima is 2500 cc car

  34. Hasnain Rehman says

    Ahsan Khakwani hahahah ??

  35. Anonymous says

    I am surprised, we Pakistanis beat the shit out of every thing. There are already so many thread that even the nuts & bolts have been discussed. Why post this with picture of car for different region/country. We are not getting these alloys, seats, steering, headlights etc.

    Whats the hype about IMC launching new model of Corolla or Space Shuttle?

  36. Waqas Vicky says

    What is the price of new corolla

  37. Waqas Rasheed says

    seems like honda wannabe car company now… what's wrong with these guys?????????

  38. Majid Ali says

    paki crolla alloys se pehchani jati hai

  39. Umer Mushtaq says

    qasim mushtaq

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