Ford Fiesta 2014 Launched in India

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Ford India today introduced the new Ford Fiesta 2014. The new sedan from Ford would be available in three variants – Ambiente, Trend and Titanium.

“The Fiesta has a very special role in Ford India’s product portfolio and is for the pure driving enthusiasts who are known for their distinct choices and opt for nothing but the best,” said, Nigel Harris, President, Ford India.

Ford Fiesta is powered with a 1.5L Duratorq diesel engine that gives a mileage of 25.01 km/l. The Ambiente variant is for INR 7.69 lakh, the Trend has a price tag of INR 8.55 lakh while the Titanium, the most superior class of the Ford Fiesta, will cost you INR 9.29 lakh.

The president stated, “the 2014 Fiesta, with its best in class driving dynamics, design, and in car technology, is a complete package that delivers much more than the expectations of customers in this segment. What’s better is its attractive price, making our premium sedan an even more compelling option for discerning enthusiasts.”

Ford has introduced unparalleled voice control over smartphone applications to owners which is unique in this segment. It will also offer emergency assistance (EA) via SYNC. It’s about time Pakistan breaks free of the monopoly of the Big 3, and we start seeing quality cars at reasonable prices.

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  1. Syed Taha Hussain Rizvi says

    Good job.
    Make the sleeping nation aware that their rights are being taken from them and are being exploited because of our reluctance to stand up for the rights!
    Although Endia is a garbage dump with 70% population without toilets and filled with aids and HIV yet they have a much wider choice of good cars at good prices…

  2. Anonymous says


    I don't know why the above garbage comment are allowed in a good site like this? It brings the overall quality of the site.

  3. Syed Taha Hussain Rizvi says

    Apko takleef hai to Pakistan ke jan chordo…
    Hindustani sale har aik aik Pakistani site or Facebook page pe tapak jatein hain pata nahi kui aur kese…
    Zaroor kuch apne andar kami mehsus hoti hai tabhi hame dekhne aate ho.

  4. Shahab Nasir says

    Syed Taha Hussain Rizvi Taha.. you are not really doing Pakistan a favor by sending out a hatred message. What you said above is how we Pakistanis earn the reputation we crib the most about.

    and yes this fiesta looks pretty impressive for the price.

  5. Syed Taha Hussain Rizvi says

    Shahab Nasir Sir jee The point I made is based on years of experience on Hindustani men on Pakistani sites which never concerned them… You need to go have a look around what these people have in store for us…
    It's not the best idea to keep shut till the end… a Hindu isn't that respectful enemy you think they are… My family came from Agra and Dehli city to Pakistan after independence so that land belongs to me, we as Muslims ruled these cow worshiping people for a thousand years. Yet they remain a majority population givings hints to our tolerance… but now it's too much. Time to take a stand once and for all! AND FINISH THIS!

  6. Ahmed Talal says

    Syed Taha Hussain Rizvi It's obvious from your thoughts and your avatar that your head is also the dump of stinky garbage.

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