Increased Duties on Motorcycle Parts Face Reaction

Increased Duties on Motrcycle Parts Face Reaction

The senior vice chairman of the All Pakistan Motorcycle Spare Parts Importers and Dealers Association (APMSP-IDA) has urged the federal finance minister to remove the anomaly on motorcycle spare parts. In a letter to the finance minister, he criticized the discrimination of authorities while formulating custom duties on motorcycles.

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The category under which motorcycle spare parts fall is subjected to 35% custom duty. All other sectors face a maximum of 25% custom duty which makes motorcycle spare parts face the highest custom duties. The letter says that the difference in duty structure is clear discrimination and unfair treatment on the part of the Federal Board of Revenue which will certainly hurt the national exchequer as the revenue collection from this sector will drop sharply.

The senior vice chairman expressed hope to be given due consideration by the finance minister. He said that if the duty structure on motorcycle spare parts is reduced and brought equal to other sectors, the revenue collection from this sector will significantly increase. It is believed that not doing so would give rise to smuggling of motorcycle spare parts as paying custom duties would not remain feasible. The central vice chairman added that motorcycle spare parts have been smuggled from China in the past through the Sust border and also through Afghan Transit Trade.

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