Al-Haj and Faw Motors launches Sirius S80 in Pakistan

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Al-Haj and Faw Motors is a joint venture between the two automakers in Pakistan which initially produced heavy and light vehicles including trucks, lorries and vans. Their plans for expansion in the Pakistani market includes cars and the first of their car to be launched is here now.

The Sirius S80, which is named after the brightest star is a 7-seater family van powered by a 1,300cc engine.

The family-van is priced at a pretty impressive price of 1,699,000 which is 17 lacs for first the 100 units only (whatever that means) and considering it is Chinese assembled and is imported here in Pakistan for the time being, the price pretty good for a new car. Faw Motors as it turns out are also promising immediate delivery.

With Euro-4 emissions standards as promised, and average looks, so far, we think it’s quite a good deal considering the similar 7-seater Toyota Avanza is currently sold for 2,800,000 rupees by Indus Motors.


If anyone gets a chance to drive it or have a look at it in person, then please do share your views with us at [email protected].


faw_sirius-s80-2012_r19 faw_sirius-s80-2012_r17 faw_sirius-s80-2012_r10 faw_sirius-s80-2012_r3 faw_sirius-s80-2012_r1

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  1. Agha Mohsin says

    Not bad at all , i mean 1.8 million car having 7-seats is pretty good . same 7 seater is currently available in 5.7 million recently offered by Toyota Fortune . so the quality and comfort will be the choice , people will pay no matter it's Chinese assembled …

  2. Faizan Hashmi says

    not bad

  3. Afnan Aftab Motiwala says

    how in the world can u compare this mpv with the suv fortuner ? its like toyota avenza

  4. Agha Mohsin says

    Afnan Aftab Motiwala yes bro it is just like Avanza but Avanza was not successful car

  5. Ateeq Khan Shinwari says

    its not 1800000 but its 1700000 and if some one is interested its negotiable as well

  6. Muhammad Irfan Shaukat says

    Looks great but tyres seem to be bit small.

  7. Adnan Munawar says

    bhai tyre bad m banda change kar lata hai

  8. Muhammad Younas Shinwari says


  9. Ateeq Khan Shinwari says

    Muhammad Younas Shinwari i recently called and asked about it
    it is a good vechile

  10. Ejazz Sabir says

    Good to see joint adventure which is very good for auto industry bt asfar as concern abt car 1.3 with the capicty of 7seater very strange it should be 1.8 or 2.0 lets see

  11. Ali Shahbaz says

    good one

  12. Zohaib Badarpura says

    Very cheap Interior and Exterior in this Car…..

  13. Mudasser Ismail says

    nice car

  14. Khan Zada says

    Price plz???

  15. Rashid Saeed says

    car to achi lag rahi hai but 18 lakh ki chaines brand Koch samaj nahi ati 12 or 13 may bee good at start

  16. Ather Ahmad Nasir says

    Agha Mohsin Agha Mohsin ….Toyota Venza is a BEAST…dont even think abiut putting its name with this car…its just a 1.3 litre engine and i can imagine what would happen if u put 7 people on board plus its not that technologically advance to be comapred with venza…

  17. Ali Aziz says

    Mr Ejazz your views about the car are most practical n reality based. but the car is gona face three problems 1 resale.2 Parts 3. Brand in market as its Chinese. what do you say sir?

  18. Zuhair Anwar says

    What do you mean negotiable? Are we buying shoes? Can I negotiate prices with Honda Atlas?

  19. Laraib Imtiaz says

    I think its a breath of fresh air. For all those who think its Chinese crap, Allah unko unki Fortuner aur Avanza mubarak karay.. Ameen…

  20. Awais Malik says

    same flop as faw, roma, changan, why do they make chinese version so expensive, and no use of 1.3L in this buggy….

  21. Mudasser Ismail says

    today i saw this car in parking .. its a good looking car.. its look big in picture.. its no big then a blue care dubba. but big in space and stylish i like this

  22. Asad Jan says

    1298 cm3, 67 kW Engine for 2435 Kg Gross weight + 45 L Tank and with 7 Persons seems not much impressive on highways and motorways. Similar category vehicles in Europe are above 100 HP

  23. Agha Mohsin says

    lolz, 7 people on board will surely get the boarding pass to land safely on heaven ..lmao , i know bro Avenza is class compare it with s80 , Avenza is i think available in 1.9 million if i am not wrong .

  24. Agha Mohsin says

    but again it was not on demand and very few were found on roads .

  25. Farhan Hafiz says

    The price is 1,699,000/- ex factory. and that's the invoice price… Dealers are currently asking premium of Rs. 25k to 40k…. I don't think that negotiable is the correct word for price… it could be for premium

  26. Farhan Hafiz says

    Toyota Avenza and Toyota Venza are two different cars…. This is in the category f Toyota Avenza which is 1.5 liter MPV

  27. Farhan Hafiz says

    It hass 3S dealership backup… so no worries about parts and after sales services and with a warranty of 50,ooo km or 2 years

  28. Ather Ahmad Nasir says

    price is also very cheap

  29. Murtaza Khan Afridi says

    Agha Mohsin its on 2.7 million

  30. Mohsin Ghumman says

    Farhan Hafiz

  31. Asad Ahmed says

    Chinese also make JF-17 and Apple I phone….. Kindly get out of the myth that Chinese products are low quality…. It is only us Pakistanis who brings low quality products for temporary fame… but FAW seems serious and are giving quality products…

  32. Muhammad Noor Rana says

    Ather Ahmed well leme explain something. this is actally made on toyota plant in china. u should give a better search on this FAW company…its has joint ventures with TOYOTA , AUDI , WOLKSWAGON , GM and MAZDA…we belong to poor country where we need better cars at low prices. ! toyota aveza actly failed coz of its high price…!

  33. Muhammad Noor Rana says

    Contact : 0412617144
    FAW SIRIUS S80 avaliable in all colors.
    price 1699000 (ex factory price)

    Muhammad Noor Rana
    Director Sales & marketing

  34. Saleem Raja says

    is this automatic van as well

  35. Ahsan Azeem Butt says

    I think its good step from AL-HAJ FAW side they provide us another product basically they provide us a comparison and we compare it with other vehicle who fall in this category
    And tell you one thing the next era is of chines vehicle because of the japanes brands is going so far from our purchasing power so its the sign of prosperity and progress

    I drive this vehicle and i have good experience
    Looks are very good also
    Its very good XUV and very cheap also
    Smooth drive,beautiful,aggressive

    thanks 4 reading me
    If anyone want to buy a family van then go for it its ride and quality is excellent.
    SIRIUS S80 is better than Toyota Avanza and Suzuki APV as compared with price and finishing.

    if anyone want to buy and have any query so contact this number
    Ahsan 03216447844

  36. Hassan Zafar says

    i have personally visited the showroom .. checked it from all aspect.. in short its a very good deal. . and yes Chinese doesnt mean cheap.. this car is very impressive 🙂

  37. Zubair Mubin says

    is ki keemat bohoooooot ziadah hai.
    Agar 12 tak hoti to tneek thi.
    Is se achha dong feng convoy hai jo 1350000 ki hai or 7 or 10 seater hai or engine bhi 1300cc hai.
    Please check www-dfsk-sigma-motors-pakistan

  38. Naseem Ahmed says

    naseem ahmed its so so expensive car its chinese assemble car this car maximum price is 1000000 enough

  39. Yasir Tariq says

    3rd class car . no coality control.realy chines.waste of money.

  40. Abdullah Khan says

    Saddi Awam Fir v TOYOTA hei ghin c 🙁

  41. Anonymous says

    For such a vehicle the transmission should be automatic. manual cars are becoming obsolete. Considering the traffic in Pakistan, people prefer autimatic vehicles

  42. Imran Ul Haq says

    Ather Ahmed bhai suzuki bolan 800cc hay kitnay banday bathtay hain us main

  43. Wasim Ahmed says

    i saw the car its gud car but price shuld be about 130,0000 faw make double from xpv i insest plz make the price low an then faw have 55% pakistani in there pocket

  44. Awai'x Bhatti says

    Ather Ahmad Bro the technology is quite advanced, avanza and sirius have abs, but sirius ha Electronic Break Distribution along with abs, so head to head with avanza, and with a 1.3 L DOHC euro 4 engine, it is not underpowered, 100 is nothing for it.

  45. Awai'x Bhatti says

    dude, just spend 15 minutes searching the history of FAW on internet. You will change your statement. In china, toyota works in patnership with FAW.

  46. Farhan Aziz says

    it looks so nice and dashing

  47. Rana Faisal says

    V nice look this car .sir kya yehi model 13’14 main avail hai .03017212510

  48. Rana Faisal says

    13,14 model

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