Lamborghini Aventador scale-model made out of solid gold previewed in Dubai

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Lamborghini Aventador is every person’s poster-car, it is the realization of the dream car we’ve  thought all day as a child. But it’s quite expensive actually, just about 400,000 US $.

However, the actual full size Aventador may actually now look dirt-cheap as the world tries to get hold of its senses after knowing that this scale model Aventador is worth 7.5 million US $. 7,500,000 dollars!

The scale model will weigh around 25 kg or 55 pounds and will be built out of a 500 kg or 1,100 pounds block of solid gold.

A man named Robert Gulpen is behind this mad project which was first announced in 2011 but now, it’s time to build it. As there’s a showroom in Dubai which has the scale model of the gold scale model to be built on display so people can get an idea about the actual model.

Lamborghini is also involved in this project as digital models of the car will be given to a five-axis milling machine which will an aluminum mod.

Robert Gulpen is also looking for potential investors in the project so if you’re willing to invest 7.5 million $ into this, here’s Mr. Gulpen’s website.

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  1. TehSin Aly says

    in 7.5 million $ i can buy a villa in dubai then Y to waste your in that project 😛

  2. ChoudhryAhmed Raza says


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