Indus Motors to launch Toyota Prius by the end of 2013

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Market forecasts and trends of local automakers come from the imported cars market it seems; when importers begin importing a particular car.

Such is the case with Hybrid cars, as soon as the government dropped the duties and taxes around Hybrid cars, car importers had ready stock to be cleared and within weeks, hybrid cars were being sold and buyers’ interest in hybrid cars began to grow.

However, interest in Hybrid cars have always been high due to peaking fuel prices and CNG loadshedding. Hybrids during an energy crisis could save the day for the buyers, and almost allow government to save enough energy to avert the crisis.

There was a catch though, government didn’t allow duty free imports on everything. Only 1200cc hybrids were allowed to have all 100% duty to be waived off while hybrids having upto 1800cc engine, which includes Toyota Prius, could only have 50% duty off.

But a company tests, and research and develops a car for a country, it cannot launch a car, even if they have to import it without testing it extensively on the ergonomics of the country.

So importers took the lead from Indus Motors as it began it’s preparations to launch the Prius Hybrid. And now it is almost prepared to launch a localized version of the Prius, tailored made for Pakistan.


At the recent analysts’ meeting at Indus Motors, management said that they will launch Toyota Prius ‘Rough Road’ by the end of 2013.

Prius ‘Rough Road’ will be an all-new car as there is no version of Prius available in anywhere around the world called Prius ‘Rough Road’.

So we’re guessing that ‘Rough Road’ will be a Prius made to survive the sort of roads we have and the driving conditions as well.

It’s only a short while to wait now, as the press around the world will be looking forward to see what Prius Rough Road actually is?!

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  1. Faisal Auh says

    Any idea when honda civic 2014 will be launched in pak?

  2. Zohaib Khan says

    prius rough road.. Let's Go Places .. Lol 😉

  3. Khalid Ejaz says

    What will be the price. 3 million + . . ?

  4. Noman Ahmed Shiekh says

    japanese japanese hain

  5. Ateeq Ur Rehman Rana says

    price would be 3 million +…this econmoy car would be for people who dunt give a crap about fuel/economy…elite class

  6. Muhammad Khan says

    price is shocking 5million. no ones going to buy it

  7. HaSnain Ali Rocksz says

    Bro may b in March 🙂

  8. Naeem Akram Malik says

    I think "Rough Road" means "Lowest Possible Quality"…

  9. Nadeem Ashraf says

    I wont be surprised if they will be 1200CC 😀

  10. Nadeem Ashraf says

    Anyway get ready for XLI version without anything just stearing and then Prius GLI with a little more and then some super doper with everything and still not everything 🙂

  11. Kaleem Ullah says

    So with "Prius Rough Road", our roads will get global fame 🙂

  12. Khalil Kalwar says

    well said

  13. Waleed Ahmed says

    Well One Thing is Good that By the Launch of Prius Locally, We'll be able to Easily get the Spare PARTS & Services of High Quality JDM Prius (Rs.17 Lac Old Model -28 Lac New Fully Loaded), Why Bother to Buy This Super EXPENSIVE Local Junk!

  14. Muhammad Abdullah says

    HaSnain Ali Rocksz Honda Civic aint getting an update now. You must wait another 3 year maybe for the next.

  15. Nydal Al Sheykh says

    the people who are still unaware of it gonna fit cng kits now in a HYBRID car then 😛 😀

  16. Ahsan Nasir says

    Nadeem Ashraf well said br

  17. Adeel Sheikh says

    hahah 😛 …TRUE!! 😀 …PAKI PAKI hy yar 😛

  18. Ismail Ahmed Memon says

    LOL screw fuel economy in 3 million +. Get a premio instead.

  19. Armando Puyolt says

    Will like to see a double battery powered

  20. Haji Ahmer Ansari says

    just spair parts mehnga he but a one gari hen

  21. Usman Tahir Butt says

    Muhammad Abdullah ! ahm its 4 years

  22. Syed Bukhari says

    nice to read about prius. nice car.

  23. Tamoor Ahmad says

    We are able to arrange all type of Hybirds @ very lower side.03158601515

  24. Abbas Ali says

    I Agree with Nadeem Muhammadashraf

  25. Bilal Khan says

    As per my information and discussion with Indus guys…. the price is expected to be around 4 Million

  26. Bilal Khan says

    The price of new corolla Altis A/T SR is expected to be 2.4 Million +. And a prius is positioned between a corolla and Camry.
    so if you want to buy a Prius buy the imported one now, otherwise the price of price of old prius would shoot up after the launch of Brand new prius in pakistan. 🙂

  27. Nabeel Shk says

    The present shape is not even a year old so there is no way that we are going to see a new shape for the next 2 years at least

  28. Nabeel Shk says

    If toyota Indus Launches the Prius it will have an outer shell of Prius however it will be Empty inside and will just have a Hybrid drive to it…..

  29. Tahir Masud says

    Price will be 1.2 to 1.5 million as hybrid is only good for city drive

  30. Ali Tahir says

    "Tailor made for Pakistan" means stripping it off all the luxury features usually.

  31. Adnan Muazzam says

    it would cross 2 million. dont worry about that

  32. Faisal Auh says

    Dear Nabeel the current shape in pakistan was launched in UAE april 2012 and then they changed it in march 2013. i think rest of the world like US and Europ including UAE they have new civic shape you can check it on but in pak i can see that the shape of 2012 was launched in sep 2012 so to me it seems they will introduce the new model cause current shape seems to be a failure as per the experts and it looks like camry 2006 model copy 😀

  33. Sajid Hussain says

    good design and decision after coure

  34. Ghayas Udin says

    tailored made for Pakistan…. means forget all the luxuries specially the airbags.

  35. Syed Salman Wasi says

    Guess so, cant b lesser than that, but Japanese prius will still have the edge !!!

  36. Syed Salman Wasi says

    It wud be a one time investment. No matter how rich u are, ppl still think of economy. prius 07 is available for 1.5 million with same fuel eco !!

  37. Syed Salman Wasi says

    Cant agree more, to me that's the only benefit. btw new model without cruise control is available between 21-23 lacs, depending upon the colour

  38. Syed Salman Wasi says

    quiet logical ….

  39. Javed Hussain says

    I want to buy this

  40. Ali Khan says

    It would be then double hybrid which could run on petrol, electricity and Gas. Think about the mileage in 1 kg of gas. May 100 km per Kg 🙂

  41. Raja Azeem says

    I'm sick of seeing that ugly toyota corolla on the road everywhere and now i'll have to see this too?! fml

  42. Bilal Mustafa says

    is k paise takreeban 30 lack tak to hon gay hi,,,,,, jab terios k price 28 lac hai to price 30 se oper ki o gi

  43. Ejaz U Deen says

    what will be price if we bough by weight

  44. Muhammad Khalid says

    In the whole world you can't find a hybrid car with upto 1200cc engine, so we can call our finance minister a genius without BRAIN. And about Prius in Pakistan, any idea how much toyota going to charge for this car?? Most probably more then they charge in developed countries. eg. You can buy a Toyota CAMERY for 30,000. US$ in USA but you have to pay 7 million for that car in Pakistan. It seems we have they highest buying power in the world.

  45. Sandy Rig says

    no its more than 100,000 dollars in Pakistan. You can buy good sports car for this much money in states

  46. Syed Muhammad Arif says

    Check out Friday's jang news paper Indus Motors asked government to alter SRO and remove sales tax, as if individual is importing Hybrid then it is sales tax free and if indus motor importing then customer has to pay 17% GST at time of delivery.

  47. Anwaar Ulhaq says

    By Toyota they mean low quality Prius. Which wont be for human beings. Just look at the corolla and compare it with the imported one.

  48. Ha Mdan says

    you wil need 4.6 millions

  49. Ha Mdan says

    u r not familier with the price of prius 2013 in japan firt check that out

  50. Abdul Basit says

    rough road sounds 4WD and i am sure they will make body from Teen daba scrap. at then end we will conclude japan assembled 2007 will be more durable on rough roads 😉

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