FAW V2 Price Revised in Pakistan

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It is the first day of 2017, and we have received a confirmation that Al-Haj FAW Motors (Pvt.) Ltd. has increased the price of their passenger car; FAW V2. The ex-factory price, which previously stood at PKR 1,049,000 has now seen an increase of PKR 20,000. Details are yet to be released on the reason for this price hike, but it is being speculated that it’s due to increase in shipment charges for the import of these cars in Pakistan. While the car has seen a rise in its popularity in the recent months, with a 1300cc engine, two airbags and other appealing features, which can only be found in locally produced mid-level sedans, FAW V2 is perhaps one of the most cost-friendly and consumer-friendly cars in Pakistan.


Stay tuned with us for more details on this price hike!


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  1. Salman Ahmed says

    It means that the car is not selling well

  2. Dani says

    Which car is this ? I am hearing it’s name for the first time ? FAW ?? ye company Pakistan mein hoti ha kya ? because mein nay abhi WAGON R vxl li ha , us k aur iss k features mein zameen asmaan ka farq lag ra ha details mein….

  3. zamaan says

    wow car,from where we can get this car in Pakistan? I have never seen this car any where….. Is this Korean Company..

  4. Khan Sb. says

    ye kaun sa gari ha? japani gario ki price to fixed nai hoti.. poor article…

  5. Saaem says

    a gae, a gae, Volkswagon ki new car.FAW Future Aka Wagon.

  6. Bro Jaan says

    Vitz Copy….

  7. Shani Arain says

    in my opinion 20k isint very much . if u compare suzuki , there price increasing starts above 80k

  8. Muzamil Ali says

    Pakistani car hai ye, FAW china ki company hai, car south africa se aati hai.

  9. Muzamil Ali says

    It is available at all dealerships of FAW motors, and the brand is not Korean, its chinese, the car is imported from south africa though.

  10. Muzamil Ali says

    ye company boht time se pakistan men hai, or iss car k features waqai Wagon R se zyaada hain

  11. Be Aware says

    FAW company FAKE ? If this car is true , and has features more than Practical Wagon R , they why not this company advertise this car? I think this a fraud like China mehran Scandal… Do not give any one any money to buy this car .. This might be a SCAM..

  12. Aljar says

    This car is not told to anyone in Pakistan #no one knows this company #china #plastic #toy #rickshaw #ghattia company ki low class car #Better to buy Mehran/cultus than to buy this ching-chi rickshaw

  13. Toyota is good says

    FAW= Failed And Worst

  14. fcku says

    abey chawal atleast FAW has much more features than any of your cultus and mehran junk. even khota gari is better than your teen dba suzuki junk

  15. Sohail says

    I own a FAW V2 now. Used to own a Suzuki Swift. I must say that there is a reason that it has seen a rise in its popularity. Its value for money beats almost every car in this category. I am not saying whether it is better or not than a Swift, but if we look in monetary terms then this is by far better. I would definitely buy this car again if I had to.

  16. Junaid says

    Instead of increasing the price, Al-Haj needs to domesticate its production to reduce cost as well as to be competitive to Suzuki. I think its a bad decision by some old bloke who just has money in his pocket with no where to store wisdom.

  17. qaisar says

    Seriously bro

  18. Salman Ahmed says

    Faw ke trolls aur Suzuki ke trolls ka dimagh kharab ho Gaya ha .dono hi ke fans ka mental level check karnae ke qabil ha

  19. Salman Ahmed says

    Pakistani car nahi ha .chinese car ha

  20. Adeel Ashraf says

    FAW will starts assembling V2 in March 2017. FAW has a plant in karachi and already producing XPV in pakistan since 2013.
    FAW is manufacturing BMW,GM Motors USA, TOYOTA & Volkswagen Products for china, in china. check FAW intenational website and read its history.
    FAW V2 is much batter then Wagon R & Cultus, Calerio

  21. fed up says

    Popularity does not mean to hike/looting money of people. They are dacoits ,specially PAK SUZUKI is the #1.

  22. fed up says

    Buying Mehran /cultus, meaning ,commiting suside simply.These cars does not have proper brakes. If the car speed is 80 KM ,you cant stop it where you want .

  23. fed up says

    Practical Wagon R???????????. This is the ugliest car Pak suzuki has ever produced. Have you seen Wagon R in india?.Much different than pakistan. Do you see any air bag in pak Wagon R?.

  24. fed up says

    Al haj motor is seccond brother to Pak suzuki, taking advantage of suzuki crapy cars and increasing price. Actually Al haj motor also started to put nail in thier COFFIN like suzuki has recently increased the price of Wagon R and put the last NAIL in their coffin. These greedy companies are knowing that in coming months so many new car are going to launch as per new 2016 automobile policy and there will be no place for their crapy and expensive cars, so make money whatever possible. People should wait for new cars and should not buy the crappy cars producing by these companies Toyota/Honda/SUZUKI/ Al haj etc.etc. !!!!!!!!!! just wait for few months and dont waste your valuable money

  25. fed up says

    Somebody should tell / advise to Al Haj motors to bring the latest V2 with face lift and choose the latest cars from FAW ,not decade old models like XPV Van ,which giving bad name to FAW and Chinese cars.V2 price has increase by 20,000 RS for nothing, looks not interested to compete future cars market or may be having lack of vision or maybe following pak Suzuki strategy

  26. Boo Ali Sina says

    20K is not a big deal if this car is getting produced in Pakistan as for now. So far it is the best in hatch back category cars and value of money plus value of life as per safety features. I have done a test drive of this car at FAW Momentum motors Lahore. The car is excellent without any doubt. Its resale value isn’t very bad even at this moment and I think it will gain more resale value with time as local manufacturing of this car has been started this year. Parts availability is not an issue either. So, overall it is a good car and we should must support the new entrants to break the monopoly of three Japanese car makers who have possessed the market and selling out-dated products for decades.

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