Pak-Suzuki Increases WagonR’s Price

In a surprise move earlier today, Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd. has increased the prices of Suzuki WagonR. Both variants of WagonR VXR and VXL have seen an increase of PKR 20,000 in ex-factory prices. The VXR variant of WagonR which previously stood at PKR 1,009,000 will now cost PKR 1,029,000. Similarly, the VXL variant of WagonR which previously stood at PKR 1,049,000 will now cost PKR 1,069,000. Sources have revealed that no new features have been added, however, the official statement from Pak-Suzuki for this price hike is yet to be released. Pak-Suzuki launched this car in 2014, and with each passing year, WagonR is gaining immense popularity because of its somewhat reasonable price tag and fuel economy. A proof to the fact that Pakistanis love WagonR, is its long booking period of 50-80 days and very less used WagonRs’ available in the market for sale.

  • Suzuki WagonR VXR (New) Ex-Factory: PKR 1,029,000
  • Suzuki WagonR VXL (New) Ex-Factory: PKR 1,069,000

Stay tuned with us for more details on this price hike!

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  • Junaid

    Oh Suzuki… you such a hateful creature… Satan must be impressed by your skill in selling crap to such masses so that they enjoy your creation.

  • Mohsan Hassan

    They are making space for Calerio 😛

  • Raja

    It is wise to buy FAW V2 , 1300cc for the same price , which makes sense… Spend 11 lacs and aap ko aik SABUN DANI si Mehran jesi millay gi , iss say acha ha itnay he paison mein jahaz I mean FAW V2 lay lo…

  • Aikman

    faw v2 phir sahi ha na

  • Kashif Akbar

    as long as there is no competitor company to chase suzuki for 800cc and 1000cc segment we will be forced to face such rise in price and drop in quality of suzuki junk cars.

  • Salman Ahmed

    Jahaz to nahi per suzuki ki gario se shahid Bethan ho

  • Raja Maja

    Stupid price hike

  • Raja Maja

    you are right actually they want to make a price difference of about ~ 1-1.5 lacs between wagon R and Celerio as it is going to be launch with price tag of 12.5 Lac.

  • Waleed Khalid

    Khatara suzuki se behtar hai Accheee se Honda Civic yaa Honda City le lo which is more reliable than Suzuki. If you see Suzuki the doors are not properly balanced and the seats are not that comfortable.

  • A.H.Zaidi

    Suzuki WagonR is the worst car introduced by Suzuki so far… terms of fuel consumption. Unfortunately I bought WagonR VXR in Oct 2015 and this pathetic car is giving me 8-10 km/L against Suzuki’s false claim of 13-14 km/L. I have taken it to the dealership several time but of no use….these people know nothing. Would recommend everyone not to buy this useless car.

  • Imran Usman

    Guys, Last summer I bought FAW V2. Previously I had Suzuki Cultus.
    The difference is immense. I have been driving V2 for more than 7 months now and its fuel economy is much much better than my cultus. V2 is giving me an economy of around 14 in city and 15-16 km/L on highways.
    In addition, its drive is much much smoother and better, the engine has more power, plus there are many advanced features like Euro 4 standard, ABS-EBD breaks, auto windows and side mirrors, air bags, bla bla.
    Plus it has much more trunk space as compared to Wagon R and cultus.
    I do not understand why are we still buying Suzuki !!!!
    Trust me, go and book a V2 and forget this shit Suzuki is selling. In the past, I have always kept a suzuki vehicle, but now I will never buy a suzuki car after driving V2. Its true value for money.

  • Imran Usman

    Brother Kashif, V2 is in the same price range and much more powerful than suzuki junks. And with that power even, its fuel economy is much better than even mehran. I have driven them all. Then why do we need an 800cc segment? In india 800cc segment is being sold at aroung PKR 500,000-600,000. That is what the true worth is for this segment. In international market, 800cc should not be more than 2500$. and atmost 3000$.

    Try driving a V2 yourself and tell us.

  • Javed faziljaved

    No no no. Wagon R is 67 horse power and v2 is 60 horse power. You can check it yourself. My wagon R is giving me 19 within city no exaggerations. It used to give me around 15 to 16 kmpl but now that it has 20000 kms it has started giving me 19 kmpl within city. I am amazed. The acceleration it gives is also extremely impressive. V2 is a less powerful vehicle my dear brother

  • Mohsan Hassan

    V2 is 89 horsepower @ 6000 RPM.
    Swift has 92 horsepower at 6000 RPM.

  • Farzan

    Sonehaaa… FAW V2 chalaaa lay….

  • Zubair Siddiqi

    Over a million rupees or about $10K for this undersized matchbox? Why would anyone pay this amount for a pint sized car?

  • Zubair Siddiqi

    This is how reconditioned care kill the industry every few years, the car isnt worth the amount they want for it. you can get a luxury sedan in that money reconditioned…

  • MUhammad

    Such Bola ap ny Brother, SABUN DANI haha

  • FuriousNinja

    Upon checking the internet, the only thing I can find is that Wagon R is 67 hp while V2 is +80 hp.

  • Javed faziljaved

    Brother I checked it again and it’s 60hp at 5200rpm. That’s the maximum power it produces. Check the details. This is just one site. All the sites give the same information

  • LovePakistan

    Ugly teen-dabba with no safety. Only a fool will buy at this price.

  • LovePakistan

    FAW = Fix All Week

    So save your marketing pitch. We are not fools.

  • Imran Usman

    Brother please do not misguide the masses. Your opinion and facts should be genuine ones and unbiased ones. Faw V2 is 90 Hp car whereas the junk suzuki is selling (Wagon R) is just around 65. On the other hand the engine of V2 is VCT-i which is same like i-VTEC and VVTi technology. It is 1300 CC.
    For your reference, let me paste a few links to open your eyes:

    I am a university professor, a PhD Dr. and not a dealer or belong to motor industry. This is my personal experience, and the fact tables are also there, that FAW V2 is much much better than any of its junk-like counter parts Suzuki is selling. It easily gives a mileage of around 16KM/L on highways and that too when the AC is turned on. In the city, it is easily giving me around 14-15. I check the mileage every time. When I take the car to hill stations, it gives me around 10-12 KM/L which even Mehran can not give.
    After all this, whats the use of so called Japanese technology suzuki is giving us. Its obsolete technology.

    I met a marble factory owner at the FAW showroom. He was purchasing his 6th FAW carrier, and told me that previously he had Suzuki Ravi Vans which he was selling out one by one and purchasing FAW Carriers instead. Because of the more power, better fuel economy nad higher load capacity, and that too at almost the same price.
    So, be an intelligent consumer, not a foolish one. Change your mid set about suzuki. Its just a piece of junk in modern world. Vintage technology, which should be placed in museums now.

  • Imran Usman

    You look like an agent from Suzuki!!!
    Why would I market them?
    FAW= Fix All Week??? Who has made that slogan? You have not even driven this car, nor you have any experience. I have the experience of both, and in fact I own both cultus and V2.
    Brother grow up, because you are acting like a fool by saying “So save your marketing pitch. We are not fools.”
    Please do not misguide others if you have your interests with the Suzuki motor company !!

  • Suzuki is Suzuki

    Carry On suzuki… We are with you.. We will not stop buying your cars even if you sale Mehran for 10 lacs , wagonR for 15 lacs , because Suzuki has RESALE….. SUZUKI’s are safest… Suzuki cars are trouble free, with high end features not even available in Imported Junk-yard cars… Suzuki is our passion… Suzuki is our dream…. Please do increase 10 thousand each month in your car prices.. Suzuki is best best and best…

  • FuriousNinja

    Alright I might be mistaken 🙂

  • Javed faziljaved

    Wagon R has vti engine the fact not known by many. I build bikes and cars for hobby and I go through a lot of research before buying any thing. I won’t misguide anybody. I take everybody’s opinion seriously and respect it. I was suggested faw v2 before I bought the wagon R. But I bought wagon R. It’s not beautiful but it serves it’s purpose.

  • Imran Usman

    I have sent you many links. check it yourself.

  • Rizwan

    Dear author, how can you justify your statement “reasonable price tag” ?
    When it was of 1 million then it was a little bit true……..
    Pak Suzuki is as usual enjoying its monopoly in Pakistani market in <1000 cc cars.

  • Rizwan

    Obviously V2 has no comparison with wagonR, May Faw had launched <1000cc car first.
    People are afraid of its market worth in coming years….. like chevorlett… etc.
    Pak Suzuki is an expert player in molding Govt. policies and market in its favour.

  • A.H.Zaidi

    Are you sure 19 kmpl in city?? mine has done 21000 km and giving 8-10 kmpl….

  • Javed faziljaved

    It’s giving me anywhere from 270 to 290 kms in 1000 rupees petrol which is exactly 15 litres. It’s been consistently giving me this mileage for the past 15 fill ups. I always put Rs.1000 petrol and it’s mileage is almost the same by the time reserve starts to blink. I think majority of fuel stations are dishonest and they don’t pour in full quantity. Think about changing fuel station. If you are islamabad then I would suggest f-6 super market caltex

  • fed up

    Pak Suzuki is dying actually and putting the remaining last nails in their COFFIN. That is why increasing price.They know they are not going to survive in coming months when their will be new cars in market by new players, like Renault / Datsun / Kia /SSangyong etc.etc..Make sense what PS and Al haj motors doing.

  • fed up

    You forgot to mention that Suzuki Mehran is the car of the century,can not be compare with any best car in the “universe” and i say never produced in automotive history such “reliable” car.History is incomplete without Mehran?

  • fed up

    Then why V2 is being sold in 10.70 million rupees??????????.It supposed to be less because being assembled here? ,something in the range of 6-7.5 lakh max.

  • LovePakistan

    Both Suzuki & Faw are worthless looters who are looting us with help of corrupt rulers of this country. So hate them all equally. I don’t discriminate!

  • LovePakistan

    Your fear of my one little comment misguiding people is a testimony in itself that your products are not good.

  • Danial Zafar


  • XeonFX

    The V2 Cost on bill is around 4.5 lac all other are taxes.

  • sami

    Its monopoly , no price control by gov.

  • Omar

    Poorest services by Pak Suzuki, i booked my WagonR on 8-2-17 and last week i received my tentative date for delivery of car that is 14-06-17 about 4 and half months time will be taken on delivery of WagonR.

  • Behzad

    Pathetic service as expected. Already got 3 months booking time and still waiting for my car to be delivered. Phas gya hun Suzuki WagonR book kerwa k. Call bhe receive nae kertay.