AL-Haj FAW Motors new Pakistan bound hatchback’s details leaked

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Al-Haj FAW Motors is pretty close to launching its new hatchback dubbed around the world as ‘Vizi or V2’, but our sources say that the new 1.3 liter hatchback will be called Vizi in Pakistan and is just weeks away from being introduced to the starved Pakistani market.

FAW had released the images of the upcoming car through exclusively PakWheels Blog earlier this year but we have managed to get hold of a lot more things now. The spec sheet.

FAW Vizi is a small hatchback, comparable to Swift and Vitz but in the engine area, Vizi has a 1.3 liter engine which produces 67 KW and 120 nm. of torques. In full details, it is a water-cooled 4-cylinder, with 16 valves, DOHC, VCT-I, electric control and multipoint fuel injecting engine. So that’s a lot of science but will it be reliable? We’re guessing so as the Vizi is directly based on 2003 shape Toyota Vitz.

FAW has a Joint-venture with Toyota in China where they build and sell Toyota Vitz as their own FAW Vizi V2. And China has a unique set of regulations where every foriegn automaker has to do ‘Transfer of technology’ so that the local industry isn’t too far behind the foriegn big companies like Toyota, VW, GM, and so on.

Vizi is a Euro-4 certified model which is front wheels drive, and which gives 100 kms in 6.1 liter of fuel meaning the kmpl is about 16.39 which is fairly impressive but city driving would get you about 12-13 kmpl (kilometer per liter) at max.

Other gizmos include; rear LED lights, electronic throttle, electric power steering, automatic door mirrors with led turn signals, remote control key with anti-theft function, heated rear windows, four way adjusted seats, central locking, power windows, front and rear fog lights, and a parking brake release button which is sort of cool but handbrake is better because who hasn’t done a handbrake turn in their teenage years? The reason to mention these things (and the following) is to show how much superior this Chinese car is in terms of equipment.

Now, the safety features in which the local cars lack the most is something where we reckon this car takes the game not one but two steps ahead.

The Vizi will offer two airbags (One driver and one for passenger), ABS + EBD (Electronic brake distribution) brakes, neck injury protection head rest, anti splash special coating, Four Built-in anti-bump girder in doors as well as front bumper for protection against collision.

So there you go. If it happens to be reliable while offering all this level of equipment, we think that Swift and Vitz may have some tough competition ahead.

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  1. Warraich says

    Well after reading the article I must say its a smartly design hatchback with all luxuries. I saw it yesterday on road in white color near mall road. The size was really compact and design adds a WOW factor. All I am interested is in the price? If the price is cheaper than vitz and swift than no doubt we will a have good option at-least to be considered …

  2. DrZohaib Khalid says

    i’ve heard it’s price is going to be around 10 lakhs

  3. ZaryabFaisal says

    i think its price will be around 7-8 LACS ..

  4. Abdul Akbar says

    Automatic or manual? It’s not mentioned in the article.

  5. Muhammad Hamza Shahid says

    saw one today a 2013 registered, looks pretty good actually, possibly if the thing is what they say it can eliminate mehran and wagonr

  6. Aqib says

    It would be a hit if priced under 7lacs

  7. Shahzeb Shah says


  8. Talha Masood says

    i don’t know/understand from where this ignorance (or may be height optimism) comes from……….i remember people saying about Suzuki Wagon R with utmost confidence that it will be around 7-8 lac max. and it basically came across as 9-11 lac…….Now i see these (extremely positive) people saying that this will cost 7 to 10 lacs even after calling it a “competitor” of Suzuki Swift and Vitz………this car simply will be priced between Suzuki WagonR and Suzuki Swift i.e. 11 lac to 12.50lacs……..which in my opinion should be a fair price as compared to its features.

  9. Cassian says

    Check the gear stick in the picture above…

  10. blogemed says

    The Details leaked, not the pictures and in details there is no information about transmission.

  11. ZaryabFaisal says

    if you are saying about its competitor SWIFT / WITZ than it cant take their sales down if it is 9+ it should be 9 / 9- to knowck down its competitors …

  12. Talha Masood says

    If the best tactic to win over your competitors always is a “lowered price” than it should be cheaper than mehran by this logic… that it out-play mehran, wagonR, cultus, swift, vitz….all in one go…wowww!……but this only happens in dream…….a company launch its products in a particular “category” for a particular targeted market segment….and it offers a competitive package of price+features in comparison to others who are targeting the “same segment”…….now if this cars aiming to target the swift (new) / vitz (used-imported) segment……which starts from 12lac and goes to 14.5lac……an ideal strategy would be to price it towards the start of this segment or even a bit lower than current starting point of the segment…..that’s why i say…..any price between 11lac to 12.5lac (for multiple variants) would be launched as per practical logic………….but in your dreams you wish to buy it for 5 lac or 4lac……who cares….:)

  13. Talha Masood says

    are you serious ?? :)….why don’t you wish for under 5 lac……it would be even a bigger hit….;)

  14. Talha Masood says

    according to safe calculations it should be somewhere between 11lac to 12.5lac…..take my words!

  15. Talha Masood says

    wishing to buy a 1300cc car under 7lac is funny 🙂

  16. M. Faisal Ansari says

    I am agree with Zaryab bcs in Pakistan, ppl will only give this car a heat if n only if its price will be around 9. anything touching 10 will not help its sales at all as pl will simply say, “y give it a try if v can spend some 50-100 & buy a regular market car of this size like vitz”
    As far as what Talha has said, it is logical that its price will be not be around 9.
    But again, in the end IF company wants to boost the sales then it must compete on the price bcs this is Pakistani market where ppl buy things to sale & not for use … crap!!! Take the example of xli, ppl r still buying xli though it has nothing in it tht worth PKR 1.6M! without auto mirrors, without comfortable seats, low quality of body, without abs … its simply a waste of PKR 1.6M but again, in the end ppl buy bcs its a hard cash!

  17. Engr Asim Ali says

    hahha def its a hit but with no kit

  18. lazyboss says

    Chinese car markers won’t going to succeed here, unless, they produce reliable cars, I mean reliable in terms of cars compatible with poor sub-standard road infra-structure thus with stronger shocks & wheel assembly, cheaper spare parts, High Mileage with lower fuel consumption, powerful AC, after-all there is a reason why VW or Toyota type work horses built in 1980s are still running high and healthy.

  19. JahanZaib Yousaf says

    Under 8

  20. ZaryabFaisal says

    4 / 5 LAC ?? SO YOU WANT IT FOR 4/5 LACs ?? o.O

  21. Tanoli says

    very ugly style from rear side…………….

  22. M. Omer Siddiqui says

    the looks and sounds much better than our local cars even better than those which are refurbished and imported! waiting to test the thing!

  23. Aqib says

    Its not about my wish its about consumer’s wish. If it would be priced around 9-10 lacs so only a man with no brain would buy it ignoring wagon r, swift and vitz

  24. Mohi Hashmi says

    I think brand factor is important. If what you say is true and the price is 11 lacs, people would pay one lac more to buy Toyota or Suzuki instead of Al-Haj + China. If they want to sweep the market, they should price it at 7 lacs and offer zero interest financing and ample availability of spare parts. If I was Al-Haj I would have done the above and taken over Pakistani small car market with Al-Hajs in every city.

  25. Mateen Hayee says

    Interior and front view is good. Rear side is not much impressive. Price would be around Rs. 11 lac

  26. Muzammal Jamil says

    Finally You can book your FAW V2 in 10.49 Lakhs….I Did it after test drive ….really enjoyed very good car much better then Santro, Swift, Cults and Simple Vitz…..

  27. Asad Iqbal says

    Its price is 1,049,000/-. Car is nicely built and equipped with power windows, power steering, alloy rims, auto lock, 2 air bags and rear and front fog lights. its 1298 cc.

  28. Saleem Baig says

    Its better then local cars but interior is not so beautiful like imported cars. I mean its Speed meter. also risk factor is involve because of china made and new in market. So Price should be bit lower.

  29. Samraiz says

    Dear how is your experience

  30. Abdullah Javaid says

    Bro how is your experience of using this car so far. Any issues?. I am interested but I am reluctant to buy as I haven’t seen a single faw v2 on lahore roads yet. Car is indeed impressive but don’t know about the fate of this car.

  31. Punjab Press Club Islamabad says

    If price should be around the 8 Lacs with 1000 cc, it can be capture the pakistani market.

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